Development of tourism in the Chuvash Republic

Sanatorium Klenovaya Gora

In the nature reserve "Bolshaya Kokshaga" and at the tourist base "Yushut" tourists will find an unforgettable outdoor recreation

Rest in Mari El is a real adventure that will give you a lot of impressions, and the unique nature, fresh air and organic products will heal and rejuvenate the body!

You will find all the news and novelties of the travel industry in Russia at the XI All-Russian online exhibition for professionals of the travel industry "Know Nashe 2020". From April 10 to April 30, representatives of federal and regional tour operators, tourist centers, hotels, resorts and other representatives of the tourist business will share new tourist products and plans for the season.

As part of the Know Our 2020 exhibition, experts from the tourism industry of the Republic of Mari El held webinars:

Topic: “Classic and individual programs in the Republic of Mari El. Tours for schoolchildren and MICE offers. Raffle prizes".

Topic: "Active tourism and ecotourism in Mari El: educational route" Wildlife World "and recreation opportunities at the Yushut tourist center".

Topic: “Acquaintance with the ethnoculture of Mari El and national holidays in the Una Kudo compound. School and children's programs. Raffle prizes!".

Topic: "Excursion programs in Mari El for the summer 2020 and event tourism in Yoshkar-Ola and Kozmodemyansk."

Bolshaya Kokshaga Nature Reserve

The unique system of the reserve allows you to preserve the pristine nature, gives refuge to wild animals, preserves the beauty of the flora.

In a two-day tour of the Bolshaya Kokshaga nature reserve, tourists follow the route on foot, by car, by bicycle and by canoe! The tour includes educational excursions, visits to the pavilions of the reserve, lakes and an observation tower to observe the life of wild animals.

Bolshaya Kokshaga is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. The sandy bottom and magnificent views of Bolshaya Kokshagi are ideal for rafting, and the smooth flow of the river makes it easy for even inexperienced tourists to manage the canoe.

Water tours are perfect for both outdoor enthusiasts and all connoisseurs of the pristine beauty of nature.

The Mari Sanatorium "Klenovaya Gora" is in great demand. It is located in the village of the same name in the Volzhsky region, the Republic of Mari El On all sides, the sanatorium is surrounded by virgin forests, where interesting plants grow, and lakes, clean as a tear, are full of fish.

Many trade union health resorts, which are still successfully functioning, were built several decades ago, back in the days of the Soviet Union, when the target program provided for the active development of resort centers by public institutions. The construction was completed in 1987, and in the same year it received the first holidaymakers, who were accommodated in 550 places.

General information

Despite the fact that 30 years have passed since its commissioning, this sanatorium is still successfully functioning and after a major overhaul carried out several years ago, it has become a well-recognized center. Modern interior decoration, Wi-Fi, showers and other amenities - this and much more make the resort so attractive in the eyes of tourists. In addition to complex recreation, it also offers therapeutic and prophylactic procedures to improve your health.

In the area of ​​the sanatorium there is a healing underground spring "Green Key", which has a beneficial effect on human health if you drink such water. In addition, there is also healing mud, which is actively used to treat a number of cardiovascular diseases, ailments of the musculoskeletal and respiratory systems. To book a place in the sanatorium, it is enough to apply for assistance to the company "Family Suitcase", which provides services on favorable terms. Our managers will take upon themselves the solution of all organizational issues, ranging from the selection of a suitable room and ending with the preparation of an excursion program in the surrounding area during your stay on vacation.

Period of operation: All year round

Period of stay: In summer from 6 days, from autumn to spring - from 2 days.

Accommodation cost 2020 (day/person)

Discounts for children and seniors:

  • There are promotions for pensioners, ask our managers for details
  • Children under 4 years old are admitted free of charge (without extra bed and food).
  • Discounts are provided for children from 5 to 14 years old who do not occupy the main seat. Paid for: food - 400 rubles (20% discount), utilities - 110 rubles, extra bed (folding bed) - 30 rubles.

Medical services included in the cost of treatment: reception, consultation of the attending physician, primary and repeated, a specialist doctor; electrophototherapy, electrostimulation, therapeutic massage, underwater shower-massage, inhalations, therapeutic exercises in a pool with sea water, underwater traction, therapeutic mud, hydrotherapy (Charcot's shower, circular and rising showers), pool, underwater shower-massage rooms, baths (coniferous , pearl, sea), terrenkura metered.

Medical services (for additional lat): paid services: manual and acupuncture, aromatherapy, beauty massage and free swimming in the pool.

The republic attracts tourists for a comfortable stay. There are amazing places to spend wonderful time with your family. For lovers of different pastimes there is also a choice. You can choose what you like. So let's get started.

Health tourism in the republic

This is one of the types of medical tourism. This type of tourism is considered the most popular and demanded among tourists. He promotes more a healthy lifestyle and everything connected with it.

This is a kind of spa treatment or just a vacation with your family. In the Republic of Chuvashia, there are many different sanatoriums and health resorts. Here are some of them:

This sanatorium is located on a fairly high bank of the Volga River. It is located just 10 km from the capital of Chuvashia itself.

The sanatorium has the status of a dispensary. Located 22 km from Cheboksary. Located in a very clean area. Works throughout the year without interruption. Tourists can use the services provided by the sanatorium. In summer you can spend your time on the beach.

Volzhanka is a health resort complex. It is located in an ecologically clean area. It is 17 km. from Cheboksary. It operates all year round. There are all conditions for a comfortable rest of a tourist.

Located practically on the banks of the Volga. It can only mean one thing. Tourists can go fishing. Various fish are found here and you can even catch it.

There are some places where tourists can spend their leisure time. In the sanatorium there is a rest of an entertaining nature. In addition, you can rent sports equipment here.

Sanatorium Chuvashiyakurort

This sanatorium is located in the city of Cheboksary. It works all year round, which means that tourists can come at any time. There is a mud bath in which the library is located. In addition, there is a disco where tourists go with great pleasure.

The tourist complex "Razdolye" was built on the picturesque banks of the Arda River. Fans of an active lifestyle, beautiful nature, fishing, secluded family recreation, romance come here. The place is perfect to hide from the bustle of the city, to relax in the fresh air. Guests are accommodated in comfortable rooms. In total, the complex can accommodate more than 50 people. Rooms are available for any budget.

The decoration of the rooms is modern and of high quality. It is a pleasure to live in them. The equipment of the rooms is well thought out, there is everything you need. The furniture is modern, the windows offer a beautiful view of the natural landscapes. Meals can be arranged to suit all tastes and budgets. The price includes breakfast only. There is a cozy dining room. The infrastructure of the complex is well thought out. Both individual and corporate clients are accommodated here. There are many interesting options for organizing active leisure.

General information

Here you can go hunting, fishing, boating and catamarans. Skiing and skating are popular in winter. Massage room is in great demand among vacationers. The library is working. There are many animation programs for children. Adults can visit discos, show programs, book excursions. Also demanded services are a bathhouse, gazebos with barbecue, tennis, badminton, darts, etc. Master classes are organized regularly. You can also rent an ATV and a barbecue area.

The tourist complex "Razdolye" is a unique opportunity to spend time in an original and tasteful way. Has its own farm and horse yard. Parking is provided, which is guarded. There is a games room for children. A bicycle path is equipped. Outdoor recreation in an ecologically clean place of the Republic of Mari El will be remembered for a long time by all guests.

Accommodation cost 2020 (day/person)

The voucher price includes: accommodation, breakfast

Documents required for arrival:

  • Passport, for children - birth certificate

Infrastructure and rooms

Building: 4 cottages, 2 suites, 5 superior rooms, 7 economy rooms

Food: folk cuisine cafe. Bar. VIP room (negotiations/small banquet hall)

  • 2-bed standard (from 1500 rubles): two single beds or a double bed, bedside table, clothes hanger, table and soft stools, mineral water, glasses, napkins , tray, TV, wf-fi, decor elements, mirror rugs. In the bathroom: shower, sink, toilet, shelf, 4 towels, hotel cosmetics (soap, shower gel, shampoo), rug.
  • Comfort (from 2000 rubles): 2 single beds, wardrobe and nightstands, table and chairs, satellite TV, wi-fi, air conditioner, fan heater, refrigerator, glasses, additional dishes are provided. In the bathroom: a sink, a toilet, a shower, 3 types of towels, a set of cosmetics, glasses, a hairdryer is provided.
  • Cottage "Chalet" (from 2200 rubles): double place on a carpet podium, high table top and bar stools, satellite TV, fans, refrigerator, cooler with drinking water, tea set, chest of drawers, shoe rack, cabinet , mirror, open hanger, wardrobe. In the bathroom: a large bathroom, shower, toilet, sink, hairdryer, cosmetic sets, roomy cabinets for clothes and linen, 3 types of towels.
  • Cottage "Country" (from 3800 rubles): hangers, bench-chest for luggage and belongings, table, chairs, curbstone, corner for a set of dishes, glasses, refrigerator, cooler double sofa, satellite TV, large double bed, bedside tables, dresser sofa, air conditioning, furniture for relaxation. In the bathroom: shower, sink, toilet, bidet, cosmetics sets, 3 types of towels.
  • Cottage "VIP Lux" (from 4400 rubles): On the 1st floor of the cottage there is a large living room (beautiful furniture group - a double sofa, an armchair-bed, a sliding table and chairs, satellite TV, a refrigerator, a microwave oven , a cupboard, an electric kettle, table and tea sets, sets for alcohol and water, a tea set, a cooler with drinking water) and a bathroom (shower, sink, toilet, for the convenience of guests are provided - bathrobes, 5 towels, disposable slippers, sets cosmetics, hairdryer). On the 2nd floor, where a staircase leads from the living room, there are: a double bed, furniture for clothes and things, 2 fold-out (1. local) sofas for relaxation, a coffee table, an armchair-pouf and a pouf-pedestal, a music center with a selection of discs for fun and relaxation.

The Yushut tourist base is located in an ecologically clean area, on the banks of the Yushut River. You can rent a comfortable holiday cottage all year round. It is comfortable here in its own way at any time of the year. Accommodation in the form of a camping is also allowed. Various types of leisure activities are presented. You can book a sauna, go rafting on the river or go on a real hike. Fishing on the Ilet or Yushut river will give you a good catch, and a picnic in the meadow will set you in a positive mood.

The tourist base invites all lovers of active tourism. Here you can relax with your favorite sport and be alone with the natural idyll. The complex offers the organization of various events, active and extreme recreation such as: tourist hunting, horseback riding, rafting, hiking, ATVs and, of course, fishing.

General information

Guests are accommodated in two-storey cottages built of natural wood. One house can accommodate up to 8 people. The premises are well equipped - furniture, appliances, dishes, a bathroom. They are spacious, comfortable, with a comfortable layout. There is an exit to the veranda. All cottages are warm, water is supplied to them. The renovation is fresh, bed linen is being changed. If you wish, you can prepare food as you wish, relax and have fun. You can schedule kebabs or sit comfortably by the fire next to the cottage.

The Yushut tourist base is a variety of outdoor activities and a cozy atmosphere. Meals are served in the summer cafe, you can cook yourself in the kitchen or on the grill. Meat and fish dishes are popular among the dishes. Relaxation in a soulful village atmosphere will give you a lot of unforgettable emotions. This is a dynamic, eventful leisure that will not leave anyone indifferent. Horseback riding, rafting, skiing, hiking will be some of the highlights in your life. People come here to change their surroundings and get a breath of fresh air.

Accommodation cost 2020 (day/person)

The voucher price includes: accommodation

Documents required for arrival:

  • Passport, for children - birth certificate

Infrastructure and rooms

Building: 3 village houses, separate sauna and sports ground

  • Guest house "Teremok" (from 2500 rubles): toilet, shower, hot and cold water supply, stove heating, necessary kitchen utensils for self-cooking, refrigerator, microwave, electric stove, TV, DVD
  • Forester's guest house (from 4500 rubles): a cozy wooden house, consisting of 2 floors, designed for simultaneous accommodation of 12 people. The Forester's House operates all year round, regardless of weather conditions. In winter, the house is heated with the help of a Russian red brick stove, next to which, around a massive wooden table, you can arrange intimate conversations in the company of friends and loved ones. The house has everything you need for self-catering. Mattresses and pillows filled with buckwheat husks, they will allow you to feel their healing effects
  • Guest house "VIP" (from 6000 rubles): was built in 1902, in 2011 it was restored and he found a new life. The two-storey house, built entirely of natural wood, is designed for the simultaneous residence of 8 people and operates all year round, regardless of the season

Parking: free guarded on the territory of the complex.

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