Cyprus resorts

Health tourism in Cyprus

Cyprus has firmly entered the top five resort countries visited by our compatriots. The mild Mediterranean climate, the hospitality of the Cypriots, and the comfort of hotels attract tourists from many European countries to the island.

A touch of history

One of the largest islands in the Mediterranean since antiquity, it has been known as a winter destination for the nobility. The favorable location on the sea route from Europe to Asia Minor contributed to the commercial prosperity of the island, but also caused the wars for the possession of Cyprus.

In the history of Cyprus, its culture left a trace of the Roman Empire, Byzantium, the Order of the Templars, Turkey - all the countries to which the island belonged in different historical periods. Nearby Arab states - Syria and Lebanon also had a cultural influence.

A bizarre mixture of cultures has made Cyprus a unique historical place, has led to the formation of a separate nationality - Cypriots, which most of the island's inhabitants consider themselves to be.

Interestingly, the conquest of a part of Cyprus by Turkey (1974) did not affect the tourism industry - the main income item of the islanders. The resorts of the Turkish part of the island are just as comfortable and hospitable.

Cyprus resorts and their attractions

To visit all the resorts of Cyprus, learn them in detail, visit all the sights - you need several years, it is impossible to do this in one visit to the island. The most famous resort areas include:

  • Larnaca ;
  • Limassol;
  • Paphos;
  • Famagustu (TRNC territory);
  • Ayia-Napu ;
  • Kyrenia (territory of the TRNC);
  • Protaras;
  • Agros;
  • Drusia;
  • Coral Bay (calm beach resort);
  • Pissouri (new destination for tourists from the CIS);
  • Troodos (ecological tourism, thermal waters).

The largest resorts are located on the coast, focused on beach holidays. The most popular places are worth telling in more detail.

Cozy Larnaca Resort

Larnaca is a resort area around a small port town, known since the pre-Christian period. The city got its name from the Greek sound of the term "sarcophagus" - there are many ancient burials around it.

The center of entertainment is the Finikoudes promenade (there are many bars, taverns, small restaurants, shops). Most of Larnaca's hotels are inexpensive three-star hotels, the apartments are located east of the city along the sandy beaches.

Cyprus resorts

The past June for the Cypriot economy gave record indicators for tourism. This month alone, the country was visited by 22.6% more foreigners in comparison with the period last year. The approximate number of visitors to Cyprus is 400,000 in June alone.

A good part of the tourist flow was provided by Russia and Great Britain, the number of travelers from these countries increased by 42% and 21%. International booking portal booking. om notes that in June Cyprus reached another record high - 96% of the occupancy of hotels of various service classes.

According to the international rating agency Moody’s, income growth of 12% in the first four months is a significant indicator that will affect the improvement of the asset quality of Cypriot banks. The authorities state that interest in the country has greatly increased due to unfavorable events in neighboring countries, but the well-coordinated work of all interested parties has also influenced the influx of tourists.

Business tourism in Cyprus, why Russian expats prefer this island for doing business

Business tourism in Cyprus is developed no less qualitatively than usual. It is intended for wealthy people, foreign investors and migrants to the island. In the format of general globalization, this form of travel occupies a significant niche, allowing foreign businessmen to find new partners, expand their business and, if necessary, meet new investors.

Not surprisingly, Cyprus has become a stronghold for this destination in tourism. Most of the efforts of the Minister of Economy have been spent on restoring the island's reputation as one of the most reliable countries in the world in terms of financial planning. It's no secret that Cyprus was previously an offshore, but after joining the EU, the state changed its tax policy, adjusting to European taxation standards, while retaining its uniqueness in the form of low interest rates and corporate taxes.

For the convenience of doing business, all kinds of online services have been created, round-the-clock availability of most services, highly qualified specialists in law, business consulting, etc.

If we talk about living, then the tropical climate with minimal pressure and temperature drops, complemented by a well-equipped infrastructure for businessmen, only improves the attractiveness of Cyprus in the eyes of foreign wealthy people. Here you can find modern conference rooms, Russian-speaking staff and the opportunity to have a good rest after work.

Almost all business infrastructure is concentrated in Limassol and Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. On the territory of the cities, you can find many services and consulting agencies, hotels for every taste and color, all the necessary public and private institutions, transfers to any part of the Republic of Cyprus and, of course, international airports and seaports.

In addition to resolving business issues, businessmen have the opportunity to fully enjoy their vacation in one of the most inexpensive EU countries. At any time of the year, Cyprus can offer its visitors a wide range of entertainment, from well-maintained beaches to the southernmost European mountain resort in the EU, located in the Troodos Mountains.

Troodos Mountains: Ski Resort

Cyprus attracts holidaymakers not only with its wonderful beaches and reasonable prices. The ancient history and nature of the island provide opportunities for educational tourism, outdoor activities, and acquaintance with the life of the Cypriots.

"How much does the treatment cost in Cyprus?" - this question interests all guests, but first of all those who plan to live on the island.

Of course, when planning a move, it is necessary to clarify in advance the prices and conditions of medical care, the possibility of receiving it by foreign citizens, etc.

Do I need to buy health insurance for short-term trips to Cyprus?

Unlike most European countries, when making provisions for Cyprus, compulsory medical insurance with a set limit of coverage is not required. And you leave its registration at your own peril and risk.

Of course, you can decide that nothing terrible will happen and you will not need the help of a doctor, but after all, it is better to spend 15-20 euros (the cost of insurance for 10-14 days) than later in a panic to call relatives and acquaintances in search of the necessary funds.

Medical care in Cyprus is comparable to the cost of medical appointments and treatment in commercial clinics in Moscow and St. Petersburg. For example, a regular visit to the doctor will cost 50 euros, the cost of one day of hospital stay (without treatment) is about 150-200 euros.

Childbirth in Cyprus

For many years now, "mother tourism" has been popular in Cyprus. On a "voucher", the expectant mother arrives on the island, spends here 1-2 months before giving birth and about a month or two after. During this time, both she and the baby enjoy excellent climatic conditions, and the mother herself "feeds" the unborn baby with sun and fruit.

Most are interested: how much does a childbirth cost in Cyprus? This largely depends on the choice of the clinic and the program of stay. But on average, you need to consider the following costs:

  • 3-4-day stay in the clinic during childbirth - about 2-3 thousand euros;
  • tests that must be passed in the last stages of pregnancy and after childbirth, including ultrasound of the baby - about 1,500 euros;
  • pediatrician services (presence of a doctor at childbirth and subsequent 6-7 consultations) - about 400-500 euros.

Thus, childbirth in Cyprus will cost you on average 4-5 thousand euros plus the cost of accommodation, meals, etc. Also, within a certain period after giving birth, you should check the baby's hearing - this service is free for both local residents and foreigners.

Cyprus Health Insurance

Of course, you can buy tickets, check schedules, book hotels, etc. without any registration.

But after registration, all this will become more convenient and faster.

At any time you can

  • print an order form or itinerary receipt,
  • order an operator call, etc.,
  • view the order history.

We made a personal account quite recently. Soon its capabilities will significantly expand.


About Cyprus

Cyprus Resorts

Cyprus is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean. He is as beautiful as the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite, emerging from the sea foam off the coast of Cyprus. Mountains, pine forests, citrus groves, golden beaches and a mild climate create a unique image. The island is divided into two parts - Greek and Turkish. Cyprus hotels are mainly presented in the south - in the Greek part.


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The third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea attracts a large number of travelers. Cyprus is the only EU state that is included in the top twenty most visited countries in the world per 1000 people of its own population: for every thousand inhabitants of Cyprus there are three thousand tourists. It is also in first place among the EU countries in terms of the percentage of permanently residing foreigners relative to the citizens of the republic - about 18% of those permanently living in Cyprus are not its citizens.

What is it that attracts people to the island? It's trite, but you need to start with the climate. It is he who is the main reason for the attraction: in Cyprus, the season begins earlier than all the Mediterranean countries and ends later than everyone else. A conditional summer on the island lasts from April to November, and a mild winter, rather reminiscent of the spring we are accustomed to, from December to March. In the last four months, a revival of wildlife hungry for moisture begins. With the arrival of rare rains, even at this time of the year, plants begin to wake up: fruit trees bloom, fields turn green. Winter versus summer is also not devoid of advantages - and, perhaps, their number outweighs the number of seasonal ones: these four months are the most beautiful time on the island. Anyone who comes to the island in winter will feel peace and tranquility: it is in winter that leisurely walks in the mountains are available, which are almost impossible in summer, excursions without the need to run from shade to shade, as well as low prices for accommodation.

Is it possible to solve the issues of attracting tourists with one climate? Only partly. In addition to this criterion, the appropriate infrastructure must also be present - from roads to shops, the presence of attractions, the environment. If we talk about the uniqueness of the island, and guidebooks of a good half of all countries in the world shout about it, it stands out for the fact that there are opportunities for recreation for any tourist - whether they are lovers of antiquities, shopping, good food or walks in shady forests, athletes or lovers of lying down. on the beaches.

It is on the large number of opportunities for a varied vacation that Cyprus bases its attractiveness. The island, which is in the top of the European rating for the quality and accessibility of roads, makes it possible to comfortably travel to any point in it. A large number of shopping centers satisfy the most demanding needs of desperate shopaholics, and low business taxes allow keeping prices for similar goods below Russian prices by 30–40%.

Cyprus does not try to impress your imagination with maximalism: there are no world famous amusement parks or the highest mountains, you will not find white sand, it cannot amaze you with its luxury. Everything in the country is quite modest and simple, but at the same time, Cyprus has everything you may need for true relaxation: beautiful beaches under the "blue flag", small but very interesting water parks, wonderful historical museums, two mountain ranges, each with a unique nature, one of the most delicious cuisines in the world and excellent wines, world-famous noisy youth clubs and quiet resorts for noble gentlemen, ancient cities and the history of one of the first civilizations on Earth.

Once in Cyprus, a Russian-speaking tourist will not feel the language barrier - a large number of our compatriots have moved to the warm and hospitable island, and many people speak our native language in the tourist service sector: 10% of the inhabitants of Cyprus are from Russia and countries of the former USSR, and in cities the concentration of Russian speakers reaches 20%. There is often no need to ask in a restaurant whether the waiter speaks Russian - just speak, they will understand you.

How to get there

How to get to Cyprus? There can be no two opinions - of course, by plane. There is no ferry service to the southern part of the island, and ferries to the northern part can only be reached through Turkey.

Despite the fact that Cyprus is a relatively small island, it has two air ports on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus and one in the northern part of it. If you prefer a regular flight to a charter flight, in most cases you will land at Larnaca airport. All major airlines are based here. The exception is S7, which operates flights to both Cypriot airports - Larnaca and Paphos. The airports are operated by the same Hermes company, while Larnaca airport serves three times the passenger traffic, and is itself larger. In 2017, it became the leader in terms of service speed among all EU airports.

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