Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism

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Relevance of the topic. The resort industry in the twentieth century began to develop at a rapid pace. This is due to the growing well-being of people, as well as their increased interest in a healthy lifestyle, therefore, there is a great opportunity to combine rest and treatment. In the XXI century, the century of post-industrial society and new technologies, health tourism is becoming one of the priority areas due to high-quality service and an abundance of recreation sites and an increasingly priority area dedicated to the restoration and development of the physical, spiritual and intellectual forces of a person in his free time outside the place of permanent residence. Health tourism performs the most important preventive function related to human health, is one of the steadily growing sources of income for the state, makes a significant contribution to the sustainable development of society, to the health of not only any particular nation, but also of all mankind.

It should be noted that health tourism on a global scale is one of the most important and rapidly developing types of tourism. According to the forecast of the World Health Organization (WHO), health tourism together with the sphere of health improvement will become one of the defining world industries by 2022.

Health tourism includes tourism aimed at preventing diseases and promoting health within the framework of special health programs that involve the use of various procedures and medicinal substances, i.e. the purpose of health tourism is disease prevention and recreation. But at the same time, health tourism can be understood as tourism, the main purpose of which is recreation and restoration of physical and psychological health. Recovery is a conscious activity aimed at restoring the strength of an individual. It should be noted that the conditions that are most favorable for the recovery of the human body are determined by its individual characteristics. That is why various types of tourism can be considered health tourism - this is a beach vacation, and recreation in special health institutions (resorts, sanatoriums), and ecotourism, and sports tourism. The UNWTO classification is also consistent with the Distinguishing of health tourism as a separate type of tourism.

Recreational tourism is most often distinguished, combining travel for the purpose of recreation, recovery and treatment, as well as recovery and development of physical, mental and emotional strength. Recreation covers all types of recreation, including spa treatment and tourism.

Health tourism is one of the most massive and popular areas of medical tourism that has existed since ancient times.

In the 20th century, a whole resort industry emerged in the world, covering almost all countries and continents. Over time, on the basis of traditional climatic, balneological, and mud resorts, new forms of health improvement have emerged, such as SPA, wellness, fitness and other modern programs aimed at improving the physical and mental comfort of vacationers. The list of services provided by modern health resort institutions often includes check-up programs (a comprehensive examination of the body using laboratory, instrumental and functional diagnostics).

The most widespread and popular are resorts offering a wide range of health and wellness programs and services, especially SPA resorts or SPA hotels. They can be located not only in resort areas, but also in large cities, and also provide health and relaxation services. The concept SPA that is widely used today, meaning a complex of health and beauty procedures, originated from the Latin expression “Sanus per Aquam” (health through water), which was used in bathing complexes by the ancient Romans.

SPA hotel is a hotel with an emphasis on wellness services. These include beauty treatments and various relaxation treatments.

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