Country bath complex: luxurious ideas and chic modern projects

Country bath complex: luxurious ideas and chic modern projects

When planning to launch their own business, many consider a suburban bath complex based on a land plot owned by them as one of the options. Indeed, with a thoughtful approach and an optimal marketing strategy, such an enterprise can demonstrate a very considerable profitability.

However, economic issues are somewhat beyond the scope of our site, therefore in the article we will try to analyze the features of the planning and construction of the complex itself.

The recreational business requires a responsible approach

Recreational enterprise structure

The bath and recreation complex should include a whole list of facilities united by a common infrastructure. If we are talking only about rest "for our own" in a private house, then it is enough just a bath with annexes, but for a full-fledged commercial enterprise you need to work hard.

Main building with sauna and relaxation room

The minimum list of facilities includes:

Pay attention! For large hotel and entertainment enterprises, the option with several small steam rooms is preferable, which makes it possible to optimize the customer flow.

Naturally, this list can be developed and modified. The wider the range of services you provide, the more efficient your business will be.

Analysis of individual elements

Bath and other premises

Before we start analyzing the elements of our complex, let us say in advance that it is almost impossible to "raise" the entire enterprise with our own hands. However, if you start small (a bathhouse, a swimming pool, a small terrace and a few gazebos), then it is quite possible to cope.

And our instruction will help you with this.

Do you zealously follow the trendy discoveries in the fashion world? In this case, you should know that today His Majesty - a Healthy Way of Life - has the golden trident of power! The deity reigning on fashionable Olympus has many forms. Some people see it in the form of proper nutrition, others - in the guise of physical activity, others - in the face of the absence of bad habits, and still others - in the form of health-improving procedures.

But there is also a fifth category of people who see a Healthy Lifestyle in the form of a melodic composition of all existing guises. Where can you enjoy the salutary image of the sovereign of fashionable Olympus? In the steam room, of course. As you know, bath and recreation establishments work miracles with the body! Don't want to visit public baths? In this case, build an amazing bath complex in your suburban area!

Did your eyes light up with undisguised interest? Is the muse impatiently rubbing her palms in anticipation of an entertaining work? Then, dear friends, I propose to consider the projects of bathing complexes, breathtaking!

From this article you will learn:

Bath and wellness complexes: ingenious ideas from a design art guru!


The bath complex is an extremely complex structure, which consists of several objects that are united by a common infrastructure. That is, it implies the concentration of a particular number of structures within one object. Their combination can vary depending on the wishes and requirements of the customers.


The bath complex is a structure that can bring harmony to all spheres of human life. What I mean? A stunning composition involving different objects is meant to be carried out:

  • fun festivities;
  • romantic dates;
  • business meetings;
  • wellness procedures;
  • relaxing activities;
  • rejuvenating sessions;
  • meeting the right people.


Progress does not stand still. If once, at the dawn of human civilization, for a full-fledged hygienic procedure, it was enough to heat stones in an open hearth, irrigate them with water and whip each other with birch brooms in a smoky low bathhouse, now, in the modern world, full-fledged leisure is possible only when the whole bath complex is at your service. In which there is a Roman bath and a Finnish sauna and a Japanese barrel bath and a whole cascade of pools with thermal and ice water, and massage for every taste and salt rooms and a lot of various cosmetic procedures. Naturally, he does not forget about the cuisine of different nations of the world and an immense selection of drinks, from herbal tea to a cocktail in the classic French manner. Obviously, such a structure has a purely commercial direction and satisfies personal needs in its own bath, thus, only an extremely limited circle of people with absolutely unlimited financial capabilities can. How profitable is such a commercial enterprise, what are its strengths, and where are the global weaknesses hidden? Can such a bath become a stronghold of the financial well-being of an entrepreneur in the long-term foreseeable future? We read and study.

Defining the strategy

The word "complex" itself means the system that is maximally saturated with functional elements, organically complementing each other, but not mutually exclusive. That is, such an institution should give a potential client a wide choice and leave him as satisfied as possible, upon receipt of the selected services. A stable consumer is formed from the mass of customers, and already on his favorable reviews, the most important thing in any commercial enterprise is reputation. In a good bathhouse, a grateful client travels tens of kilometers, it is strongly recommended to friends and acquaintances, and the institution itself is booked long before the scheduled visit.

What are the ingredients for success? How to take a worthy place in the market of bathing services? After all, the idea of ​​a bath business is far from new, and the first commercial baths in the domestic open spaces in modern history began to appear at the dawn of the cooperative movement, in the second half of the 1980s. It seems that everything has already been studied, chewed and digested. Not at all. The market is a very dynamic thing, and what was successful and relevant yesterday is now outdated, both morally and physically. Take at least a classic Russian wood-fired sauna. Its positive image has been exploited for more than a decade. Many adherents of the traditional bathhouse build such objects in their summer cottages, backyards and other plots. Increasing the well-being of the population and the rapid improvement of construction technologies make it possible to fulfill the dream of owning a bathhouse, albeit a simple one, but providing a steam and a broom for the majority of potential consumers. This means that the public must be offered such that it will be simply impossible for the average representative of the middle class to reproduce in everyday conditions. And to make an offer, which is simply impossible to refuse, can only be a bath and health complex. And there are good reasons for this.

Complex and its components

Any institution of this level should be based, like the earth, in the minds of the ancients, on three whales:

  • Perfect and reliable equipment and communications. Such establishments often work around the clock and end-to-end schedule. The slightest breakdown threatens with serious reputational losses. High-quality equipment is simply a priori obliged to provide excellent soft steam, water of a given temperature, to ensure uninterrupted circulation of the coolant and water, in general, to give everything that the engineer is not ashamed of and is so pleasant to the consumer.
  • Where the body rests pleasantly, the look should also rest pleasantly. The interior should be bright, memorable, balanced and appropriate. The section where the Finnish sauna is located should, even in the smallest details, remind of the Land of a Thousand Lakes, and where you placed a Japanese bath, just everything, down to the last bath slippers, should be saturated with a real samurai spirit.
  • Complete safety of visitors, both during reception of procedures and during subsequent rest. Let's say, with all responsibility, hot water, steam, an ice pool require a very delicate and balanced approach. And for all possible accidents in the institution, its owner bears full responsibility.

Choice of organizational and legal form for the institution's work

The activity of the bath complex is possible both in the form of a limited liability company and in the form of individual entrepreneurship. The second form is more preferable in terms of filing reporting documentation, however, there is a restriction on the amount of annual turnover for its use. In addition, one must not forget that an LLC must have a statutory fund, although the legislator has introduced a minimum amount of this capital in the amount of 10,000 rubles. It is worth noting that the formation of a fund, based on its minimum size, is not always rational and, at times, entails a series of additional checks, as part of the fight against conversion centers and fly-by-night firms.

Regardless of the form of entrepreneurial activity, the business owner, to start his work, must prepare, execute and submit to the relevant municipal authorities, the following materials:

Hello dear readers!

The bathhouse has long been considered a source that restores human health. However, the beneficial properties of the bath are not disclosed to all modern people. But many diseases and other negative processes in the body could be avoided by periodically visiting the bathhouse.

So, let's look at what the main benefits of a bath are. The health-improving effect of the bath is, first of all, the high-temperature effect on the human body at the maximum possible humidity of the ambient air.

From this article you will learn:

Body Cleansing

First of all, a health bath is manifested in the cleansing of the body from waste products that are not excreted by the excretory system and accumulate in tissues and organs. So, for example, under the influence of steam, the outer layers of the skin are cleared much faster than in the usual case. The same is true for the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract.

However, the effect of the bath does not end there in terms of the method of cleansing the body. In this case, the use of the bath also lies in the fact that, under the influence of external conditions, the body strenuously removes through the sweat glands all unnecessary substances that have accumulated for a long time under the skin and in the muscles.

In addition, processes in the sweat and sebaceous glands are activated, which leads to their cleansing. Here, the use of the bath lies in the prevention and, possibly, cure of some diseases of the skin.

The effect of the bath on the cardiovascular system

Regular bath visits have been proven to improve blood circulation. Thus, the effect of the bath in this case is to increase the functionality of the cardiovascular system. For the human muscular system, the beneficial properties of the bath are in the activation of the processes of withdrawal of various decay products. After exercise or hard work, it is very helpful to relax in the steam room. Muscle fatigue will go away by itself.

For example, in the course of active physical work, the formation of lactic acid occurs, which leads to an increase in the acidity of blood and tissues, which, naturally, is one of the factors that have a bad effect on the body (fatigue increases, the so-called "clogging »Muscles, etc.). We can say that in this case, the benefits of the Russian bath are relevant for people leading both an active and a sedentary lifestyle.

Wellness bath in contrasting water treatments

It is impossible not to mention the cold water, the font and the pool. Our ancient ancestors also knew and appreciated the short-term effect of ice water on our body. It was not for nothing that they used to build baths on the banks of the river and jump into the ice-hole during the bath procedures in winter. Tempering with cold water helps to strengthen the immune system and a vigorous rejuvenating state.

The life-giving properties of water and its everyday need are familiar even to the smallest, but let's not forget about water procedures and entertainment, which are also fun!

Where to swim, slide off a water slide, spend time in a whirlpool bath or take a steam bath with an oak broom, we will tell you in the article “Water parks and bath-thermal complexes in Minsk”. Choosing a place for a fun and active holiday.

Freestyle Waterpark

The Freestyle Waterpark offers visitors a water entertainment center, a bath and thermal complex, SPA and entertainment.

Under the water park dome are waiting for you:

  • water slides of various difficulty levels
  • children's water town
  • swimming pools for adults and children
  • whirlpools and jacuzzi
  • cafes and bars
  • SPA center
  • floating
  • steam room
  • hammam
  • sauna
  • tepidarium
  • Russian and Finnish sauna
  • gym
  • bowling
  • billiards

Prices for visiting the aquazone: from 13.50 rubles (Mon-Thu), from 15 rubles (Fri-Sun) + visit to the bath and thermal complex (2 hours) - from 18 rubles (Mon-Thu) , from 22 rubles (Fri-Sun)

Address: Minsk, st. Surganova, 4a

Working hours: Daily 09:30 - 22:00

Aquapark Lebyazhy

Splash of water, joyful cries of children and adults, memories of summer holidays come to mind while visiting the Lebyazhy water park. It is located on the outskirts of Minsk, in an ecologically clean area and provides services for active recreation and entertainment for the whole family.

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