Coral Travel told which hotels in Tunisia are profitable to book for the summer of 2020

Winter Tunisia & Thalasso Tours

The charter program of one of the largest market players in Tunisia has been extended until March 2018. What and at what prices Tunisia can offer Russian travelers in winter and for the New Year, what kind of rest a tourist should orientate to, Vestnik ATOR found out.


In October this year, the ANEX Tour tour operator extended the flight program to Djerbado at the end of January, and then, as it became known to ATOR Vestnik, until March. According to Yana Muromova, deputy general director of the tour operator ANEX Tour, told at the annual conference ANEX Boss Tour 2017, the decision to extend the flight program to Tunisia for the winter is directly related to the successful summer season for the company in this direction.

Tunisia enjoys steady popularity among Russian tourists who demonstrate loyalty and loyalty. Interestingly, even the opening of Turkey did not significantly affect the Russian tourist flow to Tunisia this summer. So, according to the representative of the Ministry of Tourism of the country Abderazak Azuzi, from January to the end of September 2017, more than 450 thousand Russian tourists have already visited the country. Recall that for the entire 2016, the country was visited by 624 thousand Russians. Mr. Azouzi also said that from April to October, more than 97 thousand trips were made to Tunisia through travel agencies alone.

This information is also confirmed by the management of the Magic Hotels chain: according to their data, in comparison with 2016, the number of Russian-speaking tourists has increased significantly. The chain representatives note the high attractiveness of the island of Djerba as a tourist destination in the winter season 2017-2018.

The 2017-2018 winter season will be the first for ANEX Tour in Tunisia. Until the beginning of March, 2 AZURair flights per week are planned from Moscow with the average cost of the tour remaining at the same summer level. The main tourist audience that the tour operator recommends offering Tunisia in winter is couples and single travelers. Especially those who appreciate the possibilities of recreation on vacation.


What is the uniqueness of the resort program of Tunisia in winter, and why take tourists there?

“The climate in Tunisia remains mild all year round, no matter what month tourists go here, they will in any case expect warm weather. Therefore, Tunisia is attractive for our compatriots in winter as well, ”- say representatives of ANEX Tour. If cold weather, snow and blizzards prevail in Russia at this time of the year, then pleasant weather reigns in this exotic country with an air temperature of about +15. Of course, this temperature is not suitable for a beach holiday and a swimsuit, but it is quite enough to drive away the winter depression.

Note that winter Tunisia is quite popular on the European market: primarily because it offers good opportunities for health tourism in terms of price and quality: thalassotherapy is well developed in Tunisia.

“For the Russian market so far, health tourism in general is not massive. One of the reasons is the generally high cost of such a vacation. Therefore, in Tunisia, we decided to bet on affordable health and SPA tourism, extending our charter program to Djerba Island for the winter, ”ANEXTour notes.


Tunisia is located in the north of the African continent, its borders run along the Mediterranean coast. The area of ​​the country reaches 163 thousand m2. Every year, thousands of tourists from different countries come to the country, and before leaving, they are interested in rest in Tunisia, entertainment that is worth visiting.

Beach Vacation

The coast of Tunisia is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the coastline reaches 1000 km. In the north of the country, wild, untouched nature prevails. And in the south of Tunisia is the Sahara Desert. Tourists are attracted by the wide coastline and white sand. Among the most popular resorts for a relaxing beach holiday are Monastir, Sousse and Hamamet.


Fans of outdoor activities will find a huge amount of entertainment on the territory of Tunisia, for every taste and budget.

Diving in Tunisia allows you to get acquainted with the diversity of the underwater world. Among the main representatives of the tropical fauna are carp, shrimp, octopus, squid and sea bass. The best place for diving is Tabarka resort. It is located in the northern part of Tunisia, just 22 km from the border with Algeria. Not far from it is the largest coral reef in the Mediterranean. There is a diving center on the coast, where you can rent the necessary equipment. Experienced instructors will help you learn how to properly dive into the water.

Diving enthusiasts also head to the resorts of Sousse, Mahdia, Port el-Kantaoui, and the island of Jurba.

The island is located in the south of Tunisia, on its territory there is a lot of entertainment, both for adults and children. All necessary equipment can be rented. And the multifaceted underwater world will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition to diving on the island, tourists can play golf, beach tennis, ride a helicopter or participate in exotic fishing.


Wild animals can be hunted in Tunisia. To go to the rainforests, you need to get a license. The cost of such a permit depends on the list of animals that are available for shelling. It should be remembered that hunting for deer and fallow deer in Tunisia is strictly prohibited. These animals are under state protection.

The commission for issuing a permit is from 100 to 2000 dinars. Documents are processed within 30 days. The obtained license is limited in time, its term does not exceed 3 months. You can only hunt in groups, and the more people go hunting, the less the organizational fee will cost for everyone.

Among the main hunting seasons are:

For 11 months of 2019, 632 thousand tourists from Russia have already rested in Tunisia - more than in the whole of 2018. Demand for 2020 is already high. Tour operator Coral Travel has announced its plans for destinations in Tunisia for 2020. About news, flight programs and prospects of the direction - in our material.

At the end of last week, the tour operator Coral Travel invited representatives of travel agencies to a business breakfast, organized jointly with the National Tourism Office of Tunisia in Russia and the CIS countries. Representatives of the tourist retail received up-to-date information on the tourist opportunities of Tunisia, and also got acquainted with the big plans of the tour operator in the direction for 2020.


Opening the event, Nezhy Guider, General Director of the National Tourism Office of Tunisia in Russia, proudly announced that the Russian tourist flow to Tunisia continues to demonstrate good performance. For 11 months of this year, the country received more than 632 thousand tourists from Russia. The result has already exceeded the data for the entire 2018, then 630 thousand Russians rested in Tunisia.

The reasons for the popularity of Tunisia in Russia, according to Abderazak Azouzi, a representative of the country's Ministry of Tourism, are quite simple: Tunisia offers tourists all kinds of recreation: from beach and health tourism to active, cultural and ecotourism. And what is important - at quite reasonable prices. Expansion of transportation also has a positive effect on demand. So this year, on November 9, a new regular winter flight Moscow - Monastir of the Nouvelair Tunisie airline was launched. The flight load is good, according to Mr. Abderazak Azouzi.

“We are actively promoting Tunisia as an all-season destination. Winter Tunisia is thalassotherapy, various excursion trips: to the desert, mountains and ancient cities, various festivals, etc. ", - said Mr. Azouzi.

Tunisia in summer is, of course, beaches, thalassotherapy, health tourism, excursion trips to the south of the country, with its landscapes and special exoticism of the desert.


The range of the tour operator Coral Travel for 2020 includes resorts that reveal, if not all, then many of the tourist opportunities of Tunisia - Hammamet, famous for its sandy beaches and modern thalassotherapy centers, party-going, fiery and at the same time peaceful Sousse, authentic Monastir and its many historical sites, beaches, thalasso centers, golf courses, Mahdia is an ideal destination for introverts, gourmets and family tourists and, of course, Djerba is the largest island off the coast of North Africa, attracting tourists with stunning beaches and European level of service.


When planning a trip to Tunisia, each tourist studies the information: what excursions to visit, what climate prevails, where to relax in Tunisia, what are the peculiarities of the visa regime in the country. Tunisia is a multifaceted country with crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, snow-white beaches, extraordinary Arabian flavor and a huge variety of historical sights. Millions of tourists come here every year, because it is one of the most popular beach holiday destinations, which is perfectly combined with wellness and beauty treatments.

Where to relax in Tunisia

The capital of Tunisia is the city of the same name, which combines many cultures. The city is a modern metropolis with developed transport links, many fashionable hotels and restaurants.

For a beach holiday, travelers usually choose the following resorts:


The Cote d'Azur is famous for its sandy beaches and modern spa centers. Hammamet is a resort for sophisticated tourists that meets high requirements. Peaceful daytime relaxation and vibrant nightlife are the perfect combination that makes the region so popular with tourists. Here are the best thalasso centers, many clubs and discos, restaurants and bars, providing a variety of leisure activities.


The resort attracts travelers with its affordable prices and at the same time good beaches, decent service and a considerable number of attractions. Only one observation deck is the Ribata Tower, which offers a delightful view of the city and the coast, which is worth it. It will be convenient for tourists who have a rest here to go on an excursion to the Roman amphitheater in El Jem. Certainly, it is worth visiting the Medina, the old city, as there are many authentic monuments, mosques and mausoleums preserved here. The presence of an airport in the city is also a positive point.


The resort is famous for its deserted white sand beaches. Those who want to find peace, enjoy the silence, and spend their holidays without unnecessary fuss, they will definitely like it here. Mahdia will be the best choice for vacationers with two or with small children. For entertainment, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Silk Bazaar, which is held in the city every Friday.

In terms of popularity among tourists, Sousse rightly shares the first place with Hammamet. This city is a classic beach holiday with a developed infrastructure. The resort belongs to the category of youth, with a huge number of hotels from modest 2 * to luxurious 5 *, many discos and restaurants. The excursion program is varied, and the Ice Cream House will delight those with a sweet tooth and children. There are more than 100 species of it here. In Sousse, there is an incredibly beautiful botanical garden Oasis Park El Kantaoui, on the territory of which you can walk all day, and the Kantaoui Zoo, which will be appreciated by young travelers. There is another place for the whole family - Golf International El Kantaoui. Spending time here will not only make you feel like an aristocrat, but also enjoy the charming nature.

Djerba Island

The area of ​​the island is over 500 sq. kilometers and by right Djerba occupies a leading position among the resorts of Tunisia. The capital of the island is the city of Houmt Souk, in which more than 20 thousand people live. Located in the very south of the country, the island of Djerba welcomes guests all year round: the average temperature even in winter does not drop below +20 C. The sea is clean and warm, flamingos stroll imposingly on the white sand, and the island itself is surrounded by date palms and is buried in greenery. In Djerba, as in the rest of the country, antiquity lives side by side with modern hotels and fashionable golf courses.

Tunisia (Arabic: تونس), or the Republic of Tunisia (Arabic: الجمهرية التونسية) is a state on the Mediterranean coast in North Africa. The territory of the state is 163 610 km², the population is 11 434 994 people (data of 2017). Tunisia is part of the so-called countries of the Maghreb, or the Arab West. In the west, Tunisia borders with Algeria, in the south-east - with Libya. A third of the territory is occupied by the eastern spurs of the Atlas Mountains, the rest of the country - savannas and deserts.

On the territory of today's Tunisia, ancient sites of primitive man were found, founded more than 200,000 years ago (Kelibia region, Cape Bon). In 1100 BC. BC-600 BC e. Phoenicians founded the legendary cities of Carthage, Sousse, Utica and Bizerte on these lands. Carthage becomes the main city of the Phoenicians in northern Africa. Carthage was founded in 814 BC. e. Already by the 3rd century BC. e. he became the largest state in the western Mediterranean, subordinate to which were southern Spain, northern Africa, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica. Soon after the wars against Rome, Carthage lost its power and was destroyed in 146 BC. e.

In the 7th century, the Arabs appeared in Tunisia and founded the commercial city of Kairouan. Later, Tunisia became part of the Ottoman Empire. From the end of the 16th century, the power of the Turkish sultan became nominal, the country was ruled by independent beys, who founded the Muradid dynasty in 1612. In 1705, power in Tunisia passed to the Husseinid dynasty, the country became an independent state. However, in 1881-1883 Tunisia was under the protectorate of France, and it was only on March 20, 1956 that it managed to free itself from the influence of which. The monarchy in Tunisia fell in 1957.

Capital: Tunisia Area: 163 610 km 2 Population: 11 434 994 (2017) Language: Arabic Of. website: . ourisme. ov. n/accueil. tml

Today's Tunisia is one of the most popular tourist destinations, annually visited by about 7 million foreign visitors. For tourists, Tunisia offers excellent opportunities for a beach holiday, which can be successfully combined with recovery (the country is famous for its excellent modern thalassotherapy centers) and acquaintance with the historical treasures of local architecture.

How to get there

Charter flights

In the summer months, charters fly from several cities of Russia to Tunisia. As a rule, these are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and some others, depending on the situation in the tourist market. So, buying a tour from an agency, you will be delivered to the resort by a tour operator. Charter flights arrive at Monastir airport.

Regular direct flights

As for regular transportation, Tunisian airline Tunisair operates flights to Tunis Carthage airport from Moscow Domodedovo airport. Tunisian airline Nouvelair flies from Domodedovo and St. Petersburg's Pulkovo to Monastir airport. Also, this carrier flies from St. Petersburg to Hammamet.

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