Cognitive tour to Slovakia

Cognitive tour to Slovakia

Slovakia is a European state with a rapidly developing economy. An acceptable standard of living, prestigious universities, loyalty to immigrants - caused a stable influx of citizens of the CIS countries. Foreigners come to work, invest in the local economy, move to the country, and transport families. The government creates comfortable conditions for a quiet life. The young country is rich in history and culture. Various festivals are held all year round.

The past way of life of the Slovak villages was different, therefore the local culture, folk costumes, traditional dances of the regions are extraordinary. The special flavor of the area beckons, you want to stay here for a long time. A tour to Slovakia demonstrates that the locals are calm, benevolent people, they are not in a hurry, they are not fussing, they are happy with life. The country can be considered in terms of a promising investment of funds, and as a move. A tour to Slovakia will allow you to discover the country's advantages.

Tour in Slovakia: determining the benefits

A tour of Slovakia will provide information about the peculiarities of life, work, education in a rapidly developing European state. Going on a tour, you will spend 4 unforgettable days in the country. The program includes:

  • Features of training, nuances of local education programs. Visit the universities of the country (the basic list of educational institutions is supplemented at the request of the client).
  • During the tour, you will touch the Slovak flavor, appreciate the calmness, regularity of the life of the indigenous population.
  • Optional excursions to Vienna, Prague, Budapest (optional).
  • Services of a personal representative accompanying the tourist during the tour.
  • Interpreter assistance during the tour.

Tour to Slovakia: Study Prospects

Our tour of Slovakia includes visits to universities. You will learn about training programs and peculiarities of admission to the universities of the republic. The country's universities are famous for their level of education, diplomas are quoted in countries around the world. Having studied at the university of the republic, one can apply for a prestigious job in the countries of the European Union. Many students decide to stay in the country, conquered by the unique flavor.

To obtain a residence permit, it is enough to study in a secondary school or in a language course. It is issued to foreign students within a month. The document is issued for 6 years. During this time, you can find a reason and legally stay in Slovakia.

The benefits of education in Slovakia

Privileges of foreign students of universities:

Slovakia has a temperate dry climate with warm summers and mild winters. The average temperature in summer is +20 degrees, in winter: -1 degrees. Relatively low rainfall and many sunny days are the distinctive features of the Slovak climate, which make the resorts of this country popular among residents of Slovakia and neighboring countries.

Indications for staying in thermal spas in Slovakia

The geographic relief of Slovakia includes significant mountain ranges of the western Carpathians. The mountains were formed as a result of tectonic activity, therefore, they are certainly accompanied by mineral underground waters, including thermal ones. The Slovak Republic is no exception: for such a small country, thermal resorts and sanatoriums are widely represented here. About twenty resorts are scattered throughout the country.

The variety and uniqueness of resorts in Slovakia is pleasantly surprising. Each sanatorium has its own springs and deep wells, the water in which is characterized by a special chemical composition. Based on this, each resort has its own area of ​​activity, covering the treatment and prevention of certain types of diseases.

A common direction for all Slovak resorts is the treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including joint diseases and diseases of the spine.

In addition to external water procedures, some sanatoriums practice the use of chemically active mineral water inside several times a day, which is useful for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Some resorts offer beauty pampering programs.

All sanatoriums in Slovakia have doctors on their staff who receive guests upon arrival, prescribe treatment procedures and their intensity, and also conduct a final appointment based on the results of treatment. As a rule, all resorts have in their arsenal the necessary equipment for carrying out physiotherapy procedures.

The best thermal spas in Slovakia

The comfort of the Slovak resorts is presented in options from 2 to 5 stars. We offer single or double accommodation with full or half board. The minimum placement period is 6 days. The cost of placement tends to fluctuate and increases from May to October.


The Piestany mineral springs have been known since the 12th century and are located in the west of modern Slovakia. During the 20th century, Piestany became an important spa center. In the 21st century, large funds were invested here in order to make it modern and comfortable for guests.

The main part of the resort is located on an island in the middle of the river: these are four hotels, connected to each other and providing the opportunity to take all medical procedures without leaving the buildings.

Hello friend. There was a need to tell people about such an opportunity as free education in an EU member state. This is what I will do, and you, in turn, can familiarize yourself with all the information and, if you have any questions, contact me =)

Briefly about Slovakia: Slovakia is a member of the European Union and one of the few countries where foreign citizens are provided with free tuition and benefits on an equal basis with other students. Also we (. Oland-immigration. U /) since 2009 offer assistance in obtaining a residence permit and admission to schools/universities in Slovakia. Interested? Welcome ! Below is the Wikipedia link for the "lazy league":

. that there are many healthy thermal springs in Slovakia?

Thermal spas in Slovakia have more than 1000 mineral springs, the most famous of which are: Turcianski greenhouses, Aphrodite Rajecke Teplice, thermal spa Nimnica, thermal spa Brusno and many others. Each source is different in nature and endowed with special natural properties.

A spa vacation in Slovakia will undoubtedly strengthen your health and emotional well-being. Thanks to the miraculous properties of the springs, you have the opportunity to restore the nervous system, solve digestive problems and forget about respiratory diseases.

We invite you to visit such resorts at any time of the year, all that remains is to contact us - and off you go!

A set of groups for sending to Slovak summer camps for children and adolescents up to 18 years old is opening.

So far, we provide you with two shifts: Show in full. 1.2 weeks, 09. 7 - 22.7 2. 2 weeks, 06. 8 - 19. 8 Age: 15 - 18 years old

If there is demand, other dates are possible.

What awaits you: 1. Rest and games in nature, in the forest. ... Studying the Slovak and English languages ​​by immersion in a playful way and live communication with counselors and with participants - Slovaks with the tireless presence of an interpreter. ... Departures by bus to the nearest water park. ... Strategic, logic games for the appropriate age (15-18 years old). ... Sport games. ... Meeting in Bratislava (airport, railway station) or Uzhgorod (railway station) before the tour and accompanying them to Bratislava or Uzhgorod after the end of the tour. ... Pool.

Thermal Spa Piestany

The Piestany Thermal Resort is a cozy and picturesque resort town located on the Vah River. It is famous primarily for its healing thermal springs, rich in sulphates, carbonates and sulphurous mud, known since the 12th century.

Thermal waters are especially useful in the treatment of rheumatic, gouty, post-traumatic diseases of the joints. A century ago, the spa was visited by the august persons and celebrities, among them the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

There is a large modern spa center on the site of hot springs with a temperature of 67-69 degrees Celsius, where all types of wellness services are provided.

Climatic health resort for children Luchivna

The Lucivna resort is a magnificent children's low-mountain climatic resort located in the cozy town of the same name among the picturesque coniferous, spruce and fir forests, not far from Poprad.

The resort has long been known for its healthy, healing mountain air, rich in ions. It is very helpful in treating respiratory ailments. And for more than a hundred years now, the healing power of the local air has been helping those suffering from pulmonary diseases to improve their health.

The resort has a very developed infrastructure, children from 3 to 12 years old are treated here for six weeks (in shifts).

Spa Rajecke Teplice

The Rajecky Teplice Spa is a cozy thermal spa that has been gaining more and more popularity within the country and abroad in recent years.

If you prefer the tranquility of thermal baths, and the clean forest air is dearer to you than the Mediterranean breeze, to the raging sea waves, then a wellness holiday on European lakes is your option. Yes, Hungary, Slovakia or the Czech Republic are not as popular as Greece, Spain or Turkey. But instead of "breaking" tables, annoying animators and free alcoholic drinks, you will find stunning nature, ancient castles, treatment programs and relaxation in thermal complexes. This summer, Belarusian travel companies traditionally invite tourists to group bus tours to Heviz and Balaton in Hungary, to Karlovy Vary and to Macho Lake in the Czech Republic, as well as to thermal resorts in Slovakia.

Hungary: Boiling Lake or Hungarian Sea?

Let's start with one of the largest lakes in Europe - Lake Balaton. This "Hungarian Sea", 77 kilometers long, is rightfully considered one of the main attractions of the country. Here Germans, Czechs, Poles, Slovaks and Belarusians enjoy their holidays. After all, the shores of Lake Balaton really have everything: good hotels, guesthouses, comfortable beaches, shops, cafes, bike paths, boats, hiking trails and much, much more.

The main resorts of the southern coast of Balaton are Siofok, Santod, Balatonfeldvar and Fonyod, of the northern one - Keszthely, Badacsony, Tihany, Balatonfured and Tapoltsa. The season at Lake Balaton continues all summer long. The water temperature in the lake ranges from 20 to 26 degrees, and in the evening it is even warmer than the air. By the way, the water of Balaton (however, like most Hungarian waters) has a beneficial effect on health and helps in the treatment of certain diseases.

The beaches of the northern coast can be recommended to those who know how to swim well, or those who come with already big children. The bottom is rocky and stony, and the depth begins near the coast. On the southern side of the lake there is shallow water: in most places you can walk five hundred meters along the bottom and never swim. Especially shallow in the coastal strip, where even the smallest children can splash carelessly in the water, the depth of which barely reaches half a meter. That is why families with small children prefer the south coast. As for the "coverage", most of the beaches on Lake Balaton are grassy. The entrance to the lake can be either from a small sandbank or from a special ladder (as in the basin). Admission to the beaches is often paid, but each resort also has free sections of beaches.

Balaton has enough entertainment for everyone. In addition to the fact that each resort town is interesting in itself, travel agencies offer tourists various additional excursions. This is a boat trip to the Tihany peninsula with a visit to the abbey, and a trip to the thermal lake Heviz, an excursion to Keszthely with a tour of the Festetics palace, and a trip to Badacsony with lunch and wine tasting. All sights on Lake Balaton are located very compactly, so trips will be very pleasant and stress-free. And, of course, do not forget about the excellent Hungarian cuisine: there are many cafes and restaurants in the national style on the coast. When ordering Hungarian dishes, keep in mind that the portions are very large!

A standard bus trip to Hungary takes about 13-14 days. Of these, about a week is given for rest, and the rest of the time is proposed to be spent on exploring various beauties along the way. So, depending on the program, tourists, in addition to Balaton, can visit Krakow, Miskolc, Budapest, Eger, Szentendre and even Vienna.

The cost of a bus tour to Balaton starts from 450 - 500 euros per person (travel, accommodation in a 3 * hotel, breakfasts and dinners, excursions according to the program).

Well, the real healing pearl of Hungary is Lake Heviz. In general, this is an unusual lake. Firstly, it is very hot (in summer its temperature is 33-34 ° C). Secondly, there is no beach that we are used to (entrance into the water from special steps). And, thirdly, the time of continuous bathing in the reservoir should not exceed 1-1.5 hours. However, despite all these nuances, the effect of visiting Heviz is amazing! Thermal springs feeding the lake treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joint pains, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, neuroses and much, much more. Ease of gait and excellent mood are guaranteed to you. Well, in their free time from taking medicinal baths, tourists can stroll around the wonderful town of Heviz or go on one of the proposed excursions.

Group trips to the Hungarian medicinal lake are also organized from Minsk. The tour program is usually similar to the Balaton one. True, the cost of staying in Heviz is slightly higher - about 790 euros per person (travel, accommodation in a 3 * hotel, meals, excursions according to the program).

Note that travel companies also offer tourists to use a direct flight Minsk - Budapest. The cost in this case will, of course, be higher than by bus.

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