Children's camps in Yeisk

Fitness in Yeisk

Among family resorts, Yeisk is one of the most popular.

Every year more than half a million people come to rest in Yeisk.

The popularity of this relatively small resort is due to a number of objective reasons:

  • Natural conditions are favorable for families with small children:
  • safe flat sandy bottom of the shallow Sea of ​​Azov,
  • well-equipped sandy and pebble beaches,
  • the sea heats up quickly to +27 0,
  • there are almost no winds and rains,
  • for some reason there is no city mosquitoes,
  • you can swim and sunbathe from May to the end of September.

  • There are no industrial enterprises in the city, nothing pollutes the air and water.
  • The prices are quite democratic both for rental housing and for entertainment and food.
  • In the developed shopping and entertainment city infrastructure, everyone, adults and children, will find something to their liking.
  • Convenient transport links make it easy to get to rest in Yeisk:
  • direct trains from Moscow, St. Petersburg, transit traffic to the station Starominskaya-Timashevskaya (70 km from Yeisk ), from where you can take a train;
  • in the summer from different cities, including Moscow, comfortable buses go to Yeisk;
  • air traffic allows you to quickly fly to Rostov-on-Don or Krasnodar, then take a local bus, train or taxi;
  • by car, you must go along the M-4 highway.

Beaches of Yeisk

What is Yeisk? Photos of the city and beaches, taken by those who have already visited here, make you want to drop everything and go on vacation to Yeisk. All the photos have a lot of greenery, sun, flowers and, of course, the sea!

Successfully for holidaymakers Yeisk is located on a spit, which protrudes far into the Sea of ​​Azov. The Yeisk spit is washed on one side by the waters of the Taganrog Bay, on the other - by the Yeisk estuary.

There are beaches in the Taganrog Bay:

  • “Melyaki” - for children, with a sandy bottom;
  • “Kamenka” - a beach of pebbles and shells.

  • Central.
  • Child.
  • Youth.

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Yeisk is officially not just a city formation, but also a resort city. It is also popular among the category of tourists who prefer sanatorium treatment to other types of recreation. In addition, the city has a rather rich past and will be of interest to history buffs, not just beaches and sanatoriums.

It is located in the coastal area near the Sea of ​​Azov and the beginning of the Yeisk spit between the Yeisk estuary of the sea and the Taganrog Bay. In terms of population (which is 83,665 people), it is one of the 5 leaders among the settlements of the entire Krasnodar Territory. The city is an important administrative center of the Yeisk region. What you should know if you are going to go on vacation to Yeisk? You are probably wondering where the name of this city came from. He received it on behalf of the local river Eya. Also, any tourist needs to know that the local population is called shechan.

From the first day of its foundation, Yeisk received the status of the Black Sea port city. Today it is a resort city that is very popular among the residents of Russia. At the moment, Yeisk continues to develop precisely as a resort and a significant part of the income of the local population is the profit received from tourists. Today Yeysk has become a fairly powerful competitor to the well-known resort city of Sochi. By the way, the prices are much lower here. If we compare Yeysk with Sochi by other indicators, it should be noted that this city is calmer. This quality makes Yeisk an excellent option for spa treatment and family recreation, and its proximity to the sea makes it popular among fans of swimming and beach games. By the way, the sea here is shallow enough that will allow parents not to worry about the safety of their children - they simply cannot drown.

Also, an indisputable plus for tourists is the absence of industrial-type enterprises in Yeisk, since it is these enterprises that contribute to air pollution. But there is enough entertainment for people of all ages and attractions for everyone. Going to the city market, be sure to pamper yourself with vegetables, fruits and seafood. They are quite inexpensive here.

In 1777-1778. on the future territory of the current health resort town, the now well-known Khansky town was erected. It was he who was supposed to be awarded the title of the capital of the principality. Here, according to the plan, the main residence of the protégé of Russia, which at that time was Shagin-Girey, the Khan of Crimea, was to be located. After 5 years, Crimea, Taman and partially - Kuban officially became part of Russia.

In 1847 the idea was expressed about the founding of a port city on the above territory. It was expected that this project would bring great benefits to the Russian Empire from a strategic and commercial point of view. The author of the idea was G. Rashpil - the chief chieftain of the Cossack army of the Black Sea region. The project received support from Prince Vorontsov, who also received patronage from Nicholas I, and with it - the decree on the founding of Yeisk. The official opening day of the city is 19.8848 (31.9.848 in a new style). The post of the head of the city was taken by P. Litovskiy, and then by Prince A. Golitsyn.

How to get there

There are several options when choosing a way to travel to the above city. You can come here by plane, come by bus or train. Alternatively, you can use a car.

The first option is the fastest and takes less energy, and with it - and nerves. Unless, of course, you are not afraid to fly. You can fly to Yeysk through the airports of Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar. The distance from the first point is 200 km, and from the second - 250. Differences in the cost of tickets from Moscow are not too significant. The minimum cost starts from 3300 to 3600 rubles.

When flying to Rostov, you can use the services of Ural Airlines, Aeroflot, S7 or UTair and VIM Airlines. "Globus" also operates in Krasnodar on this direction of flights.

In the second case, you will have to spend about 20 hours on the road. However, it should be noted that buses carrying out this type of transportation are equipped with comfortable seats and air conditioning. So the trip will most likely not cause you much discomfort. There are several stops along the way for passengers to rest and eat. You can leave for Yeisk from Moscow from Dolzhanskaya station, daily at 13:00 summer time. In addition, in the summer, the bus to Yeysk also departs from the Krasnogvardeyskaya metro station. However, it leaves only when 50% of the load is reached. This is very important to know if you are going to travel by bus. The cost of the trip is 2500 rubles.

There are several large fitness centers in Yeysk, there is a place where you can go for windsurfing. Fitness center "5 stars" is the largest gym in the city. Here guests will be offered a gym; fitness, group programs, personal training; fitness testing; solarium and infrared sauna.

Fitness and health club and fitness room "FITNES-GYM"

The fitness and health club and fitness room "FITNES-GYM" conduct training in aerobics slide, step, strength, dance, there is fitball, body flex, oxysize, yoga, por de bra, stretching, strip , individual lessons - personal trainer, computer analysis of body composition and fitness test, drawing up individual programs for body shaping, nutrition, training, solarium. In general, there is where to roam.

Fitness center "Zdravnitsa" is a cardio and strength training equipment, group training, individual training, SPA and wellness programs, swimming pool, swimming training, cosmetologist services, hardware cosmetology for face and body, massage, phyto- bar and more.

What else to read?

Yeisk is a resort town near the Azov coast in southern Russia. Sandy beaches, warm waters of the shallow Sea of ​​Azov, sources of curative mud, spa treatment ...

The city is located at the base of the Yeisk spit, between the Taganrog Bay and the Yeisk estuary of the Azov Sea. The name of the city comes from the river Yeya, which flows into the Yeisk estuary.

The Yeisk climate is temperate continental, with mild winters and hot summers. Average monthly air temperatures are similar to those found in New York City. However, unlike the northeastern coast of the United States, the climate in Yeisk is characterized by less rainfall, as well as the absence of frequent temperature changes.

Winter comes to Yeisk rather late. The first snow does not appear until mid-December, so the New Year is most often snowless. The average January temperature is −4 ° C. Snow cover is not truly stable and rarely persists for more than two weeks in a row. However, frosts below -10 ° C in Yeisk are not at all uncommon. In some years, the temperature in winter briefly dropped below -25 ° C.

Spring, as a rule, is finally established in the Yeisk region in mid-April, when the trees are covered with young foliage, and tulips, daffodils, lilacs and fruit trees bloom in city parks and gardens. Although the weather at this time can be quite changeable, in general it is favorable for outdoor walks. Already in May, the sea water warms up to an average of + 17.5 ° C, which allows opening the swimming season.

Summer in Yeisk is very warm and sunny, the average daily temperature in July is +24 ° C, relative humidity is about 60%. Summer heat is softened by sea breezes. There are usually few rainy days, and the precipitation itself is usually in the form of short showers and thunderstorms. The average sea water temperature in June is +22.2 ° C, in July +24.9 ° C, in August +23.7 ° C.

The beginning of autumn in Yeisk is the so-called "velvet" season. The water temperature in September is +18.6 ° C, which allows you to extend your vacation on the coast until the end of the month. Autumn in Yeisk is characterized by sunny, relatively warm, but windy weather. By October, city parks acquire green, golden and crimson tones at the same time. On some trees, green foliage lasts until the end of November, until the first night frosts.

In 2006 Yeisk was given the status of a resort city. At the beginning of 2007, the residents of Yeisk came up with an initiative to develop the Yeisk Peninsula as a resort of federal importance. In 2008, the Russian Government is to approve a federal target program for the integrated development of the Russian coast of the Sea of ​​Azov, within the framework of which substantial funds will be allocated to solve the infrastructure problems of Yeisk and Yeisk region.

Children's health camp "Yeisk"

The camp accepts children from 7 to 16 years old. The camp is designed for 720 people. The camp has a good medical base. It offers comprehensive health improvement and medical services, which are included in the price of the voucher: inhalations (herbal, alkaline, oil), manual medical medical massage, exercise therapy, physiotherapy (electrophoresis, UHF - therapy, UFO).

For active recreation, the camp has a stadium with a football field, jogging tracks, horizontal bars, a basketball and volleyball court, playgrounds, 5 tennis tables under sheds, and there is also a stage with a disco area for 500 seats.

To expand horizons, the camp organizes excursions to the children's park "im. Ivan Poddubny "to the attractions, to the military airfield, border outposts and to the local history museum.

The beach at the camp is not very large, only 150 meters. But it is fully equipped with awnings, changing rooms, a rescue station and a first-aid post, water attractions. The camp and the beach are located on the very shore of the Yeisk estuary, to the sea from the buildings it takes only 5 minutes. The depth of the sea reaches from 1.5 to 2.5 meters, which allows the sea to warm up in the month of May up to 20-23 degrees. Both the shore and the bottom are sandy.

During the holidays, a professional staff of teachers from State Institutes and Universities of the city of Krasnodar works as children. In addition to programs, contests and competitions, excursions to all interesting places in Yeisk are conducted here.

Children live in rooms that are designed for 4-9 people. Cold water is supplied around the clock, hot water - 3 times a day for two hours (morning, afternoon and evening).

Children's health camp "Azov"

Children from 7 to 15 years old are accepted here. The camp is located near Yeisk in the village of Dolzhanskaya.

Camp "Azov" has its own sandy beach with small shell rock, the beach is located just 50 meters from the children's buildings, equipped with changing cabins and a first-aid post. The depth of the sea is from 1.5 to 3.5 meters.

The main resort in the north of the Kuban is the Yeisk region. Sanatoriums and boarding houses, where "all inclusive", are based on the narrow end of the peninsula, that is, "on the spit", which is used in the named city as a resort area. In 2020, prices on its territory are moderate. Our photos convincingly prove that sophistication and comfort await vacationers on vacation. We present to you the only five establishments of the Yeisk Spit, where everything is always "all inclusive", and quite inexpensively.

In the whirlwind of the Aquatoria Leta club-hotel

Speech about one of the three most famous guest complexes, consisting of a BO and a boarding house. The latter is located on the western shore of the named shoal (Taganrog Bay). It is adjacent to such striking infrastructure as the Molodezhny beach and the bar.

Visiting lovers of active leisure will be pleased with the "Standards" and "Vips" of the "Sea View" class. Half of them face the sea, the other half overlook a huge pool. The interior design is consistent with the business class style. Each issue has its own theme. Amenities such as

  • beds and nightstands;
  • air conditioning;
  • exit to the balcony;
  • an isolated bathroom;
  • TV;
  • free wi-fi;
  • paintings on the walls.

Premises of the VIP type (36 sq. m.) have additional furniture - a desk with chairs, a bookcase table, a bar counter, a refrigerator, an armchair, a floor lamp. And on the loggia, where it is worth taking out the mini-table, folding chairs await you. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the three-time "all inclusive" mode (which is just not there!). The restaurant is transparent and has a panoramic view. The sea is visible everywhere.

"Aquatoria" positions itself as a club-hotel, that is, it is designed to meet people associated with a common interest - extreme types of water recreation in Yeisk. Here windsurfing school conducts its lessons. She often organizes beach parties.

On the territory there is a heated outdoor pool (the largest on the peninsula), several "disco" shacks (on the shore) and a sports complex. As for the latter, this includes the rental of surfer and sports equipment, a yoga center (there are also slackline classes), and a gym.

"Asteria" - boarding house with meals in Yeisk

The GK, hinting at a special luxury, you will find on the eastern edge of the spit - between the Central Beach stop and water attractions (the beginning of the resort itself).

You move into standard rooms (with and without a balcony, 3 stars), as well as in "suites", characterized by the presence of one more room, an additional sofa, table, armchair and curly mirrors at the head of a beautiful double bed ...

The color scheme in all rooms is warm, and the style of the design concept is closely combined with the Elite direction. Let's add - the bathroom has a multifunctional shower.

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