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Today "Belokurikha" is the largest health resort of the resort with its own medical base, which provides a full range of spa services. It accepts patients with diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, musculoskeletal, endocrine systems, digestive and respiratory organs, with gynecological and urological diseases. Famous politicians, artists, athletes like to relax and improve their health here. Thousands of patients are grateful to the staff of the health resort for their restored health.

At the origins

Sanatorium "Belokurikha" was founded as the base health resort of the resort. The first 10-storey building of the sanatorium - the southern one - was commissioned by SMU-4 in 1979, the second - the northern one - four years later. The new health resort was headed by the chief physician Vladimir Vasilyevich Bunkov.

- I remember how we washed the northern building. We worked all winter and spring. They began to settle in from the upper floors, because on the lower ones they were still completing the improvement, - recalls the nurse of the duty post of the sanatorium "Belokurikha" Lyubov Shcherbakova. - At that time, each floor was locked with a key, on each there was a nurse on duty, and we only opened the doors when furniture was brought in ... Already in July-August, the sanatorium received its first patients.

The sanatorium was built according to a standard design and was originally designed for 1044 places. On the first two floors of the southern building there was a cardiology department.

- We were afraid of him like fire! Severe patients were settled here: participants and invalids of the Second World War, people with cerebral palsy, many were with accompanying people and on gurneys. You understand that the contingent is not easy! - explains Lyubov Semyonovna.

On the 3rd-7th floors there was a therapeutic department, which was headed by Sofia Ivanovna Gulkova; on the 8-10th floors - gynecological. It was led by Margarita Veniaminovna Tryaztsina, the resort's leading gynecologist. Here, in the first building, there were dentistry, a laboratory, physiotherapy and functional diagnostics rooms. When the northern building was opened, the cardiology and gynecological departments were moved there, which at that time was more of a therapeutic function; opened a neurological department (the head was Yuri Vladimirovich Krachkov).

At that time, the buildings were not connected by a warm passage, so vacationers had to undress several times in order to take procedures in the next building, go to the radon baths in the old or the main hydropathic institution, dine in the spa canteen of the resort (in 90- The Ruslan nightclub was located in this building, and later the Chocolate Club. Now the building is empty. - Author's note).

The first - in pediatric gynecology

In 1989, Viktor Vasilyevich Kozhevnikov was elected the head physician of the Belokurikha sanatorium (in 1993 he became the general director of the sanatorium. - Author's note). Under him, at that time, the first rehabilitation department in Siberia for adolescent girls who had undergone gynecological diseases was opened. This work was carried out by Tatyana Leonidovna Karyukina.

Viktor Vasilyevich was at the forefront of the opening of a department for aftercare for patients after heart surgery and myocardial infarction in the sanatorium. Also at this time, a psychotherapeutic service was formed.

The Belokurikhi sanatoriums are famous all over the world not only for their excellent geographical location, but also for their effective methods of treatment. But which route should you choose? You should choose a direction depending on your own state of health, as well as preferences. We tell you what and in what ways can be cured in the sanatoriums of Belokurikha.

Sanatorium "Belokurikha"

In the sanatorium "Belokurikha" guests are offered a large number of medical procedures. For example, mineral baths, healing mud, inhalation therapy, massages, physiotherapy, reflexology and much more.

Balneotherapy carried out in the health resort includes many techniques that were developed together with scientists from the Siberian Research Institute for diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs, kidneys, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine systems and musculoskeletal system.

Sanatorium "Katun"

The specialists of the Katun sanatorium provide treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of the endocrine, nervous and circulatory systems, musculoskeletal system, skin and gynecological problems.

The main feature of the health resort is the treatment of patients with diseases of the digestive system. The gastroenterology department is considered the pride of Katun.

They also provide their guests with a huge selection of therapeutic procedures, such as therapeutic mud, mineral baths, various types of massage, physiotherapy, reflexology and more.

Sanatorium "Siberia"

In the sanatorium "Siberia" specialists offer multidisciplinary treatment in a variety of areas. They include treatment and complex rehabilitation of diseases of the musculoskeletal, musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory and genitourinary systems. People with all forms of sleep disorders can also go to the health resort.

The popular ski resort Belokurikha is located in the Altai protected area. The second name of the camp site is "Grace". This is a sports and recreation complex with a developed infrastructure, comfortable slopes, entertainment for children and adults. Before the trip, it is recommended to study its features, route schemes, prices.

Description of the camp site

The sports complex is located on the slope of Mount Tserkovka. This is a large sports and recreation center that can receive tourists and independent travelers in winter and summer. Advantages - convenient infrastructure, location, several types of tracks of varying difficulty. Plus - the nature of the Altai foothills, real Siberia.

  • It can accommodate up to 5000 vacationers, for this, guest houses, hotels, hotels have been built.
  • There is a large hydropathic establishment nearby, there are spa-salons, massage services.
  • There are several playgrounds for children.
  • There is a ski school, equipment and equipment rental.
  • The season starts on December 20, ends on March 20.

Additional services - trekking, in the summer you can order a hot air balloon flight. Due to the relatively high altitude of the slopes, it is convenient to fly with paragliders here. Hiking is also developed, vacationers often order the weather in the forests, climbing the nearest mountains.

The weather in winter is mild, because of the convenient location of the mountains, there is almost no wind, but snow often falls. This allows you to keep the snow cover of the slopes in good condition.

How to get there

The nearest airport is located in Barnaul. An alternative is to book tickets to Gorno-Altaysk. From here you can order a taxi or buy a bus ticket. You can get to the Belokurikha ski resort in 2-2.5 hours. Direct flights go only from the Gorno-Altaysk bus station. By agreement, you can arrange a transfer service in advance. It is convenient for large groups of tourists.

How to get to the health resort "Grace":

An alternative is to come to the sports base by your own car. Here you can leave her in the car park. The service is free if a hotel or guest house has been booked before.

Slope Map

main locations

The Belokurikha sanatorium bears the name of the resort. This is the largest sanatorium in Belokurikha: the number of places for accommodation is 752, the area of ​​the territory is 12 hectares. The beautiful well-groomed territory of the complex is the work of landscape designers. The sanatorium has indoor and outdoor pools. Prices for tours with free meals start at 4,200 rubles. Rooms 3 * and 4 * in all rooms free wi-fi. The anatorium is located at the beginning of the resort area, not far from the city's entertainment centers and shops, and has free parking.

The sanatorium is a structural subdivision of JSC "Resort Belokurikha", the largest medical and preventive institution in the resort of Belokurikha, with its own swimming pool. The area of ​​the territory is 45101 m², the number of beds in the rooms is 389. The sanatorium has passed state certification at the level of "three stars". The hotel building consists of eight floors and is connected by warm passages with a medical and diagnostic building and a restaurant. Prices for tours with free meals start at 4000 rubles.

The sanatorium was built in 1977, has extensive experience in improving the health of the population, and is one of the leading sanatoriums in Belokurikha. Currently, "Katun" is a health resort for 315 beds (in all rooms) with a developed medical and material-technical base. A feature of the Katun sanatorium is the development of a new direction for the resort - treatment of patients with diseases of the digestive system. Prices for tours with free meals start at 4000 rubles.

The Altai Castle Sanatorium is considered one of the youngest in Belokurikha. However, this does not prevent him from entering the top of the best sanatoriums with the treatment of Belokurikha, within walking distance of a swimming pool, terrenkury and the entire infrastructure of Belokurikha. In the "Altai Castle" they carry out medical and health-improving procedures in a number of areas. Here you can relax with comfortable rooms alone, together with your other half or the whole family. Prices for vouchers start at 4800 rubles.

"Belokur" is a cozy, truly homely sanatorium, with its own swimming pool .. Due to its small format, special attention is paid to each guest here. You can set the time of treatment, procedures yourself, choose a menu and live according to your usual daily routine. The staff of the sanatorium will adapt to you to make your stay more comfortable. Prices for vouchers start at 4500 rubles.

The Aurora sanatorium is located on the Belokurikha promenade. Nearby for tourists are collected the main places of entertainment - cafes and restaurants. The sanatorium provides not only comfortable rooms, medical treatment services, but also a spa, as well as water activities. Prices for vouchers start at 4000 rubles.

Find out the cost of rest and treatment in the sanatoriums of Belokurikha

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Therapeutic factors of Belokurikha

BelokurikhaFest will hand over the baton to AltaiFest

BelokurikhaFest will take place on July 25-27 in the resort town of Belokurikha. This is a gastronomic festival that precedes a larger event - the interregional festival of drinks "AltaiFest".

These days, a number of Belokurikha restaurants have prepared for residents of Belokurikha and guests of the resort a special menu with special prices, contests, sweepstakes, a cultural program and a holiday card. Participants in the main competition who made a purchase in each of the restaurants in the amount of 250 rubles or more will have a chance to win an iPhone 8. In addition, participants in the Instagram photo contest “Catch a Squirrel!” will try their luck in the drawing of special prizes every day during the days of "BelokurikhaFest". To do this, you need to take a photo with Belka - the unofficial symbol of the city and the symbol of the Belokurikha festival, and get as many likes as possible for it.

Belka will run around Belokurikha, from June 24 it will be possible to meet it in restaurants participating in the festival. These are Michel, Birchale, Beaver, Fifth Wheel, Meeting by the River, Meal, Grace, Belovodye, Baron von Albrecht and Bratchina breweries.

June 25 at 19:00 on the square at st. Slavsky, 17, the grand opening of the festival will take place, where all participating restaurants will be presented.

On June 27 at 19:30 on the same square there will be a drawing of prizes and a performance by a cover band group "ENJOY".

According to the plan of the organizers, "BelokurikhaFest" will help to attract to the main event - "AltaiFest" those who are now resting in the health resorts of Belokurikha and would like to diversify their rest by participating in a large festival, which was recently included in the TOP-10 the best gastronomic festivals in Russia. In the future, "BelokurikhaFest" will become an independent festival, which will promote the positioning of Belokurikha as a popular holiday destination among tourists.

The equestrian festival will take place at the Siberian Maslenitsa

The main event of spring 2019 is getting closer. On March 9 the traditional festival "Siberian Maslenitsa" awaits guests. With the same impatience awaits guests and participants of the hippodrome "Altai", where a large equestrian festival will take place within the framework of the festival.

Everything that the audience will see from the stands of the hippodrome promises to be interesting and spectacular: both the struggle of the best trotters of the Siberian region, and the races of working breed horses. And the most daring and determined spectators will have the opportunity to participate in numerous competitions.

Relying on traditions, the organizers nevertheless do everything to make the program of the equestrian festival more diverse and include more and more new disciplines. And the viewer appreciates it.

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