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Recently, there has been a significant increase in interest in health tourism in the world. This is facilitated by a number of reasons: a fast pace of life, many stressful situations, an unfavorable environmental situation in most countries and cities, an increase in the flow of information. Thus, it can be noted that the influence of the above factors on their health makes people turn to this type of tourism

The motivation for travel to resorts has not changed over time. People who want to relax are attracted to resort areas by the healing properties of natural factors. Also, due to developing technologies, an increase in tourist traffic, a high level of infrastructure and maximum quality of services are of great importance in the priorities of the growing needs of tourists.

It can be concluded that the features of health tourism are:

· Duration of stay, which should be at least three weeks, regardless of the type of resort and illness, since only during such a period of time can a health-improving effect be achieved;

· High cost of treatment - the usual treatment at resorts is expensive, so this type of tourism is designed for wealthy clients who order an individual treatment and recreation program;

· Age category - according to statistics, people of the older age group are more likely to go to resorts, but recently middle-aged people suffering from ailments have also chosen rest in resorts. Some resorts have developed special health and wellness programs for children. Choices are made between health-care and mixed-health resorts, which generally promote health and recuperation and stress relief.

However, it should be noted that recently the health tourism market is undergoing significant changes. This is due to the fact that traditional sanatorium resorts are no longer a place of treatment and recreation for the elderly, and are turning into multifunctional health centers designed for a wide range of consumers, middle-aged people, as well as children. This transformation of resort centers is due to two reasons: the first is a change in the nature of demand for medical and health services. A healthy lifestyle is becoming fashionable, the number of people in the world who strive to maintain good physical shape and need restorative anti-stress programs is growing. Mostly these are middle-aged people who prefer active recreation, but at the same time they are limited in time. Consumers of this type, according to many experts, are the main clients of spa resorts and contribute to the prosperity of health tourism in the 21st century. The second reason for the reorientation is that resorts are gradually losing traditional state support, including financial. And in order to enter new segments of the consumer market and attract additional customers, health resorts are forced to diversify their product.

It should be concluded that the growth of interest in health tourism is fully justified, since it is due to modern life trends affecting human health. Health tourism has its own characteristics. While maintaining the therapeutic function, the resorts offer a varied program of staying for patients. In addition to a wide range of health and wellness services, it is filled with cultural, sports and recreational activities. Within its framework, they are more flexible in determining the duration of treatment and recovery courses.

First of all, it is necessary to define the concept of balneology.

Resortology is a branch of medicine that studies the healing properties of natural factors, the mechanisms and ways of their action on the human body. Resortology includes balneology, balneotherapy and balneotechnics, the doctrine of therapeutic mud (mud therapy), resort climatology and climatotherapy (aero-helio-thalassotherapy), issues of organization, planning and construction of resorts.

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