Azerbaijan tries to create a lifebuoy for tourism

Azerbaijan tries to create a lifebuoy for tourism

Summer Tour Partners

Summer Tour is a structural division of the Super-Avia company, which has been known in the air transportation market since 1997.

The tour operator's product line includes Turkey and the UAE, but the company gives special priority to the sale of tours to Azerbaijan.

Summer Tour is a unique participant in the travel business, because it is the exclusive representative in Russia of the following companies:

  • a/c Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) - the national carrier of Azerbaijan with a young fleet of 20 Boeing and Airbus aircraft: B787, B767, B757, A340, A320, A319. The airline offers its passengers a high level of service: according to the Skytrax rating it has a 4 * category (along with Emirates and Turkish Airlines), and in 2018 Skytrax recognized AZAL as the best airline in Central Asia and India. The ticket fare includes 23 kg of main baggage and 10 kg of carry-on luggage, hot meals on board with wine and soft drinks are provided.
  • Buta Airways is the first low-cost airline in Azerbaijan. The carrier's fleet consists of 7 modern and comfortable Brazilian-made Embraer E190 airliners. In-flight meals include sandwiches and water.
  • of the Silk Way holding, which includes DMC in Azerbaijan and Turkey, a cargo airline. As well as several hotels in Azerbaijan and Turkey, in which exclusive prices and priority confirmation are guaranteed for the Summer Tour.

Flight program to Azerbaijan

Summer Tour forms packages to Azerbaijan on the basis of regular flights of AZAL and Buta Airways with guaranteed blocks of seats, which means fixed prices and no surcharges.

Air transportation to Azerbaijan is carried out from 6 cities of Russia - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Astrakhan, Ufa and Mineralnye Vody.

What tours to Azerbaijan does Summer Tour offer?

The company offers many really interesting tours, including:

Summer Tour Agency Policy: High Commissions, Educational Programs and Quiz

Modern, close, bright: we open Azerbaijan to tourists with Summer Tour

Experts have developed conditions under which the tourism sector can not suffocate in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, which also affected Azerbaijan.

BAKU, 31 Mar - Sputnik. Proposals have been developed to minimize losses and completely destroy the tourism industry in Azerbaijan. Samir Dubendi, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Azerbaijan, told Sputnik Azerbaijan that representatives of government agencies and the private sector discussed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) on the country's tourism industry.

Representatives of the Ministry of Economy, the State Agency for Tourism of Azerbaijan, the Agency for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises, and the State Employment Service took part in the discussions. They have compiled a package that includes a number of necessary and urgent measures.

It should be noted that tourism, as an industry, began to develop in Azerbaijan relatively recently. It was first hit by the global economic crisis in 2015. Then, shaking itself off, Azerbaijan set itself the task of increasing the flow of tourists to three million a year. And now, finally, in 2019, the country managed to achieve its goal, as the coronavirus pandemic unexpectedly hit world tourism.

Currently, all hotels, restaurants, recreation areas are closed in the country, hundreds of thousands of citizens involved in tourism have been left without work and income. And the proposals prepared by the experts imply the salvation of the tourism sector and the citizens employed in it.


First of all, it was decided to continue to pay salaries to employees of hotels and restaurants using funds from the state budget. At the same time, it was proposed to suspend payments to the Fund for Social Protection of the Population, as well as other mandatory payments from workers' salaries.

Credit Holidays

It was proposed to stop payments on loans to employees of travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, as well as entrepreneurs who have frozen their business for the period of quarantine.

Tax Holidays

Entrepreneurs in the tourism sector will be able to temporarily take a break from payments of simplified, income, land taxes, property tax, and value added tax.

Premises for rent

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