Active rest in the Czech Republic

Spa treatment in the Czech Republic

These are resorts for all tourists who want to protect themselves from new viral attacks and restore the body after COVID-

All resorts in the Karlovy Vary Region represent a unique combination of natural possibilities with the experience of spa medicine. For more than seven centuries, people have not only learned, but also tested the effectiveness of such natural elements as water, gas and mud. What resorts should you recommend for tourists who want to restore health or strengthen immunity after a pandemic?

All news and novelties of foreign destinations can be found at the international online exhibition for professionals of the travel industry in Russia and the CIS OTM 2020: ReStart. From June 15 to July 2, experts from tour operators, host companies, hotels and other representatives of the travel industry will share new travel products and plans for the season.

Within the framework of the OTM 2020: ReStart exhibition, experts from the National Tourism Office of the Czech Republic held online presentations:

Topic: "Czech Republic post-Covid: conditions for the further development of tourism products, new marketing strategies of the country, measures taken by the state to stimulate tourism, and the opening of the travel market for foreigners."

Moderator: Alena Kudilkova, Director of the Representative Office of the National Tourism Board of the Czech Republic - CzechTourism in Moscow.

Topic: “Royal spas of the Czech Republic: Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne, Frantiskovy Lazne, Jachymov. Karlovy Vary Region is a place of strength and health on the planet Earth ”.

Moderator: Maxim Priymak, physician - balneologist-balneologist, candidate of medical sciences, medical ambassador of the Destination agency of the Karlovy Vary region.

Subject: “St. JOSEPH ROYAL REGENT is a modern interior, a wide range of first-class services, an individual approach to guests, a location close to the springs in Karlovy Vary. "

Moderators: Marcela Štípková, sales representative of St. Joseph Royal Regent; Gergana Neumannová, sales representative of Hotel St. Joseph Royal Regent.

Topic: “A virtual tour of the“ Eiffel Tower ”of Karlovy Vary: quality treatment, panoramic views and extraordinary architecture. The drawing of accommodation in the Hotel Thermal Karlovy Vary ”.

Host: Radka Ševcová, Commercial Director of the Spa Hotel Thermal Karlovy Vary.

Spa Karlovy Vary

There are over 30 spas in the Czech Republic, where they treat with mineral waters and mud, gas springs, and a favorable climate promotes recovery. How to choose the right resort for the treatment to be effective?

Spa treatment in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is known all over the world for its resorts. Back in the XIV century, the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV became convinced of the miraculous power of the mineral springs and ordered the foundation of a city in their place - Karlovy Vary, which became the first Czech spa.

Centuries have passed, and spa treatment in the Czech Republic is still in demand. Picturesque nature, healing mild climate, ancient architecture, magnificent parks, mineral springs with different chemical composition, comfortable and modern sanatoriums offering not only a complex of medical or restorative procedures, but also relaxation.

Consultants of the online portal sanatoriums. om will help you to understand the many spas and sanatoriums in the Czech Republic. They are specialists in spa treatment and are familiar with current trends in this area. Experienced balneologists will suggest the best resort for you, book a sanatorium.

Karlovy Vary

The Karlovy Vary resort (Karlovy Vary, the German name for Karlsbad - Karlsbad) is known and loved by everyone. For compatriots, Carlsbad was discovered and introduced into fashion by Peter I, "treatment on the waters". For an ideal rest, there is everything here: pompous architecture, springs under the dome of colonnades, the sweet aroma of waffles and the sounds of a spa orchestra. In search of lost health, up to 50 thousand guests from all over the world come here every year. The resort has more than 70 hot springs of mineral water, of which only 13.

Read about the sights of Karlovy Vary here.

The water of the Karlovy Vary mineral springs has a special composition that has a beneficial effect on the human gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, people with metabolic disorders, diabetes, gout, obesity, etc., tend to get into the health institutions of this city.

The resort's doctors have developed a special treatment complex for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, arthrosis, scoliosis and osteochondrosis.

Rest in the Czech Republic is not only cultural treasures and trips to ancient castles and treatment at famous resorts. The infrastructure of active recreation is well developed here; there are many opportunities for hikers and extreme sports fans.

Lena and I love outdoor activities

Rest in the Czech Republic is not only cultural treasures and trips to ancient castles, measured walks in parks and treatment at famous resorts. The infrastructure of active recreation is well developed on the territory of the country; there are many opportunities for hikers and extreme sports fans.


There are no high mountain ranges in the Czech Republic, but climbers will find many interesting sandstone and granite rocks (in winter, athletes are hosted by indoor climbing centers, or you can go ice climbing). Climbers and explorers of underground beauty await the Labské Piskovci, Prahovské and Svatoš Rocks, rock massifs of the Moravian Region. The best climbing opportunities can be found in the protected area of ​​the Moravian Karst. There you can see the most beautiful creations of nature: sheer cliffs and abysses, caves, grottoes and underground rivers. There are more than 1,100 large and small caves on this territory, but only five of them are accessible to tourists.

Alpine skiing

The slopes of the Czech mountains attract cyclists and mushroom pickers in summer, and belong to skiers and snowboarders in winter. The most famous ski resort is the Krkonose, with its breathtaking slalom slopes and excellent equipment. Superb trails and stunning landscapes await athletes in the Šumava, Jezerské and Orlické mountains, Harrachov and Jeseník. The number of cable cars, a variety of slopes, equipped cross-country trails and ski schools is growing every year.


The most affordable, inexpensive, off-season type of active recreation is hiking. Three international routes and more than two hundred educational trails have been laid across the country (they are maintained and marked by the Czech Tourists' Club). The most enthusiastic "pedestrians" are offered year-round tours that include winter overnight stays and walking in snowshoes.


The Czech Republic, or the Czech Republic, is a Central European state bordering Poland in the north, Germany in the west, Austria in the south, and Slovakia in the east. The capital of the Czech Republic is the city of Prague, which is one big attraction in the open air. The country covers an area of ​​78 866 km², has a population of 10 610 947 people (2016). The largest cities are Prague, Brno, Plzen, Ostrava.

According to legend, the ancestors of today's Czechs, led by their leader Czech, settled on the territory of modern Czech Republic, which has been inhabited since the Stone Age. The first chronicle mentions of settlements on the Czech land date back to the end of the 9th century, when these lands were united by princes from the Přemyslid clan. In the Middle Ages, the Czech kingdom had significant influence, but the religious conflicts that arose (the Hussite wars in the 15th century and the Thirty Years' War in the 17th century) significantly weakened it. Soon the kingdom came under the rule of the Habsburgs and became part of Austria-Hungary.

After the end of the First World War and the fall of Austria-Hungary in 1918, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Subcarpathian Rus united into the independent republic of Czechoslovakia. The country was occupied by Germany in 1939. At the end of World War II, the Czech Republic found itself in the Soviet camp, which predetermined its history until 1989. On January 1, 1993, Slovakia separated from the Czech Republic, and both countries gained independence. Today's Czech Republic has been a NATO member since 1999, and has been a member of the European Union since 2004.

Czech Republic is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The country annually, regardless of the season, is visited by about 50 million people. The choice of tourist routes in the Czech Republic is so extensive that it is worthwhile to decide in advance which direction of tourism interests you at the moment, and which should be left for next visits. The most attractive are historical routes, since the country has a huge number of objects that will be of interest to fans of antiquity: castles, fortresses, castles. Some cities in the Czech Republic are included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Fans of active recreation will find something to their liking - ecotourism and alpine skiing are developed in the country. Those wishing to admire the natural beauty in the Czech Republic - a real expanse: wooded mountains, caves, lakes and waterfalls. The Czech Republic also attracts tourists in need of health improvement: there are many popular thermal spas waiting for them.

How to get there

Czech Republic and Russia are connected by many flights. So, you can fly to Brno from Moscow, and to Karlovy Vary - from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. But the most popular destination is Prague. In addition, since October 28, 2012, Transaero has launched flights on the Moscow - Pardubice route.

From the Czech capital, planes fly to Moscow (Aeroflot and Czech Airlines), St. Petersburg (Russia and Czech Airlines), Voronezh (Polet), Yekaterinburg (Uralskie airlines and Czech Airlines), Rostov-on-Don (Aeroflot-Don and Czech Airlines), Samara (Aeroflot and Czech Airlines), Novosibirsk (S7) and Tyumen (Yamal ").

The Czech sky has opened! Since October 4, 2020, the Czech Republic has become closer for travelers. Czech Airlines launches flights to Prague on Wednesdays and Sundays.

  • Flight Prague - Moscow, OK-894, departure from Prague at 12:40.
  • Flight Moscow - Prague, OK-895, departure from Moscow at 17:05.

Air tickets can be purchased on the czechairlines website. om. Please note that the entry of Russian citizens to the Czech Republic and EU countries is still limited. Make sure you meet the conditions for entering the Czech Republic.

In addition, you can go to Prague from the cities of Russia, Ukraine and Moldova by train, and even by bus. You can read more about the ways to get to the Czech capital in the section "How to get to Prague". If you are interested in water treatment, then you should see the section "How to get to Karlovy Vary".

Climate and weather in the Czech Republic

The most complete overview of the Czech spa resorts. Where to combine rest and treatment in the Czech Republic: a list of the best hotels and treatment areas.

In addition to exploring Prague and visiting medieval romantic castles, tourists go to the Czech Republic in order to improve their health. The country is very rich in various healing springs of thermal and mineral waters, thanks to which for more than one century successful and effective treatment of various diseases in the Czech Republic has been so popular among travelers.

Czech Resorts - Karlovy Vary

The most beautiful spa town in the Czech Republic - Karlovy Vary

You are hardly not familiar with this largest and most famous Czech spa resort. The beautiful and picturesque town, located at the very edge of the Slavkovský Forest, boasts a huge number of mineral springs. There are officially 132 of them here, if you count the surroundings of Karlovy Vary. For medicinal purposes, only 12 are used, with sodium bicarbonate-sulphate water. This is an ionic solution of natural origin, capable of restoring human strength and even rejuvenating the body. Sanatoriums in Kalovy Vary are traditionally in high demand throughout the year, therefore, if you wish to combine rest in the Czech Republic with treatment in a specific hospital, we recommend that you take care of booking a package in advance.

Resort profile: wide range of diseases. Sanatoriums and hotels:

Czech Resorts - Marianske Lazne

Marianske Lazne - a resort on the border with Germany

Although Marianske Lazne was founded almost 200 years ago, it is he who is the youngest healing spa in the Czech Republic. In the valley where the resort is located, over a hundred springs with mineral water come to the surface of the earth, and on the territory of the city itself there are almost forty of them. At the same time, the uniqueness of the resort lies precisely in the fact that springs with very different characteristics coexist quite closely. This in itself is a balneological rarity. The temperature of all healing springs ranges from 7 to 10 degrees. Their cold acidic water is used for drinking (up to 0.75 liters per day are prescribed for holidaymakers), medicinal baths and wraps, inhalations and irrigations. The water of Marienbad, as the resort was called earlier, will perfectly lower blood pressure, improve blood supply to the limbs and brain, heart and genitourinary system.

Resort profile: wide range of diseases. Sanatoriums and hotels:

Czech Resorts - Frantiskovy Lazne

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