Yachting in Finland: how to rent a yacht, interesting routes, tips for vacationers

Yachting in Finland: how to rent a yacht, interesting routes, tips for vacationers

Crystal clear lakes, fabulous landscapes, restrained Scandinavian architecture, unusual names for the Slavic ear. The country of a thousand lakes, the pearl of Northern Europe - Finland.

The climate of Finland is subarctic, with features of the maritime and continental.

Finland turns into a wonderful fairy tale in winter. In Lapland, snow covers the ground as early as mid-October. In the north of the country, the duration of the polar night is about two months - until mid-January.

In summer, the southern and western coasts of the country become attractive for beach lovers. True, in June the water in lakes and rivers does not have time to warm up enough.

But this time will be appreciated by lovers of refreshing air baths on the shores of a picturesque Finnish lake. The peak of "heat" (above 22 ° C) falls in Finland in July.

Beach Vacation

If in winter ski resorts hold the palm in the tourism business in Finland, in summer the sympathies of vacationers mainly belong to lake and river beaches.

Water, iridescent with all shades of ultramarine, fresh air, gentle northern sun make the rest on Finnish beaches truly healing.

The shores of Finland's lakes such as Kuopio and Kallavesi are home to excellent villas, apartments and spa hotels. Here you can order baths with essential oils and medicinal herbs.

To services of tourists - more than 20 well-groomed public beaches, accessible tennis courts, rental of bicycles and sports equipment.

The land of a thousand lakes; pearl of Europe

This is a water-hiking trip, the total length of the water part of the route is 125 km, the walking part is 85 km (optional), all pedestrian exits are circular, we will walk light.

To participate in the hike, you will need a valid passport, a valid Schengen visa and insurance.

The hike takes place on 3-seater kayaks Khatanga-3 sport, which we will use as double kayaks. Third place for things.

This is an autonomous hike without a car or an escort boat; we transport all equipment and products in kayaks.

There will be no opportunity to recharge equipment from a 220 volt network.

We organize the camp in wild and equipped camps, we live in tents.

We cook food on bonfires and burners. All the participants of the hike are involved in cooking and hiking.

The autonomy and length of the hike can be difficult for participants without experience, but all people with normal physical condition will easily cope with it.

Please carefully study the list of equipment and bring everything you need with you.

Please note that a reconnaissance hike will take place within the specified timeframe: instructors conducted hikes in this region, but for the first time they will be on this route. Changes in the program are possible!

Lemmenjoki is one of the largest uninhabited areas in Europe and the largest national park in Finland. The majestic river, rapids, cliffs, waterfalls, mountain tundra and age-old pine forests attract people with a wide variety of interests. We will travel through the endless expanses of the park in both wild and developed places, visit real gold mines and find ourselves practically in the times of the "gold rush". Then we will go kayaking along the Lemmenjoki and Juutuanjoki rivers, go to Lake Inari and get to know its magnificent islands, rocky shores and sights.

The 2020 exploration hike is planned for the most colorful time in these parts, when the tundra and hills are colored with bright autumn clothes.

Crystal clear lakes, fabulous landscapes, restrained Scandinavian architecture, names unusual for the Slavic ear. The country of a thousand lakes, the pearl of Northern Europe - Finland.

Yachting in Finland is considered, if not a national sport, then family entertainment unambiguously. You can come to Finland on a yacht even from Russia, if you get permission to cross the Gulf of Finland. The coastline is long, on the territory of the Finnish state there are many berths and yacht marinas. If a person does not have his own yacht, he can rent it or ride with an instructor.

You can rent a yacht in any coastal city, you just need to find a "green" zone. There you can not only take a boat trip, but also rent a house on the Baltic Sea coast. The season starts already in June, but this month the Finnish coast is often attacked by winds, so experienced tourists are advised to come to the Gulf of Finland in July.

Nature Climate

The climate in Finland is harsh, and nature amazes with its virgin beauty and grandeur. It is unlikely that in any other country you can find so many wild islands, countless rivers and lakes, many of which do not even have a name. The Finnish skerries on the Åland Islands are considered the most popular among holidaymakers.

In one day, if you move along the sea on a ship, you can visit several islands, including wild ones, on which, apart from animals, not a single soul lives. Lighthouses wink at sailors, which are located along the entire length of the coastline and help during a storm. You can go fishing from the yacht if the sea is calm or swim in the open sea if a person is not afraid of the Baltic coolness.

If you are going to take boat trips, even in summer it is worth taking warm clothes with you. They are also useful for hiking in mountain gorges or when visiting ski resorts. Clothes and equipment can also be purchased in Finland. Even on the coast there are many specialized shops where you can buy equipment for mountain hikes, yachting and fishing.

Yacht infrastructure

The Finnish yachting culture is very developed in this northern country, despite the harsh climate, few people know that the Finns are famous not only for their ski resorts, but also for yacht clubs, where you can always take a yacht and rent and surf sea. Sailing on a yacht is a common family leisure and a striking distinction of the nation. People who have tamed reindeer and can contemplate the northern lights at any time often travel on water.

Renting a yacht in Finland is easy. Yacht marinas are located along the entire coast. There you can also take a shower, visit a sauna, go fishing or meet hunters. Despite the fact that yachting is a very common sport, there are few of them on the coast, which the Finns consider an absolute plus.

Tourists are advised to visit not only the Aland Islands, but also the coastal city of Turku, which is considered one of the oldest settlements in the Finnish land. From this city you can go to any Finnish island or stay in a yacht marina, of which there are more than 240 units on the coast of Turku.

Finland ... The country of magnificent dense forests, national parks with pristine nature, tens of thousands of islands and hundreds of thousands of lakes with the purest water. An area with a population density of only sixteen people per square kilometer.

A state that has recognized the right to access the Internet as an inalienable right of every person. The country where the Angry Birds series of computer games were developed and Nokia was founded. The birthplace of heavy metal rock bands and fairy-tale characters called the Moomins. World leader in per capita coffee consumption. Recognized expert in strange sporting events such as the Wife Carrying World Championship, air guitar, and rubber boot throwing.

The official name of the state is the Republic of Finland, and residents call it Suomi. Every year Finland is included in the list of the most prosperous, developed and safest countries in the world, and its inhabitants are recognized as the happiest nation in the world. And this, by the way, in a country where snow lies for 5 or even 7 months a year, and in the north of Suomi in winter the sun does not rise above the horizon! What is Finland's secret? What attracts tourists here from all over Europe, if not from all over the world, and also makes the locals the happiest? Our guide to Finland will answer all your questions.

And how can you not be happy, having the opportunity to observe the brightest and most beautiful natural phenomenon - the northern lights? Finnish Lapland is one of the best places in the world to watch the Aurora Borealis.

Imagine how much pleasure children (and certainly adults!) will get if the traditional sending of a letter to Santa Claus is replaced with a personal visit? Yes, the real Santa lives in Finland, in a fabulous residence near the town of Rovaniemi. And in "Santa Park" you will definitely be taught how to cook Christmas gingerbread, will introduce you to elves and reindeer.

In Lapland you can see the Snow Castle and also live in a glass igloo.

The persistent snow cover makes Finland one of the worthy skiing destinations.

And in summer you can enjoy the amazing beauty of nature, walk along the cozy streets of Finnish cities or go fishing.

And, of course, the world-famous Finnish saunas will raise the level of happiness at any time. Their number is simply amazing: with a population of just over 5 million, Finland has 3 million saunas!

How to get to Finland

Tourism in Finland is developed and is at a decent level by high European standards. Virgin nature, countless rivers and lakes, as well as 75 ski resorts will satisfy the needs of any tourist. National parks will give a lot of impressions for both children and adults. Museums will plunge headlong into the art and history of this country.

Fishing in Finland is a distinctive feature of this country. Another state can hardly boast of such entertainment. In principle, like a real sauna.

Check out the list of things to see in Finland besides ancient castles and museums:

Note! Finland is a small country and, if you wish, a vacation is enough to visit the most interesting places. The social survey showed that it is better to visit this country by your own car.

Holidays in Finland in the summer can be spent on the beach. Beautiful places and clear sea will be a pleasant surprise when comparing Finnish beach holidays with Russia. To do this, visit the following places:

  • Aland Islands;
  • Lappeenranta;
  • Pori.

The swimming season opens in June and closes in September, basically the same as in Russia, but don't expect water to be here like fresh milk.

Even on the hottest days, the water in Finland is cool, from 15 to 20 degrees, not higher. The coasts with the warmest waters are Imatra and Lahti.

Nature in Finland is truly picturesque. If you don't have ski equipment when visiting this country, it doesn't matter. Throughout the country, there are a lot of sports shops selling all the paraphernalia of excellent quality and at an affordable price. The best places with numerous ski slopes are in the following locations:

  • Kuopio;
  • KuusamoRuka;
  • Tahko;
  • Hasa;
  • Ellivuori.

Remember that reservations at resorts begin at least six months in advance. Therefore, if you want to visit the resort, take care of it in advance.

In a Finnish country, the winter season is very long and starts in November.

Finland: winter holidays

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