Winter in Adygea: top-10 places where we recommend to visit

Base equipment for water tourists

In recent years, more and more people choose sports recreation. Kayaking trips, rafting on the rapids on catamarans, rafting. Such a vacation is gaining popularity, because the inventory for it is becoming cheaper and more accessible to a wide range of consumers.

What is required to organize a catamaran or kayak trip or hike?

We need not only the boats themselves - we need a convenient berth. After all, modern tourists are waiting for comfortable conditions for their vacation. If you are the owner of a boat station, yacht club or just a comfortable approach to the water - our advice for you!

Often, organizers of water trips have the necessary equipment and boats. But beyond that, they must provide:

  • storage space for boats and equipment;
  • a place for assembling boats and catamarans;
  • the possibility of convenient launching;
  • the possibility of convenient embarkation and disembarkation of tourists.

Therefore, building a comfortable pier is the next thing to do after purchasing the inventory.

How to properly and safely place a berth

The pontoon berth can be located along the coast, forming an embankment, or perpendicular to the coast, going into the center of the reservoir. How you position your dock depends on several factors:

  • How many ships should be placed along it. The location along the coast is less favorable, ships can only be moored on one side.
  • Features of the coastal zone. If the bottom near the shore is muddy, shallow, overgrown with reeds, it is more convenient to build a pier perpendicular to the shore.
  • Strong current. In this case, it is not recommended to build a pier oriented to the middle of the reservoir - it can be carried away by the current.

How to build a quay that meets these requirements?

The most convenient way to organize a pier for kayaks and catamarans is to use pontoons. Pontoon is a floating platform of various dimensions and carrying capacity, depending on its purpose.

Pontoons have many advantages for use at small boat yards, boat and sports clubs, camp sites:

  • the pontoon is stable on the water, it is safe for even several people to be on it at the same time;
  • the pontoon is easily and firmly attached to the shore, positioned on the water;
  • the pontoon has a low freeboard, and it is convenient to board a kayak, catamaran or other boat from it;
  • several pontoons are easy to connect and assemble a berth of the desired shape.

In the article I will tell you where to go to Adygea in winter, what to see and where you can comfortably and inexpensively stay for the night. The list is small, but in it we have collected the most interesting, in our opinion, places of winter Adygea. Some attractions with an entrance ticket, and some are free. Each place will be supplemented with photos and GPS coordinates. So let's go!

Sights of winter Adygea

Rufabgo Falls

Waterfalls and Rufabgo gorge is one of the most popular places in Adygea. And the route along the gorge is quite easy and suitable for walking with children. There are several waterfalls, a marked path leads to the first 4, and the path to the rest is more difficult. There are 16 waterfalls in total and it will take almost a whole day to pass them all.

In general, the gorge is very picturesque even in winter: steep slopes, stone terraces, frozen waterfalls and grottoes. And the height of the steep rocky passages here is up to 150 meters. In addition to stone labyrinths and waterfalls, you can also see historical objects here - a zindan (underground prison) of a medieval fortress, an ancient altar and menhirs.

If you have other trips/excursions planned for this day, we recommend walking along the paid pedestrian bridge (gps coordinates are just below). Then you will immediately go to the first “Shum” waterfall. In 2020, the cost for an adult is 500 rubles, for children from 5 to 14 years old - 200 rubles. Well, for kids under 5 years old, admission is free. Well, that is, you only pay for the passage over the bridge, and then walk at least all day ? ... The ticket office is right here by the bridge, there is a parking lot.

There is also a free trail to the waterfalls, it starts from the Khadzhokh gorge in the village of Kamennomostsky, the coordinates of the starting point of the trail will also be left below. The route is very picturesque - through the forests, along the Belaya River along the gorge. As I said above, the trail is equipped and marked, so don't get lost ? ... To go to the first waterfall a little more than 2 kilometers, and in time it will take from 40 minutes.

GPS coordinates (bridge): 44.69966, 40.88009 GPS coordinates (free trail start): 44.85565, 40.74741.

Kurdzhips tract

It is better to start the route from the village of Mezmay. To begin with, you can go to the Zhelob gorge and climb to the observation point - from here there are beautiful panoramas on the Lago-Naki plateau and rock faults up to 100 meters high!

It's also great to walk in snowshoes here in winter. Can you imagine how great it is to walk through the snow-covered and wild forest above the gorge and get to wild places where there is no one? ?

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