Wind, wind, you are mighty ...

Water tourism wind

On a hike, especially on a water trip, wet matches can be a serious problem. Of course, you can use a gas lighter, magnesium flint or something else. But matches, it seems to me, will still exist for a long time and will be used in campaigns. Therefore, today we will figure out how to make waterproof matches.

How to make a spirit lamp

In recent years, with the development of the popularity of tourism and survival, a lot of different designs of homemade spirit lamps have appeared. In this article, I, of course, will not describe them all and disassemble how they differ. Instead, I will tell you in detail how to make a spirit lamp with your own hands from an aerosol can. This is one of the most efficient and simplest constructs in my opinion.

Syringe Filter Cartridge

Continuing the topic of water filters on a hike. Came up with a small, compact device that can make it easier to make a filter in the field from a plastic bottle.

How to make a water filter for a hike

Sometimes there are situations in the campaign when there is very little drinking water left, but there is a river nearby or some other body of water from which you can replenish water supplies. Of course, such water must first be cleaned of impurities and, if you do not have a travel filter, then you need to make it from improvised means.

Improving the hiking spoon

In my video, you can often see a spoon with a slot in the handle, and many people ask why this slot is. Since I have been using this improved spoon for a long time and successfully, I decided to talk about it in this short note.

How to make a folding Izhevsk rug

Rest in Volgograd: Excursions to memorable places, fishing and hot summer

The basics of yachting and sailing certainly include knowledge of sailing yacht courses and the direction of the wind relative to the vessel. From these two factors depend on the course of the yacht, its speed and safety of the crew Today we will tell you in simple words about sailing yacht courses and wind directions.

True and apparent (pennant) wind

First, let's look at concepts such as true and apparent wind.

The true wind is the one that we feel when we stand at one point, and which the surrounding objects indicate to us, as smoke, a "witch" on a sail or mast, tops of trees, flags, and so on ... When the weather forecast speaks about the strength and speed of the wind, it is about the true wind.

Apparent wind, on the contrary, is a purely subjective phenomenon, and this is what the yacht uses when moving. Air movement relative to a moving object, i.e. wind measured from the side of a moving vessel and resulting from the addition of the true wind and the so-called heading wind that occurs when the vessel is moving. This explains the apparent wind in textbooks. Let's take a look at this phenomenon in order to finally understand its essence.

Coming out of the bay, the yacht goes against the wind - on a sharp course. She meets the wind almost in the nose, and it seems to us that it is blowing strong enough. But then the yacht tails off and starts moving downwind - full heading (the angle to the wind is more than 90 degrees). Now you get the feeling that the wind has died down. But nothing of the kind happened, just the speed and direction of the wind and the yachts developed and one compensates for the other. This is the apparent wind - the wind that the yacht uses, and which you feel, and not the one that actually blows.

In sailing terminology, such a wind is called "pennant". The yachtsman on the boat always deals with the apparent wind, and it is to its direction that he sets the sails. The pennant wind is a little sharper.

As soon as the yacht stops without movement, the wind becomes true, its direction and strength will correspond to the weather forecast.

Just complicated:

  • on acute courses the apparent wind speed exceeds the true wind speed;

on full courses, apparent wind speed becomes less than true;

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