Where to go to rest in Kazakhstan? Routes and prices

Rest in Kazakhstan: when is it better to go, where to relax and what to see

Rest in Kazakhstan on the Caspian Sea has many advantages, which is why it has become more and more popular in recent years. The beaches of the Caspian Sea are not filled with crowds of tourists, the prices for vacations and accommodation are about 30% lower than those of the popular resorts of the country, the water in the sea in the middle of summer can warm up to +27 degrees, precipitation is rare, especially in summer, and the warm period begins with May and continues until September. After weighing the pros and cons and finding that there are plenty of benefits of rest in Kazakhstan, it is important to choose the most suitable vacation spot that will suit your preferences.

Borovoe - the pearl of Burabay National Park

The national park has concentrated a huge number of majestic natural treasures - 14 lakes, curative mud, the majestic mountain peak of Kokushetau and the Caspian Sea. The territory of several countries and cities of Asia and Europe - Krasnovodsk, Iran and Turkmenistan - adjoins the huge salt lake.

From Mount Kokushetau, the picturesque village of Borovoe, is located 95 km.

If you arrived in Aktau or Atyrau, then you can get to the village by train or highway.

Borovoe provides housing options for different budgets, and the vacation time here begins in May and lasts until September. At the beginning and at the end of the season, the climate is milder, since in the middle of summer the thermometer can reach +40.

Alakol - rainbow lake

If you arrive at the lake in the morning, you will see a picturesque picture filled with the juicy turquoise flowers of the fresh waters of Alakol.

If you decide to go home at lunchtime to wait out the heat or relax in the shade, and return only in the evening - do not be surprised if the water in the lake changes its color to purple or violet. This is the peculiarity of the unique lake with healing waters.

The fact is that the benefits of fresh lake water and its therapeutic effect were established by scientists and doctors back in the Soviet Union. A health center was opened here - a hospital specializing in treatment with radon baths, mud and mineral waters. In addition to living in a hospital, you can find accommodation in tourist centers. Cars and buses go to the lake.

Lake Balkhash

Another wonderful place at the foot of the Bektau-ata mountain range is Lake Balkhash. The composition of the water in the lake made it possible to determine that here it has both fresh and salty composition, which makes it unique in its kind.

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Daily program


Meeting at the airport or hostel. Time in Almaty +3 hours to Moscow time. To have time to explore the main attractions of this beautiful city with instructors, you need to arrive in the morning. You can arrive a day earlier.

We are accommodated in 4-6 bed rooms of the hostel.

After a short rest, we leave with instructors to the Big Almaty Lake. The surface of the lake is transparent and smooth, the height here is more than 2500 meters above sea level, and the majestic mountains of the Tien Shan are spread around.

There will be time to relax, take a walk around the Lake, get to know the team of participants. We will admire how the surface of the lake changes its color in an amazing way under the rays of the sun. The water is clean!

After walking around and taking great photos, we go to a cafe for dinner, then to the hostel.

In the evening, you can also walk around Almaty, the southern capital of Kazakhstan. This is a very friendly city, here you feel completely comfortable even at late hours.


We will have breakfast in a cafe next to the hostel. There is no need to collect things, in the evening we will return to the same hostel.

Today we have an excursion program - we are walking around the city. Almaty is considered the most party and entertaining city in Kazakhstan!

After walking around and capturing the most interesting sights in the memory and in the photo, you can, if you wish, visit the famous baths "Arasan". Russian bath, Finnish sauna and Turkish hammam, as well as a pool with crystal clear water from an artesian well.

Optional. If you wish, you can go to the village of Zhandosov (10 km from Almaty), to the small homeland of President Nazarbayev, to fly on a paraglider. The cost of a flight with a pilot is 3000 rubles. From a height of 1500 meters, a picturesque view of the mountains, meadows and meadows opens up. This is a really powerful experience.

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An overview of beach activities, attractions and healing spots, as well as advice from experts in the tourism industry

The coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed tourism around the world. According to the International Tourism Organization, global tourism revenues will fall by about 80% due to the coronavirus in 2020. The head of the Kazakhstan Tourism Association, Rashida Shaikenova, said that outbound tourism will rise in price this year, and the loss of tourism in Kazakhstan has reached 100% due to the restrictions imposed.

At the same time, experts predict the growth of domestic tourism. In the review informburo. z - various options for touring Kazakhstan, including beach vacations, visits to museums and shrines, medical tourism.

Alakol, Balkhash, Kapchagay, the Caspian Sea and Burabay are traditionally popular destinations for summer holidays. The costs of a week's vacation in these places include not only transport costs, but also accommodation, meals, and minor expenses.

Alakol: thousand tenge per week of rest

Lake Alakol is located on the border of Almaty and East Kazakhstan regions. The warmest water in Alakol is at the end of July. The hottest period is considered to be in July, so experts advise to go there in August that does not tolerate the heat. The beach is rocky, pebbles.

You can get to Alakol by train:

  • Nur-Sultan - Zhalanashkol - Nur-Sultan, 18,000 tenge;
  • Almaty - Zhalanashkol - Almaty, 10,000 tenge;
  • Shymkent - Zhalanashkol - Shymkent, 20,000 tenge.

Transfer from the Zhalanashkol railway station by taxi to the coastal boarding house will cost 10,000 tenge for the entire cabin. You can get from the station by buses for 1.5-2 thousand tenge per person by prior reservation through the manager of the hotel or boarding house.

You can also get to Alakol by plane:

  • Nur-Sultan - Usharal - Nur-Sultan, 32,000 tenge;
  • Almaty - Urjar - Almaty, 31,000 tenge;
  • Shymkent - Almaty - Urjar - Almaty - Shymkent, 50,000 tenge.

In July, the average cost of a 2-bed boarding house is estimated at 15,000 tenge per day. Breakfast is usually included in this amount. Many boarding houses have Russian baths, water activities, mud baths, herbal treatments.

According to Nelly Zabakova, the manager of the "Aquarid Tour" travel agency, Kazakhstanis choose Alakol primarily because of the healing properties of the lake, as well as its convenient location.

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Resorts of Kazakhstan: top of the best

Despite its location inside the continent and lack of access to the seas (not counting the inland Caspian), Kazakhstan has a large number of places for recreation, moreover, most of Kazakhstan's resorts can be called not only climatic, but also beach. True, these beaches are not located on the sea coast, but along the shores of numerous lakes. In our selection, we have cited the largest and most famous resort areas in Kazakhstan, one way or another related to water recreation.

Our list includes both large fresh and salt water bodies, as well as very small mountain lakes, as well as one inland sea - the Caspian Sea. All these resort places have more or less developed infrastructure, but so far none of them has become a world resort. However, if you love the unique Central Asian nature, mountain and lake oases and a welcoming oriental atmosphere, then the resorts of Kazakhstan can become an excellent alternative to seaside recreation.

Lake Alakol, East Kazakhstan

Alakol is a salt lake located in East Kazakhstan, has mineral springs, and therefore is considered curative. The main resorts of the area are Kakanbay (tourist beach destination) and Barlyk-Arasan (balneological direction). Alakol is located in the semi-desert zone, so typical for most of Kazakhstan. Alakol, as well as the vast majority of water bodies in Kazakhstan, has a drainless nature, and therefore is well mineralized and can be used for medicinal purposes.

However, despite its properties, the lake is not considered "dead", a large number of different species of fish are found here, and the flora and fauna are well developed in the coastal zone. The thing is that the lake is moderately salty and does not apply to bitter-salty water bodies. In the recreation areas on the lake there are various boarding houses, sanatoriums and tourist centers, so rest on Alakol is not a "wild" beach holiday. However, transportation problems pose a certain difficulty. If you are not traveling to the resort by your own transport, then the trip by public transport can take quite a long time (9-10 hours from Almaty by bus) or about 15-16 hours by train, which runs only in the "high" season (from June to September).

Climatic resort Bayanaul, Pavlodar region

Bayanaul National Park was formed on the territory of Kazakhstan in the north-eastern part of it back in the 80s, thus, stay in Bayanaul is not limited to purely beach holidays, the place is famous for its lakes, mountains and unique nature , which were combined into a national park.

The vicinity of Bayanaul is considered a climatic resort area, since the combination of the proximity of the Bayanaul mountains with lakes and vast coniferous forests makes the air extremely healing and healthy. On the territory of the park there are tourist centers, sanatoriums and rest houses; by local standards, the infrastructure is considered to be quite developed. The mountain-forest complex of Bayanaul is represented by the Bayanaul mountains, lakes Zhasybai, Sabyndykol and Toraigyr, caves, grottoes, waterfalls and sheer rocky gorges. While resting in Bayanaul, you can try not only a traditional beach holiday, but also all the possibilities of hiking and even rock climbing.

Kazakhstan is a sovereign Republic, the beautiful heart of Central Asia. A beautiful, picturesque and prosperous country. My Motherland is my Kazakhstan.


Kazakhstan is the heart of Central Asia, a prosperous and prosperous Republic, which has pulled out far ahead among its neighbors, thanks to the stable internal political situation, the adequacy of the population, and of course natural resources. Well, where without them))))

Kazakhstan has long attracted travelers with ethnic, educational, entertainment, ecological and other types of tourism. Guests are offered a wide range of routes to travel around the country. Everyone has the opportunity to visit such beautiful ancient cities as Sairam, Suzak, Turkestan, Otrar, Sauran and Sygnak.

Kazakhs are very hospitable and helpful people. They will be sincerely glad even uninvited guests. Parents instill in their children respect for their elders from an early age. Among human qualities, Kazakhs emphasize peacefulness and tolerance towards others. The main feature of the country is that it has never had interethnic, religious and political conflicts, which is attractive for tourists from different parts of the world, and which has become the foundation on which the country's well-being is based.

Kazakhstan on the world map

Our republic occupies a very favorable location relative to its neighbors.

Kazakhstan is located in the very center of Asia and borders with countries such as Russia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Uzbekistan. The territory of the republic is 2.7 million square kilometers. In the west, it is washed by the waters of the Caspian Sea.

About 17 million people live in Kazakhstan (as of 2013). The population of the country has a multi-ethnic composition, which consists of 63% of Kazakhs. The remaining 37% of the population consists of Uighurs, Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Germans and many other nationalities. The state language in the country is Kazakh. The Russian language is the language of international communication.

Flag of Kazakhstan

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