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Astrakhan region is a truly unique place for fishing. Here, in the Volga delta, an amazing nature with a rich flora and fauna has been formed. The abundance of fish in this part of the great river makes this area very popular with anglers. Fishing in the Volga Delta will not leave indifferent any lover of this type of recreation.

The chances of a rich catch are always great, and especially in the spring and from July to October. The fish here really seems to be asking for a hook, so success can be expected not only for professionals, but also for novice anglers.

If you are going to visit the Volga Delta from July to September, you will witness the most beautiful natural phenomenon - the flowering of the lotus, one of the brightest plants on the Astrakhan land. Its thickets cover an area of ​​5 thousand hectares.

How to get there

Getting to Astrakhan from anywhere in Russia will not be difficult - trains run here regularly. For example, from Moscow - 6 times a day, travel time averages 28 hours, a ticket will cost from 2200 to 5600 RUB depending on the class of the carriage. If you want to get there with maximum comfort, use the services of the Lotus branded train. The advantage of traveling by train is that you can take as much gear and other luggage as possible. Prices on the page are for November 2019

And if there is no baggage as such, you can fly by one of the airlines: Aeroflot, S7, Pobeda, UTair. The flight time will be no more than 2.5 hours.

Next is the road to one of the fishing bases. There will be no problems with this - you can get to any base by bus.

Fishing bases of Astrakhan

There are a lot of fishing bases near Astrakhan. You can choose according to the price, accommodation conditions, as well as the proposed places and types of fishing. Most of the bases offer several options for accommodation: separate houses with amenities or rooms in small hotels of different classes.

All bases have created not only excellent conditions for fishing, but also for a pleasant stay - bars, restaurants, billiards, baths and saunas are at your service. Beaches and water attractions will add pleasure to your summer vacation, and by renting a barbecue, you can organize a picnic with a barbecue. Sports fans should choose bases with sports grounds (for football, volleyball, table tennis tables).

Accommodation prices are very diverse and are provided to guests by contacting the base directly. There are fishing bases both with quite low prices and high-class ones, where you will have to pay more for the rest.

You can go fishing in the Volga delta at any time of the year. The duration of the tour is usually at least 4 days. It is proposed to try your luck not only on the Volga itself, but also on the most fish channels - Beluga, Kirovsky and Nikitinsky banks, the Kizani river and in the rolling part of the Volga.

Fish Variety

Fishing in Astrakhan

Astrakhan is a paradise for a real fisherman - this will be confirmed by every fisherman who has visited these places at least once, chose exactly "their" points, "their" types of fish. The latter are represented here by many - carp, catfish, pike, bream, roach, asp, rudd. Large fish are especially good at hooks in the second half of spring (April-May), so all fishing bases in the lower Volga are ready to host large guests by the end of March.

Fishing spots in Astrakhan

An interesting time of spring biting in the suburbs of Astrakhan. According to the fisherman's calendar, fishing in Astrakhan (mid-March) is an active bite time. The zhor continues almost until the end of May. This period boasts trophy specimens of perch, pike, pike perch, catfish. Pike perch should be looked for where the waters are with strong currents; the habitat of perch and pike is calm rivers. In spring, pike perch can be caught weighing almost 6 kilograms.

When the water temperature rises rapidly, the ice begins to melt, so fishing becomes dangerous and comes to an end. Warming begins at the end of May, the water temperature reaches +10 degrees Celsius.

It is important to remember that after 20.4 two months there is a fishing restriction. It is permitted on the RPU (fishing grounds), assigned to a certain base of the main channel, as well as the territory of settlements. Tackle used: spinning rods, bottom, float rods.

The middle of spring shows a special meal of large fish. Astrakhan recreation centers are overflowing with fishermen. Therefore, it is better to immediately book a hotel room for yourself.

During the first days of April, zander biting continues, although the depth of its habitat reaches 7 meters. The pike perch is active all daylight hours, and during the day it is best. In mid-April, the Volga delta is filled with large sea pike perch. Here begins the time of 7 kg trophy fish.

Catfish fishing in spring in Astrakhan is the most productive. April is his exit from the pits. You can catch it with rolls of shallow depth, but the size of the catfish will be less than 8 kilograms.

When the water temperature rises, the asp begins to actively peck. You should look for it near the coastal bushes, snags. The weight of a trophy specimen can reach 8 kilograms, sometimes more.

Spring spinning fishing in Astrakhan will delight you with excellent pike and perch. They are so hungry that they just pull out the spoon.

Fishing in Astrakhan: how to get to Astrakhan, where to fish and what fishing bases exist in Astrakhan.

Astrakhan is a picturesque southern city with a long history and intertwining cultures. Many people associate the city on the Volga and the Caspian with watermelons and fish. But Astrakhan is remarkable not only for its gastronomy - the city has preserved historical buildings of past centuries and traces of many peoples who lived here in different centuries. The history of the city is associated with many creative personalities and political leaders: with the poet Velimir Khlebnikov and the artist Boris Kustodiev, the Cossack Stepan Razin and the family of Vladimir Lenin.

Despite its rich culture and mixture of nationalities, Astrakhan is a very calm and measured city. Astrakhan with a mild climate and picturesque river landscapes is ideal for leisurely walks around the city. It is unrealistic to see Astrakhan in 1 day, as the city is quite vast. But, having planned the route in advance, you will have time to see the main tourist attractions.

What to see this day

Astrakhan is most often visited as part of cruises on the Volga. Usually, tourists have only a few hours to get acquainted with the sights of the city. It is convenient to start a walking tour from the White City area - the historical heart of Astrakhan.

Annunciation Convent

You can start a walk around the White City from the Annunciation Monastery, which is located at the intersection of Sovetskaya and Kalinina Streets. The holy monastery was founded in the 17th century. But most of the buildings were destroyed by fire at the end of the 19th century, and then new churches and the bell tower were dismantled by order of the Soviet authorities. Restoration work began only in 2008. Now on the territory of 1.5 hectares, bounded by white brick walls with towers, there are two temples and two chapels. Also, a veneration cross was installed near the monastery walls in honor of Cyril and Methodius.

Sovetskaya Street

The oldest district of the city is a concentration of stone buildings of the 19th and early 20th centuries. It is convenient to admire the historical buildings, moving along Sovetskaya Street towards the Kremlin. You will pass by such remarkable buildings as: Gellert Hospital, Mariinsky Gymnasium, Drama Theater, Karyagin House, Provincial Administration, Bagirov House, Agababov School, Governor General's House.

Fraternal Garden

Along Sovetskaya Street you will come to Bratsk Garden. Previously, it was the main square of the city, then it was called Torgovaya. In pre-revolutionary times, the secular society of Astrakhan gathered here, an orchestra played in the evenings. At that time, a monument to Alexander II was located on the square, destroyed in 1917. In 1918, the burial place of workers who died in the struggle for Soviet power was arranged on the square. On the site of the former monument to the emperor, a monument was erected in honor of the victory of the Soviets. Also buried here are the soldiers who died defending the city during the Great Patriotic War - an obelisk was erected here and the Eternal Flame was lit.

Astrakhan Kremlin

On the western side, the Brotherhood Garden of Astrakhan is bordered by the Kremlin wall. The first fortifications on this site appeared in 1562-1581. A powerful fortress was built on their foundation. The Kremlin in Astrakhan was built on the highest hill of the island, Hare Hill. Now the walls of the Astrakhan Kremlin stretch for almost 1.5 km. The height of the walls varies from 3 to 8 meters, the thickness is from 5 to 12 meters. 7 of 8 towers have survived to this day. The highest, Prechistenskaya, has a height of almost 85 meters.

Now on the territory of the Astrakhan Kremlin there are more than 20 objects of cultural and historical value. In addition to fortifications (towers and walls), these are temples and chapels, household buildings of religious and military communities. The main temple of the Astrakhan Kremlin is the Assumption Cathedral, built at the turn of the 17th-18th centuries. The building is called one of the best examples of Russian architecture (Moscow Baroque) of those times. In addition, the Assumption Cathedral in Astrakhan is the only temple complex in Russia in which the church and Execution site are connected.

There are many interesting objects and entertainment for adults and children in Astrakhan. You can go sightseeing, go to one of the entertainment centers, theaters or museums. The child can be taken to attractions, circus or zoo.


Astrakhan is one of the historical cities of Russia and a cultural center, which is significantly reflected in its main attractions:

Entertainment, cultural recreation

The cultural and entertainment program in Astrakhan is extensive. Depending on your own preferences, you can choose:

Where should I go with my child?

Taking a child in Astrakhan is easy. There are many cultural and entertainment options:

Where to go in the evening, at night?

The following objects can be chosen for evening and night rest:

  • bowling in entertainment centers Panama City, Hobby Club, Treasure Island, Dair;
  • billiards in clubs Pearl, Abricol, Classic, Focus, Billiard room, Egoist;
  • Chicago House dance club;
  • Selfie karaoke clubs, Park Kultury, Mozart, Sinatra, Gazzetta or ZaPoy;
  • Monaco nightclubs, Alen House, Galaxy , Phantom, The Lost World, Life, 6th Element, 52 Street, Hall, Provocateur.

In the evening, just take a walk around the city: the lights turn on, many sights are highlighted. Before the trip, you should study the city's poster - planned concerts, exhibitions, festivals and other events.

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Personal belay system - LSS.

A harness is an element of climbing and mountaineering equipment that an athlete puts on himself, and a rope is attached to.

The belay system serves to distribute the force when the rope is jerked due to a fall (fall) over a large area and to prevent injury to the athlete. render completely.

Usually has one or two lanyards. made of basic, dynamic rope with a cross section of at least 10 mm. They are attached to the LSS with standard knots. Their working ends are equipped with carabiners with couplings by means of the "conductor", "conductor figure eight" or "half-grapevine noose" knots.

Upper system ("chest harness")

The upper system (also called the chest harness) consists of a wide power strap that wraps around the athlete's chest and two straps that secure the system to the shoulders. One of the first variants of the chest harness is a mountaineering belt (Abalakov's belt), which could also be used as a lower system ("gazebos").

When used without a lower system, it is dangerous in case of serious breakdowns or prolonged free suspension, as it compresses the chest and can lead to suffocation. Currently, for safety reasons, the upper system is not separately used, it is used only interlocked with the lower system.

The lower system (also called the gazebo) consists of an interconnected belt and leg loops. It can be with or without leg loop adjustment. This lower system is the most popular type of fall arrest system among climbers.

Complete system (combined)

The complete system consists of a belt, leg and shoulder loops. It can be separate, that is, it can consist of a chest harness and a gazebo, interconnected by a lock.

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