What is river tourism

What is river tourism

Tours along the major rivers of the countries of the world, which are carried out on cruise ships, are gaining more and more popularity. Many people are interested in what river tourism is. The organization of such a tour is a serious event with great responsibility. The company selects a ship with a staff and a team that meets the needs of the trip. A travel route is chosen with a visit to interesting sights and a departure date is planned. Most tourists have doubts about traveling on the river. In fact, it is an interesting and enjoyable pastime with the opportunity to see many new and beautiful places.

Features of river tourism

Sea cruises are familiar to many and are very popular. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the waters and explore a number of exotic places. Such tours are chosen by fans of romantic works about pirates and sea voyages. During the voyage, the ship enters the major ports of the countries, where it is possible to visit a number of major attractions.

River cruises are no less important than sea cruises. This is a chance to enjoy the beauties of coastal towns and mesmerizing landscapes on the banks of the river. Therefore, river tours are becoming quite popular, especially during the holidays. Travel companies build the route in such a way as to visit most of the major cities located on the coastal zones of the passing hand. Sometimes the tour consists of a route along several major rivers, which means visiting more cities in the country.

River cruises along the major rivers of Russia are a chance to see all the most beautiful rivers with their magnificent landscapes and vast expanses. The cities located on the banks of the main waterways of the state are distinguished by their special charm and the presence of many historical monuments. The settlements on the banks of the rivers have a rather long and interesting history, acquaintance with which will give many new impressions and sensations.

River cruises on Russian rivers

In Russia, this is one of the most popular types of recreation. It is better to get to know St. Petersburg by traveling on a motor ship or a pleasure boat along the Neva. The river is distinguished by a large number of water channels, which offer interesting views of the usual monuments of the northern capital. This is a great opportunity to get to know the city from an unusual perspective.

In Moscow, this type of tourism has the most developed infrastructure. Tourists are invited to see the Kremlin and other sights from the water surface, which gives the excursion an unusual feeling of contemplating the most beautiful places in the capital. Here, for walks along the Moskva River, a huge variety of transport is offered, which makes acquaintance with local sights interesting and enjoyable. The organization and service are set to a high level here, so tourists can relax with comfort and true coziness.

The most popular type of river tourism is traveling along the Volga - one of the most beautiful and largest rivers in Russia. During the trip, the ship calls at the ports of Tver, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Kazan and other cities with an interesting history. Visiting local museums will allow you to get to know the city from an unusual perspective and enjoy the beauty and splendor of local attractions. A water excursion along the Volga leaves only positive emotions and impressions in the soul.

Tours on rivers of other countries

A Danube cruise is a unique opportunity to see the most beautiful cities in Europe. The river flows through the territory of some of the most ancient states, distinguished by their special architecture and splendor. This tour gives you the opportunity to visit Serbia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Romania and Germany. Countries will open up from a new perspective, which you rarely see on a regular tour.

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