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Types of cycling trips and hikers; all about cycling

X3 is a comfortable bike for cycling tourism and travel

Bicycles of this kind, and in general, are generally considered ideal for short trips. At least in Europe. However, not always. The Sdesign group has developed a bicycle for travel. This bike is called the "X3" and is tailored for long-distance travelers and to cover 80-120 kilometers a day without too much straining. The bike is made of carbon fiber and plastic, the bike is not only light and durable, but also quite compact (1020x900x2300 mm), besides, it is easy to store (and park) and also easy to maneuver in difficult road conditions. As a recumbent bike and therefore more comfortable for long journeys, the X3 Bike Travel also has ample space to carry camping gear, food preparation devices, a camping tent, and a toolbox for quick bike repairs on the road. In addition, the X3 bike is able to change its shape depending on the road conditions.

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I read on. Why does this ik work ...

: - [I am also not in the subject of how it works ...

and how to find out about the price for it?

This is a prototype, not a bicycle

This is computer graphics, you need to think about the transmission yourself ...

It can be seen that the model exists in a small size. The load on the front of the steering column is useless, you could put a glass or redo it traditionally, closer to the frame.

Mounting, I think it will rub the shock absorber mounting joint, break it.

In the summer, you want to spend time as fun, exciting as possible, to be active in your way of life. Fans of such a holiday give preference to catamarans, skis, or kayaks.

It is worth considering the types of catamarans, pedal boats, and evaluating these devices.

Varieties of water bike

There are many types of seemingly simple devices. The catamaran and aquaskiper of various sizes are also celebrated. For example, for the last product, light aluminum alloys, fiberglass, rubber are used. They are quite easy to care for. So when using the product. Constant physical activity in all variants serves as an excellent muscle training for the body.

A slightly different type of construction assembly can be distinguished. This method largely depends on the material for making the base, the individual qualities of the master. A floating, sufficiently stable structure can be made from improvised means, in particular. From plastic bottles.

The wire in motion in different mechanisms is different. Car tires are also used for such purposes. Awning threads, or wooden elements will become an alternative replacement for floats. Rowing parts differ in the use of both individual parts of the bicycle and the whole product.

A vehicle of this type will last a long period of time and leave vivid emotions from summer vacations.

Similarities and differences between a catamaran and a pedal boat

It is noted that catamarans are calculated for one person, two, intended for family holidays. The difference lies in the chain transmission mechanism, the water wing. This is one of my favorite rides.

The popular name for a water bike is a catamaran. In particular, this is not entirely true; a number of differences are highlighted.

A water bike moves at the expense of a person's own musculature, this type is more popular in use.


Cycling trips can be conventionally divided into amateur and cycling tours.

Amateur Cycling

Amateur cycling tourism includes both simple and difficult routes. It is better to go on such trips with people you know. The main problems are the similarity of characters, personal desires and financial capabilities of the participants.

There are cases when people who have gathered on a hike, having arrived at the starting point, having not found mutual understanding or having quarreled altogether, return back or, at best, split into smaller groups. If potential participants are from the same city, then it is better to ride together for a day or two as a test.

This time is, in principle, enough to understand whether future colleagues are suitable for you or not.

Many people think that the main thing in a cycling trip is sports form. But, the main problem is precisely the problem of communication. The most important thing is understanding each other and coordinated actions of the team. When someone on a cycling trip with a sports bias falls behind, it's bad. In a well-coordinated team, there is always a method for solving a problem.

Cycling difficulty category

According to their complexity, all cycling trips are divided into several categories.

-th category of difficulty

Below are the Green Cycling Tourist Code of Conduct. Why do you need to follow these rules? In order to leave as little debris and footprints as possible in nature, in order to preserve the surrounding nature in its original form, and in order to make it pleasant to relax in the same place for you or anyone else.


TOC bullets work like links


What to pack for a green trip

Ecology while driving and short stops

Respect for the environment in places of long stay

Closing the camp, bivouac

General Provisions

Here are collected the wishes we have gained on how to behave as an eco-friendly bicycle tourist, any other tourist, and just a person who went out or went to nature.

Speed ​​and efficiency

What Russian doesn't like driving fast? with the wind! The road bike provides us with this. Average 28 over a 100 km stretch is not space, but reality, even for an old man. Is the fastest way to get from point A to point B by bike. A thin gum, a rigid frame, a carbon handlebar, a seatpost - all this allows you to maximize the power of the bike to achieve high and even higher speeds. This is the essence and effectiveness of a highway bike.

You and the bike look good

It's true! No crocodile spiked mtb is as sexy as a proper highway driver. Elegance, sophistication, style, contours, lines, sekas - yes, you can write a lot of beeches about the highway.

Spin like an adult

You can't screw on the MTB. This is yes. What is there - the sharpening is great, it is to drive through the forest or along the highway with comfort and obedience for 10-50 kilometers. Not a hundred. And then, good preparation for mtb does not mean that you can easily insert, for example, the same Serge or Uncle Vova. People on the MTB usually have a mattress. People on the highway usually screw up. Road bikes are made for power and speed. Low stance, specific road bike gear ratios require only one thing:

make your opponents sweat behind your back

The pinnacle of technology and performance

Road bikes are built for speed, efficiency, performance. They are lightweight and durable. Essno this is manifested as much as possible in the upper models h0, m0, which was previously available only for professionals, today is at Max. Bicycle manufacturers are spending millions of dollars and euros to make technology from the world of big money in sports available to ordinary buyers. Swami for us.

Comfort for the whole day

Who Said Uncle Rasp? Who was laughing? In vain! The butt is not higher than the head. The ram handlebar, not only aero, it also delivers a lot of hand positions on long rides and is essential for maintaining proper posture on the bike. And then (referring to Vitaly's bike above) the trend of using 25 mm wheels (instead of the standard 23) - plus for comfort! And 26 mm delivers one huge millimeter!

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