What are the dangers to remember while relaxing by water

What are the dangers to remember while relaxing by water


As security experts say: "Safety is the absence of danger." I will try to describe and classify the hazards. Namely, those specific dangers that may be encountered in a non-category water family (mattress) kayak trip along the rivers of central Russia.

Immediately, I will note that I will not indicate the dangers and mistakes that can be made during the life and work of a person, which are understandable and familiar to all adult adequate people. Somehow the loss of tickets, phones, fights, thefts, car accidents, broken fingers, match burns and the like. I will repeat, I will dwell on those specific dangers that can lie in wait for a person during a non-categorical family water trip (rafting) along the rivers of central Russia.

I will base myself on my experience, the experience of friends, reading forums, websites, reports on trips and the literature that I managed to find. Your additions and constructive criticism are appreciated.

Let's get started. To begin with, let us single out from the entire time of the hike its initial stage - preparation for the hike.

Preparing for the hike

The main danger at this stage is the choice of an overwhelming route. What does it mean? This means that if you are going to go on a hike that does not correspond to the level of training - of yours and your comrades, then it can turn into trouble, sometimes big. Hence the conclusion - choose the route according to your strength and experience.

And further, in the choice of difficulty, they are guided not by the most experienced, but, on the contrary, by the most inexperienced. The choice of route complexity is always determined by the level of training of the weakest and most inexperienced. Here it is necessary to clarify. In our case, in a family water trip, there is a peculiarity. We do not focus on children in this matter, as the most inexperienced. Of course, this is often not the case, and in our practice there are many cases when teenagers were much more experienced in hiking than beginners adults, but still. When it comes to choosing the difficulty of the route, we focus on adults, and mainly on the experience of kayak captains. And we try to distribute inexperienced participants of the campaign into crews with experienced captains.

Forgetting the paddles for the kayak, the tent, the sleeping bag at home, and there were cases, and the kayak itself - getting out of the situation on the river will be extremely problematic, and often impossible. Of course, in a mass hike, when there are many kayaks, you can somehow shove the forgetful participants of the hike into other kayaks or tents. But even in this case, it is not always possible to do this. What can we say about a single family trip. The result is the same - returning home.

Do not take a large number of strangers into a small group of hikers. This is fraught with a variety of problems. And conflicts, and the loss of control, intercepted by an unfamiliar majority, which can destroy the entire campaign. It is better to get acquainted with them in advance, and ideally include in the group of familiar hikers, unfamiliar newcomers in small doses, which will make it possible for them to be included in an established team gradually and without "injuries", both for the team and for strangers.

Water tourism and hazards

With the onset of the bathing season and the arrival of the heat in the city, all dreams of a trip to the shores of the ocean recede into the background. During such a period, even relaxing on a city beach or a village pond seems to be the limit of all desires. Therefore, most people tend to plunge into the nearest body of water and do not pay much attention to whether it is safe or even possible to swim in it.

Usually, before the onset of the swimming season, lakes, rivers and ponds are checked by special commissions, which then pass a “verdict” on the suitability of the reservoir for use. But, frankly speaking, a lot remains unnoticed by such commissions, as a result of which a lot of vacationers are in danger.

In order not to be included in the list of these “lucky ones”, remember what “surprises” you may encounter while relaxing by the reservoir.


The most common danger while relaxing by the reservoir is various kinds of infections. Such a widespread occurrence of this problem lies in the fact that in almost all such places the water is stagnant. From this, an excess of ultraviolet radiation, hot weather and the lack of an influx of clean water are an excellent breeding ground for infections.

In case of accidental ingestion of such water into the human body through the oral cavity or open wounds, you can easily get a fungal infection, enterovirus, jaundice, leptospirosis, and other "joy".

Sharp objects

This item means the presence in the reservoir of objects hidden under water, about which you can accidentally injure yourself. For example, quite often there are small plantings, parks or forests near water bodies. As a result, there may be sharp logs, sticks with knots and driftwood in the water.

An unsuspecting person can get a laceration and go to the hospital. And if the purity of the water leaves much to be desired, then, most likely, the victim will receive infection as a "bonus". This item also includes various types of fittings.

Marine life

If you are lucky enough to have a rest on an open reservoir, somewhere on a city beach, remember that there are no less dangers there than anywhere else. Usually, jellyfish and various types of dangerous fish like to swim closer to the shore. Fortunately, such a "meeting" is unlikely to lead to a fatal outcome, but it guarantees discomfort and a bad mood.

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