Weekend itinerary: Chersky Peak

Weekend itinerary: Chersky Peak

Recreational (health) tourism: Irkutsk region

Health tourism is a unique opportunity to combine relaxation and treatment. Resort resources and recreation centers, sanatoriums, dispensaries, rest houses, everything is ready for a wonderful pastime. A centuries-old experience that has gradually accumulated in the use of local natural resources in order to form a modern health and tourism holiday. Such rest can improve health and give new activity to life. This type of recreation is developing well both in Irkutsk itself and beyond. Such sanatoriums are located on the adjacent lands to Irkutsk, where there are highly effective natural healing springs. These include Goryachinsk - located on the eastern coast of Lake Baikal. Arshan and Nilova Pustyn - in the Tunkinskaya valley. Cook is its location in Transbaikalia. If you wish, you can get acquainted with the health resort complexes of the region in the third volume of the "Economy of the Irkutsk region" chapter 40 is devoted to this material. During the period of health tourism, it is possible to simultaneously include in the program entertainment and sports events - festivals, various sports days. For lovers of solitude, you can go fishing, hunting in specially designated areas, relax in the wilderness away from the bustle of the city.

The most important thing for a person's rest is water, so you need to choose a landscape based on the availability and quality of water in the area. In the warm months of the year, a beach type of recreation is widespread in the Irkutsk region; at this time, the water warms up from 18 to 24 degrees. At this time of the year, the following places are popular: 1) The Baikal Riviera is the bays of the southern coast of the Maloye More; 2) bays of Lake Olkhon and sandy bays; 3) bays from Aya to Sarma Bay on the western coast of Lake Baikal. The sandy beaches of the Irkutsk reservoir, the valleys of the Irkut, Belaya, Lena, Kitoya, Bratsk reservoir, as well as some other rivers and lakes of the Irkutsk region are well used for summer recreation.

Nature and Cognitive Tourism

This type of nature and educational tourism is successfully developing in the regions of the Irkutsk Baikal region and the upper Lena. The territories are attractive because there are unique picturesque landscapes, there are places under special supervision, places that keep the history of the region and natural monuments, routes of various categories of complexity have been drawn up and laid. Thanks to this immense wealth of the Irkutsk region, a tourist infrastructure is being formed. One of the first in the list of entertainment and educational activities is visiting museums, local history, historical, ethnographic. Visiting them, you can learn more deeply the history of Eastern Siberia, how it originated, what difficulties the first settlers faced and how they overcame them. The culture and life of the local people will also impress its visitors. In such trips, you can go by car by rail and along the water surface.

Water travel or as they are also called - cruises. They are performed on motor ships along navigable rivers, including the Angara, Vitima, Lena and the reservoirs of Lake Baikal. If the river is not navigable, then you can take a boat or raft cruise on it. During the existence of the Soviet Union, such trips were very popular, everyone wanted to try themselves in the role of a helmsman. Today, such cruises are not inferior to a more comfortable cruise on a motor ship along the Volga, Yenisei and other large rivers of Russia. It was noted that the cruise on the water surface began to gain momentum and grow rapidly, not yielding to other means of transportation.

Sports river rafting for thrill-seekers. This type of recreation makes it especially attractive because of the high density of the river network, as well as the large slopes. The most interesting routes are rafting on mountain rivers with overcoming all kinds of obstacles, such obstacles can be canyons, rifts, rocky clamps, rifts. The routes of the rivers included in the Eastern Sayan Mountains (Gutara, Oka, Uda, Belaya, Kitoya, Oya) have gained great popularity in this area. If the tourist is a beginner, then it is better to try yourself in 2 4-day rafting, it is desirable that the rivers are not rough and the rafting takes place with stops. To do this, it is better to go along rivers such as the Irkuta. The route provided for sports recreation starts from the Anchuk rest house to Irkutsk itself. Along the river Lena, starting rafting from its upper reaches. But the rivers Onot, Urik, Biy-Khem are not for beginners, they have rugged and impassable rapids, many kilometers of low-water rifts, with their pitfalls and fast currents on such rivers, rafting should be done with extreme caution. Some rivers have special caution routes. Such routes are provided only for extreme tourists. However, such difficult routes attract not only professionals, but also amateurs of water extreme; these are routes of the highest sixth category of difficulty. For amateurs, such transitions sometimes turn out to be too difficult. For example, it is very difficult to conquer the Kitoy River with its sixth category without much training. The most difficult section, 16 km long, is conquered by one of ten crews. On their way there are rapids-waterfalls, this path is also called obstacle "No. 47", this is a truly difficult, dangerous and at the same time attractive for its speed, beauty and uniqueness of the site. It is located in the Motkin Cheeks area.

Automobile travel is one of the types that is available to more people who want to feel the "taste" of wildlife. By car, you can reach almost all the interesting geographical, cultural and historical sites of the region. This is the easiest and most exciting type of vacation, considering the fact that many branched roads make the trip unforgettable. Recently, everyone who wants to buy a car wants to go on a trip on it. This emphasizes the detail that the people have become richer with a certain wealth. From 18% to 22% of Irkutsk residents make car runs, and this figure does not stand still, it changes every time. Autotourism has almost supplanted those who like wild recreation, walking with tents and backpacks, overcoming unthinkable distances on foot. Thanks to the car, young families and families with children can independently choose their travel route, independently arrange parking for themselves for rest and overnight, covering long distances and at the same time visiting the desired places. Another advantage of the autotourist is that he can take more supplies of food and equipment, and the car serves as a home on wheels, which means that you do not need to take a tent, the car is better protected from wind, rain, cold and other bad weather. The most popular routes for autotourists are trips to Lake Baikal, especially to Lake Maloe More, the Tunkinskaya valley, the continuation of the Baikal depression Arshan, Nilova Pustyn 'and Zhemchug. With the emergence of new tourist sites and routes, it becomes possible to form other auto - tourist infrastructures. New cozy cafes and canteens begin to open, comfortable motels, hotels, etc. are being built along the highway.

Rail travel is one of the exciting and educational tours. Due to the fact that Irkutsk itself is located on the famous Trans-Siberian railway, these tours can be connected with each other both around the country and including in the tour such foreign countries as Mongolia, Korea, China and some European countries. Traveling on such roads was especially popular in the pre-revolutionary period, when the “oriental express trains” ran along the Trans-Siberian Railway, these were high-speed trains. This route connected Europe with China and passed through Siberia. Such trains were specially equipped for such trips, they had comfortable rest cars, restaurant cars, library cars, shower cars, game cars, and so on.

On the territory of the Irkutsk region, you can travel by train along Lake Baikal. This journey will take place along the old section of the Circum-Baikal Railway. By the way, the first in Russia museum of railway construction of the beginning of the XX century begins to be created here. Traveling along the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM) can be fascinating; on the way, the Severomuisky tunnel is the longest in the country. On weekends and holidays, you can make excursions outside the city; for convenience and comfort, high-speed trains are endowed with everything you need for a good pastime. Popular routes for such a vacation are Irkutsk - Bolshoi Lug, Irkutsk - Slyudyanka, Irkutsk - Angarsk - Cheremkhovo - Winter, Irkutsk - Baikalsk where during the excursion you can visit the ski base on Mount Sobolina (in winter).

Ecological tourism in the Irkutsk region

Ecological tourism has begun to develop as a kind of nature and entertainment tourism in the Irkutsk region. Gaining strength, he gradually begins to become an independent type of recreation. There are all the necessary makings for this: 1) there are beautiful places that have not yet been touched by industrial enterprises. The pristine nature has been preserved on their territory. 2) Many state reserves, which are the keepers of the gene pool of flora and fauna. 3) There are hydro-mineral resources that have no analogues on the territory of Russia.

Tourism of the Irkutsk region

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When it's summer, and there are three days off in a week, it's just a crime to stay at home. Therefore, with a truncated editorial staff, we set off to conquer Chersky Peak. We share our impressions in the permanent heading.

The idea to climb Chersky Peak appeared last summer, but none of my friends supported me. This year I firmly decided to climb this peak, because dreams should come true. During the April hike to the peak of Love, I met the guys who were going on a hike on a holiday weekend, and I thought: this is fate. She shared her plans with colleagues, and among them there were two who wanted to spend the weekend hiking. Our plan was as follows: on the first day to climb to the Khamar-Daban weather station (16 kilometers), on the second day to climb the Chersky peak (4 kilometers) and walk to the waterfalls (did not count), and the third day was taken for the descent.

The way to the weather station

There are several ways to get to Slyudyanka, from where the ascent begins. By your own car, by minibus or by train. Since our group is large - 16 people, it was decided to rent a minibus. Our little journey began on June 10 at about 9 am. Three hours later, we were dropped off at the beginning of the trail in Slyudyanka, where there were already several groups of people - some had a picnic, others sprayed each other with tick repellents, and others checked their backpacks before setting off. We followed their example and started our ascent at 11:35 am.

The route to Chersky Peak is very popular, every year there are competitions in high-speed ascent to the peak. The length of the track is 20 kilometers, the height difference is 1625 meters. The height of the peak itself is 2090 meters.

The ascent is safe and does not require any special equipment. A wide trail repeatedly crosses the Slyudyanka River, signs are installed on it, pedestrian bridges are built. Approximately in the middle of the way there is a recreation center, on its territory there are several houses, a bathhouse, a cafe "Prival", where you can drink tea and eat hot pancakes with condensed milk. For three pieces with condensed milk they ask for 50 rubles. Tea costs 25 rubles.

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