Weekend in the Rostov region: tasteful, with the sun, with the energy of the steppe

Weekend in the Rostov region: tasteful, with the sun, with the energy of the steppe

From the Scythians to Peter, from the hills to the sea, from crayfish to red feet - we tell you what to see, taste and feel in the Rostov region

Wines and lavender fields - in France? Sunset Chill Out - in Ibiza? Mustangs in the Wild West? Favelas - in Rio de Janeiro? A retreat - probably in Goa? Birdwatching anywhere in Iceland? Are the old bazaars in Istanbul?

Absolutely. It's like that. The addresses are correct. But there is another one where you can find all of the above - the Rostov region. There is a sea with sunsets, and local wines, and Don mustangs, and fragrant lavender, and its own rich history, and atmospheric bars, and the energy of the Don steppes, and sounds, and tastes, and colors of markets, restaurants, villages.

Peter, Chekhov, Sholokhov and the Scythians

For intellectuals - places associated with the naval and imperial ambitions of Peter the Great, including the start-up city of Peter (they can be marked on social networks with the tag # here was Peter). In Azov, first of all, but also in Taganrog, and in the village of Starocherkasskaya.

And also the literary and everyday biography of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. “During my entire stay in Taganrog, I could only do justice to the following subjects: delicious bazaar bagels, granular caviar, excellent cabbies and uncle’s genuine hospitality,” Chekhov wrote. A reason to compare what you will give justice to! And if you don't have an uncle, rely on the hospitality of locals, restaurateurs and hoteliers. In Taganrog, in addition to Chekhov's house, pay attention to the Pushkinskaya embankment, the palace of Alexander I and the picturesque fishing area of ​​Bogudonia.

Let's not forget about the Nobel laureate Mikhail Sholokhov. You can recall the heroes of "Quiet Don" in the village of Veshenskaya, on the observation deck Lebyazhy Yar or in the ethnographic open-air museum "Quiet Don" in the Starozolotovsky farm, where the Cossack village with kurens was recreated (they "worked" as decorations for the series by Sergei Ursulyak based on the Sholokhov novel ), surrounded by vineyards, linseed, buckwheat and lavender fields.

And also - the gold of the Scythians and Sarmatians, amphorae of the ancient Greeks and other treasures that tell about the amazing history of these places. Look for them in the Azov Historical, Archaeological and Paleontological Museum-Reserve, the Rostov Regional Museum of Local Lore and the Tanais Archaeological Museum-Reserve. In Azov, in addition to the museum, you can see with your own eyes the places of historical events, climb the ramparts, and for lunch plunge into the atmosphere of the Peter's Assembly.

Cancers, ukha, old bazaar and autochthons

For gourmets - Don fish soup and sturgeon shashlik, Krivyanskaya tomatoes and pickled watermelons, Don crayfish, pike caviar, pike perch (called sula here) and bream (aka chebak). It is best to start acquaintance with local gastronomy from the Old Bazaar (Central Market in Rostov-on-Don), it will turn out juicy, bright and fragrant. And then you go to restaurants offering both traditional Don and Cossack dishes, as well as modern creative variations, including local cuisine.

And remember the names of the Don autochthonous grape varieties: Krasnostop, Tsimlyansky black, Siberian. This knowledge will definitely come in handy for you, if not at lunch, then certainly during the evening "marathon" along the Bar Mile in Rostov-on-Don. It runs along Gazetny Lane, from Shaumyan Street to Maxim Gorky. 800 meters of various bars, choose yours: with cider, beer, Don wines, signature cocktails? You can take a walk on the Free Don in full!

Weekend in the Rostov region: tasteful, with the sun, with the energy of the steppe

While the borders are closed, domestic tourism is gaining momentum. Not everyone and not always have the opportunity to go to Baikal or the Black Sea, so many Rostovites prefer to travel around the Rostov region. "City Reporter" found out where Rostovites are most often chosen in the summer.

Recreation centers "Eldorado" and "Melikhov" on the shore of Lake Eldorado

Recreation centers are located adjacent to each other and are located 140 km from Rostov-on-Don. Both recreation centers have a sandy beach and a clean lake, where you can even see fish.

Country Club "Melekhov" is made in the Cossack style, here you can rent a room in a kuren, dine in a restaurant of Russian and Cossack cuisine, or sit in a cozy gazebo on the shore of the lake. And the Indian motives in "Eldorado" are combined with the lost castle, proud vultures and sculptures of the Maya Indians. Visitors love to be photographed near these sculptures.

“We visited both Melikhov and Eldorado. On a hot day, the very thing is to go to the lake and take a break from work and bustle. Children love to run on the sand, swim in the pool or take pictures near the sculptures. Each base has its own atmosphere and zest, "- shared the farmer Denis T.

Address: Country Club "Melekhov", p. st. Solnechnaya Valley 1, Chistoozerny; "Eldorado" st. Solnechnaya Dolina, 1, Chistoozerny,

Khutor Merzhanovo

The Merzhanovo farm is located on the shore of the Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea. This is one of the favorite places for visiting Rostov and Taganrozh residents, there is a very picturesque area. The farm became famous for its lighthouse, which was built in 2017 as a decoration for the series "The Lighthouse Keeper". After the film, it survived and now it is a landmark of the Merzhanovo farm.

“I was there about a year and a half ago. The nature there is beautiful, it cannot be changed. If you arrive early in the morning, while there are no people, at dawn, then the beauty of the landscape will take your breath away, ”says student Nadya M.

Address: Rostov region, Neklinovsky district, x. Merzhanovo

Loga Park

Park Loga is a very picturesque place located in the village of Staraya Stanitsa near Kamensk-Shakhtinsky. At the entrance to the park there are figures of a Cossack and a Cossack woman.

As you walk through the park, you will see many waterfalls and a lake with a gazebo on the shore. In the park there is an attraction "World through the Looking Glass", where sculptures of fabulous creatures are presented. There is also a temple, many reservoirs and a "rock garden" in which stones of bizarre shapes are placed. There are several species of animals in the Loga park that you can even contact. The entrance to the park is free.

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