Weekend hikes

Weekend hikes

Weekend Hikes

Hiking in the mountains can be interesting for both tourists and ordinary people. For example, if you come to Yalta and stay at a hotel, then on the third or fourth day you may get tired of a beach holiday and want something exotic. Then you can go on an excursion to the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, walk along the Sun Path or visit the Vorontsov Palace. But there is another possibility - to go on a weekend hike.

It is also convenient to go on a weekend hike for those people who work all week and do not have the opportunity to get out into the mountains for more than a couple of days. Due to the constant lack of time, many Crimeans did not really see the mountains of their peninsula, dreaming of visiting them for years. A weekend hike is a great way to start your acquaintance with the mountainous Crimea, whether you are a visitor or an indigenous Crimean.

The "Unknown World" club accepts orders for weekend hikes. We are always happy to lead a small group to interesting places in Crimea. If you don't have any equipment, it doesn't matter. The main thing is that you have comfortable shoes and a small, maybe even a rag, backpack in order to take a half-liter bottle of water and other small-sized cargo. For a hike without an overnight stay, such a kit is enough.

But for a hike with an overnight stay, you will need equipment: a tent, a sleeping bag, a cushion and a backpack. You can rent all this from us, read more in the article: "What to take on a hike?" Again, if you go camping for one day, then you can have breakfast at home, take a small brake for lunch, and return home for dinner. But on a hike with an overnight stay, you will need to cook dinner and breakfast, possibly lunch, so you will have to carry not only personal belongings, but also food. If all these difficulties do not scare you, and you are ready to enjoy the night chirping of grasshoppers and meet the sunrise in the mountains, we will be glad to accept your application for a two-day weekend hike.

Also, do not forget that you are on a site whose main topic is esoteric tourism. In the mountains of Crimea, there are often places of power in which you can do the practice of recruiting energy or cleansing meditation. If you are interested in this side of our hikes, then the instructor will be happy to conduct a practice for a group of any size.

For more details on how to apply and what places are better to choose, read the article "One-day hikes in Crimea". It also contains our contacts, where you can contact us to sign up for a weekend hike. The minimum number of people in a group is three. But if you are one or two of you, call us and we will discuss your situation. Perhaps someone is already going on a hike on these dates, and we will be able to unite you.

Go hiking in Crimea, it's great!

It seemed to me that these eight days would not be easy to survive, but it turned out that every day smoothly spilled over into another, and all together they formed a series of explosions of joy. These eight days remind me of the cycles of birth. During this campaign, I became more confident, bolder, my legs began to obey me better, I became more tolerant, more patient, now I am more focused on the speed of my son. New horizons opened before me. When we walked for three days along the canyon, it reminded me of some kind of intrauterine development, this is some kind of magic, a set of intimate pure energies, the feeling that a certain energy core is being born in you.

Then we came out of the Chernorechensky canyon and moved along the Baydar valley. There was already a completely different perception and mood. Feeling as if these are the first glimpses of life, filled with colors, light, color and tints. Such joy that one can rise from the depths to the surface! Then access to the sea, overcoming heights, where everyone helps each other. Many thanks to the group for their support, and separate thanks to Valya and Vasily for the practice.

Thanks to daily yoga, my body has become more flexible and obedient. Now I want to maintain this pace of life so that no freeze frame occurs. But for this you need to either go hiking more often, or be able to somehow transform and embody this energy yourself. Thank you very much to everyone, I love everyone very much! You are so wonderful, thank you, kiss and hug!

Irina Moscow

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