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Why it is worth getting a second citizenship of Saint Lucia by investment in tourism in 2021

The decision to obtain a second passport and citizenship of Saint Lucia by investment promises many image bonuses and financial benefits. In particular, a successful applicant will subsequently be able to brag of the citizenship of the state with the highest share of Nobel Prize winners per capita. Indeed, in this tiny country with a population of about 182 thousand people (World Bank data for 2013), there are as many as two Nobel laureates: Derek Walcott (Literature Prize) and Arthur Lewis (Economics Prize).

In terms of financial benefits, the opportunity to recover and increase the investment required to buy a second citizenship of Saint Lucia deserves special attention. This opportunity appears if you choose the local tourism sector as an investment object.

The harbor near the Saint Lucian capital, Castries

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment - Innovation of the Year

During 2020, the jurisdiction has greatly increased the attractiveness of its immigration program. Now you can apply for the citizenship of Saint Lucia for 150,000 US dollars in the form of grants to the National Economic Fund for a family of 4 (previously 190,000). As before, the fee for the sole applicant is 100,000.

The administrative fee for obtaining a second passport by purchasing real estate on the island has decreased. For the main applicant, it dropped from 50,000 to 30,000. For a spouse, 15,000 will have to be paid, for a minor child - 5,000 for other dependents - 10,000 each.

Until the end of 2020, yes, the minimum investment in government bonds has been halved from 500,000 to 250,000.

The terms of the financial option “investing in private business” have not changed. They amount to 3.5 million US dollars and create at least three jobs for the local population.

A new category of dependents has also appeared, which includes the brothers and sisters of the main candidate. They must be under 18 years of age and need written consent from their parents or guardians to apply for Saint Lucia citizenship.

Under the terms of the Saint Lucia Economic Citizenship Program (CBI), a wealthy Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Belarusian, or even an American with a clean track record can obtain a second Saint Lucia citizenship by investing in a hotel property or business project associated with the tourism sector. And the latest statistics on the state of this sector, published by the authorities of the Caribbean state, speaks of the high attractiveness of such investments.

Saint Lucia reports an increase in tourist flow

A mild tropical climate, excellent ecology, proximity to the famous Caribbean Sea and a well-developed hotel infrastructure contribute to an increase in the flow of tourists choosing Saint Lucia resorts.

One of the stretches of the St. Lucian coastline

Investment in tourism is the placement of capital of investors in the tourism business with the aim of generating profit. For tourist investments, as well as for other investments, it is necessary to take into account that the invested capital must be profitable. Since capital is one of the main components in tourism production, the ability of the tourism economy to produce tourism products largely depends on the amount of capital that will be invested in the tourism economy. With an increase in capital, the productivity of the tourism economy increases. With a decrease in investment in the tourism economy, the possibility of production decreases accordingly.

Investment in the tourism economy increases only when the return on investment exceeds the amount of capital invested. When tourism investment is equal to the return, the return on tourism investment is zero. This means that the tourism economy produces an amount of capital that is equal to the investment spent. In this case, the capital and production in the tourism economy remains constant. If the return is less than tourist investment, i.e. the difference between the capital invested and the capital received is negative, the tourism economy loses sources for capital renewal and production opportunities decrease.

Investment activity in the tourism economy depends on the return that investors can receive from investment. The main factors that investors take into account are shown in the diagram below.

The use of new methods in the manufacturing process in the tourism business is aimed at reducing production costs and maximizing profits. In addition, the creation of a new tourist product not only increases profits, but also contributes to the promotion of the product in the tourist market. The development of new methods and technologies for the production of a tourist product causes the need for new investments.

State policy to increase investment activity in the tourism economy may consist in the establishment of preferential taxes on profits in the tourism business and various incentives.

The cost of acquiring and using new capital investments in the tourism market affects the return on investments that have been made. Low cost means great return on investment and great returns for investors.

Investment activity is influenced by the cost of money capital required to acquire tangible capital in the tourism economy. The costs of acquiring fixed assets and working capital are an integral part of the invested capital. Only the investor himself is able to determine the size and direction of capital use. The criterion for determining the direction of investment is the amount of return on investment, which depends on the degree of capital exploitation.

Degree of development of new production methods and production of new goods in the tourism economy

State policy to increase investment in economic tourism

Active investment in the tourism economy

The cost of money capital required to acquire material capital in the tourism economy

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A win-win option for starting your own business in the summer is the opening of a water transport rental office.

It is possible to organize a water transport rental business with low investments at the start (from 350 thousand rubles), which is undoubtedly an excellent business idea for beginners.

Of course, the amount of investment will depend on the scale of the business and on the number of floating craft rented out.

How much money is needed to start a boat rental business

A few years ago, the favorite pastime of young people was riding "bananas" and "cheesecakes". However, the fashion has changed today.

Fans of extreme sports increasingly prefer jet skiing.

This is understandable - this powerful watercraft can accelerate to 80 kilometers per hour.

Jet skiing is guaranteed to bring a lot of vivid emotions and impressions.

The cost of such a craft depends on its capacity. A three-seater model can be purchased for 350 thousand rubles.

If the start-up investment of an entrepreneur is limited, he can purchase a used jet ski.

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