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Riddles about water tell children about all its diversity: about rivers, lakes, oceans. It can be liquid, solid and "invisible". A person can live without food for 30 days, and without water he can only last 3-4 days.

Solving and memorizing riddles about water is easy enough. Children are happy to try to solve the riddle, plunging into the amazing water world, learning interesting facts about water. If possible, take a walk on a sunny day to the river and spend time solving useful riddles about everything related to water.

For the little ones, we need simpler riddles about water, such as where it can be snow, hail, stream, cloud ...

The courtyard is in turmoil: peas are falling from the sky!

Riddles about water for children 3-4 years old with answers

If it weren't for her, Mom would not wash, Dad would not wash the floor, And the boat would not float. (Water)

Without her, neither soup nor porridge will work out for sure. If the thirst has overcome, you need to drink it urgently. (Water)

There is a commotion in the yard: Peas are falling from the sky. (Grad)

White as chalk. I flew from the sky. The whole winter he lay, And in the spring he fled to the ground. (Snow).

The bridge is like blue glass: Slippery, fun, light. (Ice)

We have a white nail hanging under our roof, the sun will rise, the nail will fall. (Icicle)

On a hot day I am the most desirable

Logic riddles are, as a rule, easy, short puzzles with a trick, the answer to which can be found by logical thinking without deep mathematical knowledge, as well as more complex tasks for ingenuity for the most resourceful!

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Logic Riddles - Which of the drawn people will die?

Logic riddles - Soviet puzzle - the best test for attention and logic

For the correct solution of this puzzle, applicants of some universities in the USSR were enrolled bypassing exams. Even in our time, this riddle is considered one of the best ways to test attention and logic of thinking.

Logic riddles - students learned English and German at the same time

Logic Riddles - A servant brought two glasses of water to the king and queen

Logic riddles - Here is a drawing This is a fictional area

Now try to answer these questions:

Logic riddles - logical riddles to determine professional suitability for the role of an investigator

# 1 A guy meets a girl, they love each other. On Saturday night they are supposed to see each other, the girl is preparing to meet. An hour before the appointed time, an SMS comes in: “Sorry, dear, we won't be able to see each other. I am with my parents, guests have come to them, they will be up late, I will have to stay there for the night. See you tomorrow, kiss, love. " Evushka understands that the guy is lying to her. How did she understand?

# 2 There is a guard at the entrance to the bank vault. A spy lurked nearby. One bank employee approaches the guard, the guard to him: "Six". The employee responds with "Five." The guard missed. The next one comes up - the guard: "Five", the employee: "Four". The guard missed. The spy took the risk, the guard came up: "Four", the spy: "Three." The guard screaming: "Wrong, got caught, you bastard!" twisted the spy. poll: why is it wrong and what is the correct answer.

Riddles about water for children 3-4, 5-6 years old and schoolchildren of grades 1, 2, 3 with answers, logical riddles about water.

I run with two legs, While the rider sits on me. My horns are in his hands, And speed is in his feet. I'm only stable on the run, I can't stand for a second.

This horse doesn't eat oats. Instead of legs - two wheels. Sit astride and race on it, Only better to drive.

I have a lot of friends. There is a goat among them. He has a cheerful voice - Bell-ringing. Taking him by the horns, I drive along the path!

My birthday - They gave me a horse. What a wonderful! Blue-blue. You need to ride carefully, You can hold on to the horns, It's a pity that there is no mane ... What kind of horse? …

He has two wheels AND a saddle on the frame. There are two pedals at the bottom, Spin them with their feet.

I don't look like a horse, But I have a saddle. There are knitting needles. They, I confess, are not suitable for knitting. Not an alarm clock, not a tram, But I call that and know.

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