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How to survive on the high seas: rules and methods

Rent a raft in the Moscow region on the Oka for travel and recreation

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Friends! You are unlikely to be here by accident. Most likely, you are a tireless romantic, perhaps so far only in your soul. Most likely, you intend to go on a raft, perhaps your very first, and perhaps the next, because this type of recreation delays with its simplicity and at the same time the opportunity to get an unforgettable experience.

We have been doing raft travel on the Oka for several years now. We travel ourselves, with families, friends, meet like-minded people on the water, and also do it on a commercial basis - we rent rafts and organize rafts for combined groups.

Our many years of experience allows us to make your vacation as thoughtful as possible, both in technical and organizational terms, and in security matters.

Who are you

A group of friends celebrating a holiday

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A group of friends celebrating a holiday

A family that decided to take their kids off their gadgets

Small company celebrating corporate event

How long can you hold out on the high seas

Many people love rest by the sea, however, it also has a downside - a person can be carried away by waves into the open sea or a ship can sink. In any case, such an experience will leave an imprint for a lifetime. The main thing that cannot be done is to panic. Then adhere to a few simple rules and wait for salvation. Next, we will look at ways to get water food, as well as basic tips for surviving on the high seas.

As history shows, the time spent on the high seas can be quite long. For example, in the eighteenth century, Captain William Bligh and his crew were overboard due to a riot. They were landed on a wooden boat with some food and water and left to die.

Two months later, having sailed almost seven thousand kilometers, they landed at the European colony. The sextant helped them navigate and nothing else. Now, in modern conditions, several daredevils have decided to repeat their route.

What matters most to survival

Keeping life requires all the self-control a person is capable of. In case of panic, he will not be able to save anything - not food or water supplies. Neither the presence of a small boat will help a panicking person. It is important to realize this. This theory was proved by the doctor Alain Bombard. He swam across the ocean in a lifeboat, taking no food or water with him.

This can be explained simply: because of fear, people make critical mistakes, waste their own resources and make things worse. However, in such a situation it is not necessary to swim across the ocean. The victim is faced with an easier task - to wait for help.

It is necessary to realize that trouble has already come - a person is already on the high seas alone or with comrades in misfortune. In order not to make things worse, you need to think soberly.

How to Conserve Energy

In an emergency, the body will need all of its resources. And if you succumb to panic, you can lose precious energy. If a person is in the water, you need to move as little as possible. You can lie on your back or find some object that you can catch on to. If the trouble happened on the boat, first of all you need to warm up and dry out. If this is a ship wreck, you should look around, for sure something useful will float on the water.

Rafts for river rafting are different, I will tell you about my experience. Something could have been done better, but on the whole we got a good option, which proved to be an excellent means of transportation in two weeks of water travel.

Let me make a reservation right away that we are talking about rafting on a calm flat river, without extreme. Its average width was 150 meters, the current speed was 3 km/h. Shipping is private boats only. In short, ideal conditions for a calm rafting without unnecessary problems.

And if you want to better understand the essence of the matter, read my story below.

So, we thought and decided that the raft will be on car cameras. Firstly, it glides on water much more easily than a log one.

Secondly, everything that is needed to make it is easier to find in a city (I can't imagine where we would take several dozen logs for free and store them before starting the trip).

Thirdly, the log raft is almost entirely in the water, and you may be flooded at some point, especially if a wave rises. And here you are at a height of 20 cm above the water. It's much more comfortable.

Fourth, the raft on cameras is much lighter, and you can drag it with your hands over small shoals that you may encounter on the way. By the way, we had to do it once. A log raft in such a place would have to end its route.

Before we started making the raft, we created its model with the calculation of the carrying capacity. You can see this in the first picture. This is what my partner did, so it's hard for me to add anything to what is shown in the picture. Then we just had no idea how to make a raft and whether it can withstand 6 people, so we had to bother with such a design.

Fig. 1. Scheme and calculation of the raft

Although at the last moment three people fell away and we, the remaining three, were very spacious there.

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