Water tourism in Ulyanovsk

Water reserves of Ulyanovsk and its suburbs, their location on the world map

Ulyanovsk (the old name is Simbirsk) is the administrative center of the Ulyanovsk region. The presence of monuments of history, culture and architecture, as well as the fact that the leader of the revolution was born here, attract tourists. The atmosphere of the USSR still reigns in the city. Ulyanovsk is rich in interesting places and anomalous zones. The main attention should be paid to the Volga, this is the main river in Ulyanovsk.

Water resources of the Ulyanovsk region

Ulyanovsk and the region are rich in water resources - small and large rivers flow in the region, there are many lakes and swamps, there is a reserve of groundwater.

The rivers of Ulyanovsk and the region capture the territory of Tatarstan and neighboring regions. The river basin belongs to the Volga. Ulyanovsk is remote from the sea, the region is located in a forest-steppe belt, where bare plains alternate with coniferous and mixed forests. Almost all rivers in this area flow in full-flowing streams. The gentle banks are distinguished by an abundance of steppe flowers and grasses.

The rivers are fed mixed: part of the water comes from underground sources, the rest comes from seasonal rains and melting snow. As for the regime, spring floods are replaced by summer low water periods. The rise of water at this time can vary from 35 to 95% of the average annual level. In summer, in some places, the channels dry up considerably. With the arrival of autumn, the channel replenishes again due to rains. Freezing is observed on the rivers from the second half of November to April.

Is the right tributary of the Volga River, flows along the Volga Upland. The channel is 847 km long, the water area is about 67,000 square kilometers.


The source is located on the Volga Upland in the Kuzovatovsky District. The length of the channel is 375 km; it runs parallel to the Volga almost along its entire length. Only the opposite current is directed to the north. On the banks of the Sviyaga, there are many small hydroelectric power plants, which were built in the middle of the last century.


It flows along the border of the Ulyanovsk region with Tatarstan, the length of the water flow is 62 km, the area of ​​the drainage basin is 1210 square kilometers, the right tributary of the Barysh.

Water reserves of Ulyanovsk and its suburbs, their location on the world map

The benefits of swimming are great. This lesson can be attributed not only to the most popular sports, but also to the therapeutic methods used in medicine and rehabilitation processes. Today we will tell you how swimming is useful and where to improve your health in your hometown.

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Leninsky District

The Burevestnik pool is located in the center of Ulyanovsk at the Pedagogical University (Plastova Boulevard).

This is a new pool, built according to modern technologies: a metal bowl with a depth of 1.2 to 1.8 meters, the latest water purification and heating system was used. The length of each of the six tracks is 25 meters. Up to 70 people can swim on the tracks at the same time. Maintained water temperature is 28-29 degrees Celsius.

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