Water tourism in the republic of tatarstan

Republic of Tatarstan

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"The Adventure Club" of Dmitry and Matvey Shparo invites you to take part in the school-seminar for the training of tourist personnel - the basic level, specialization "Water tourism" and "Hiking tourism", followed by an internship in the camps "Big Adventure ".

The school-seminar is held in three stages: Show in full.

Specialization "Water tourism"

- The first stage (theoretical). 11 - 19.3.017, venue - tourist center, Moscow region;

- Second stage (practical). 15 - 22. 4. 017, water educational and training trip of the 2nd category of complexity along the river. Msta, Novgorod region;

- Third stage (internship). Any time from 01. 6. to 31. 8. 2017, internship in the children's sports and recreation camp "Big Adventure" Republic of Karelia, Muezersky district, pos. iksha.

Head of the school-seminar - Y. Babintsev, Master of Sports of Russia, International-class instructor in sports tourism, coach-teacher in sports tourism of the highest category

Specialization "Walking tourism"

- The first stage (theoretical). 03 - 12.3.017, venue - tourist center, Volgograd region;

Extreme tourism (Chapter from the book of Babkin A

The Republic of Tatarstan is located in the east of the East European Plain and is divided into three parts by the valleys of the Volga and Kama rivers. The most popular among tourists are local excursion routes, because on the territory of Tatarstan there are many "historical cities", where architectural monuments, ensembles and complexes, which are monuments of history and culture, have been preserved.

An excursion is creativity, and not only for guides, but also for guests: you can be not just spectators, but also “second directors”. Ask any questions, contact with various wishes - thanks to them the walk will only become more interesting!

Accreditation, extensive experience, excellent reviews, in Russian and English, groups of any size.

Provide comfortable transport

Accreditation, extensive experience in working with groups, excellent reviews, comfortable transport for any number of tourists in a group.

Accreditation, extensive experience in working with groups, excellent reviews, in English and Russian. Comfortable transport, accommodation, national cuisine

Diveevskaya Sloboda is the only 4-star hotel in Diveevo. Convenient location close to all major sights. Diveyevo. Cozy eco-rooms made of wood, international level of service, rent of a bath with a rejuvenating vat, phyto-barrels, bicycles. Organization of transfer to the hotel.

Welcome to the atmosphere of Russian hospitality!

A bit of history

The first state in the region was the Volga Bulgaria, created in the late 9th - early 10th centuries by the Turkic tribes. Bulgaria for a long time remained the only developed state formation in the north-east of Europe. In 922, Islam was adopted as the state religion, then Bulgaria became part of the empire of Genghis Khan, and then became part of the Golden Horde. As a result of the collapse of the Golden Horde, a new feudal state arose on the territory of the Volga region - the Kazan Khanate (1438) After the capture of Kazan in 1552 by the troops of Ivan the Terrible, the Kazan Khanate ceased to exist and was annexed to the Russian state.

In 1708, the territory of today's Tatarstan is part of the huge Kazan province, the original borders of which extended in the north to Kostroma, in the east to the Urals, in the south to the Terek River, in the west to Murom and Penza. Kazan has retained the status of the capital of the province for over 200 years.

This is interesting! Tatars are the only people in the Volga region professing Islam. This religion differed from others in the abstract concept of God, it did not cultivate his image. It is also impossible to portray any living creature - a person, a bird, an animal. Hence, calligraphic ornament appeared, as well as shamail. Shamail is a painting depicting the holy places of Islam, containing, along with suras (chapters from the Koran), philosophical sayings, aphorisms, quotes from poetic masterpieces of the East, made in beautiful Arabic script. Shamail were painted in blue, blue, green paints on glass or paper with decorative inserts of velvet or foil.

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