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The best excursions in Khanty-Mansiysk with experienced guides, prices for tours from 900 ₽

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Excursions in Khanty-Mansiysk: prices and description

To get acquainted with the homeland of the ancient Siberian peoples, plunge into the world of unique artifacts and magnificent nature, and at the same time learn the secrets of professional biathletes, just go on an excursion to Khanty-Mansiysk. The capital of Ugra, which received the status of a city only in 1950, is today one of the most economically prosperous regions of the Russian Federation. Oil and gas fields are being actively developed here, skiing is flourishing and an international biathlon center has been opened, where world championships are held.

At the same time, the region has preserved an amazing cultural identity, reflecting the peculiarities of the life of the indigenous peoples of the Ugra land - the Khanty and Mansi. In the ethnographic museum "Torum-Maa" you can see housing, transport, clothes of the ancient inhabitants of the region, and in the cultural and tourist complex "Archeopark" you can admire the full-size and very realistic sculptures of mammoths and other extinct animals.

Cultural and tourist complex "Archeopark"

The region has ideal conditions for ecotourism. At the confluence of the Ob and Irtysh rivers, there are 2 picturesque islands, known as the natural park "Samarovskiy Chugas". There are dense forests and pristine lakes, as well as rare animals and plants.

Khanty-Mansiysk will appeal to fans of sports, hunting and fishing, but it will not disappoint connoisseurs of cultural recreation either. The most interesting museums and theaters are open in the city, one of the largest concern and theater centers in Russia functions. We are also glad to see guests in the majestic Orthodox complex "In the name of the resurrection of Christ."

Prices for excursions in Khanty-Mansiysk

Orthodox complex "In the name of the resurrection of Christ"

Excursions in Khanty-Mansiysk

Many tourists do not think that the sights of Surgut are diverse and interesting. Driving through the city, they incorrectly believe that this northern region - the haven of oil and gas workers - is a dull sight. But from the windows of a train or car it is impossible to see the real Surgut - for this you need to stay here for at least a few days. Why? It's simple - this is one of the oldest cities in the Trans-Urals, and at the time of Peter I it was generally considered the cultural capital of Siberia.

What to see in the city of Surgut in a day

It is advisable to start your independent or excursion acquaintance with this interesting industrial city of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug from the places that we present for review in this section. Each of them is a subject of special pride for the residents of Surgut.

Surgut Museum of Local Lore

  • Address: st. 30 years of Victory, 21/2.

The very first museum in Surgut has long been considered its hallmark. Its history spans more than half a century, funds - about 70,000 items, and permanent exhibitions are located in several branches.

F. Pokazaniev, ethnographer and honored cultural worker. By the opening, which took place in 1963, most of the exhibits on the history of the city and the region were collected personally by him. For a long time, he was the only employee working practically on a volunteer basis, since there was not enough funding.

Only in 1985, when the landmark received the status of a branch of the Regional Museum of Local Lore, new exhibits and employees began to appear. In the late 90s. she was given a new building, in which she is still located.

During excursions around the Museum of Local Lore, one can get acquainted with the history of bone carving, Tobolsk icon painting, printed and handwritten books. Among the permanent exhibitions - "Soldier of the Fatherland", dedicated not only to the Second World War, but also employees in hot spots, soldiers of search and rescue teams.

Today's Museum of Local Lore in Surgut is a set of projects for the cultural and military-patriotic education of youth. Many of them received grants for their contribution to the culture of Russia.

Monument to the founders of Surgut

Excursions in Khanty-Mansiysk 2021 - prices from 900 rubles, description and booking. Interesting excursions around the homeland of the ancient Siberian peoples.

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