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As soon as winter comes, many people have a question: how and where to spend the weekend? Some might say that there are no interesting entertainments in winter. But if you have visited a ski resort at least once, then you probably already know that even on frosty days you can go in for active sports, you can enjoy ice skating, skiing, etc. Love for winter sports should be instilled in both adults and children. It is enough just to spend a day or two in an interesting place. Modern ski resorts in the city of Sochi are at your service.

Overview of the most interesting, most popular ski resorts in the city of Sochi

Meet the best places that have already conquered fans of cross-country and downhill skiing, skating, snowboarding. Even those who love to ride snowmobiles and cheesecakes will find entertainment to their liking. The ski resorts of the city of Sochi are considered a paradise for those who love outdoor activities. They literally beckon to themselves. There is a better way for everyone to spend their time here.

Sochi resorts are glad to meet everyone who is eager to have a good rest, who loves extreme sports, who just wants to be in nature far from noisy and gas-polluted megacities. All winter sports are represented here. It is not for nothing that Sochi is called the pearl city of the Krasnodar Territory. If you look into history, you can find out that during the USSR, Sochi was considered a symbol of prosperity and prosperity.

Today, the presented resort offers tourists a number of invaluable opportunities - active recreation for professional athletes, amateur skiers. Resort recreation areas abound with all kinds of entertainment, rich cultural programs, fascinating excursions to historical sites, attractions, etc. Krasnaya Polyana stands out among all the ski resorts in Sochi.

It is worth noting that this is the only resort in the world that is so close to the sea. The favorable geographical location allows vacationers to enjoy an unusual mixed climate - mountain-sea. The presence of the airport nearby is an additional plus, since getting to the ski resorts of Sochi is really simple and easy, all the tracks and roads are well equipped. Getting to the resort is easy:

  • By plane. An international airport is located about forty kilometers from Krasnaya Polyana. The communication is fine.
  • By train. Many trains reach Adler, Sochi and even a ski resort.
  • By car, bus. This type of transport easily gets along convenient routes from Adler, Sochi. You can use the services of a private taxi or public transport.

If you want to enjoy skiing, there is no better place for you. According to the guests of Krasnaya Polyana, here truly dizzying entertainment awaits every extreme. We have to think that these ski resorts are a real adrenaline rush.

History of Sochi Ski Resorts

Many are interested in when and how alpine skiing appeared in Sochi. This sport came to us from the West, in the "dashing" 90s. This sport was and remains an elite one. In 1992, the Alpika-Service organization built the first ski lift. The idea found a response in the hearts of many extreme lovers. Skiers began to come to Krasnaya Polyana. At the very beginning of its foundation, this resort was far from the Swiss or Austrian resorts. But already in 2007 the situation changed radically.

If it had not been for the decision to hold the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, this place would have remained a semblance of a ski resort. Then an incredibly many different possibilities opened before the "Krasnodar Pearl". The tracks were improved, new lifts were built. The sports infrastructure has moved to a different level. Not only hotels have appeared, but also luxury entertainment complexes. Interestingly, even after the end of the 2014 Winter Olympics, the resort is still developing, and this development is proceeding at a rather active pace.

Resort Descriptions

Ski resorts in Sochi

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Last Minute Tours in Sochi and nearby

Located on the coast of the Krasnodar Territory, Sochi is unofficially called the "resort capital" of Russia, because the favorable climate, the presence of mineral springs and the proximity of the Caucasus Mountains create all the conditions here for ideal rest, both in winter and in summer.

Ski resorts of the city of Sochi As soon as winter comes, many people have a question: how and where to spend the weekend? Some might say that there are no interesting entertainments in winter. But if you

Sochi is the best all-season resort in Russia. Tourists come here in spring, summer, autumn and even winter. Many factors have an excellent winter vacation - a mild subtropical climate, comfortable weather, a variety of natural and architectural beauties. What to see and do in Sochi in winter, read our guide.

Sights of Sochi in winter: urban architecture

As a rule, it is customary to begin any acquaintance with the city with its architectural beauty. In Sochi, they invite you for walks both in summer and in winter.

Tower on Mount Akhun

A great start to your vacation is to climb the tower on Mount Akhun. In 2020, it opened after restoration, and again invites tourists to admire the magnificent panoramas.

The tourist history of Mount Akhun begins in 1936, during the era of the construction of the resort town. By order of Stalin, the tower, reminiscent of the lines of medieval citadels, was built in just 4 months. Nowadays, it is not only an excellent observation deck, the highest in central Sochi - the observation height is about 700 meters, but also a popular tourist attraction.

There are many souvenir stalls around the tower, a rope and husky park, a Ferris wheel, cafes and restaurants, takeaway food, tasting rooms with various treats. Perhaps you will spend a little more time walking around the vicinity of the tower than originally planned. And the tower itself looks very photogenic.

The view from its observation deck looks even cooler. Here you can see the entire coast of Sochi, mountain slopes, Olympic facilities, and even the resorts of Abkhazia on the horizon. Please note: you should only climb the tower in clear weather. Try to choose a sunny, fine day, or go to Akhun closer to sunset - in the gentle colors of Sochi looks very romantic.

Sochi Embankment

Another cool idea for immersing yourself in resort life is to walk along the Sochi embankment. The embankment is often called Primorsky Boulevard; its length is 2 kilometers. This is an excellent excursion route - the promenade passes through such city attractions as the Marine Station, the Festivalny Concert Hall, the Winter Theater and the Historical Boulevard.

Due to the geographical features of the seaside part of Sochi, the embankment is usually divided into Upper and Lower. The lower level is a comfortable walking space along the sea, there are beaches, cafes, souvenir shops, tourist attractions. In 2020, the Sochi embankment acquired a beautiful recreation area near the Riviera beach, where you can not only sunbathe and swim, but also have a great time at any time of the year.

The upper part of the embankment is no less interesting. Parks buried in greenery all year round, historical and architectural monuments, temples, theaters, recreation areas of Sochi residents - here is the center of city life and often celebrations and festivals take place. It is a great place for walking and outdoor recreation.

What is AMPSALID? Again a question for the residents of the city! How old is Sochi? Who lived here before? What do we know about the city ourselves and what is interesting for our guests?

Now, in post-Olympic times, there is an opinion that Sochi began to develop only thanks to the 2014 Olympics.

For those who found millions of Soviet vacationers evenly covering the coastal pebbles, thousands of foreigners in five-star Intourists, hundreds of pedestrian tourists storming the trails of the National Park, dozens of ships sailing along the coast, connecting resort villages on the coast, It is obvious that it is possible to return to the former greatness of the international resort of Sochi only by carrying out serious work on reorganizing the tourist flow, re-actualizing the brands Matsesta, Tree of Friendship and many others, studying the historical and cultural heritage and introducing new tourism products using modern opportunities.

On behalf of A. N. Pakhomov, the Environmental Council under the head of the city of Sochi under the leadership of A. Platonov. initiated the development of the Concept for the development of tourism in the city of Sochi until 2035.

The company "Center for the Development of Recreational Areas" NEW HORIZONS "is a concept developer, consolidating various projects and research into a single program for the development of tourism on the coast.

The working group includes specialists from the Sochi National Park, the Sochi Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Geographical Society, the Union of Architects of the Russian Federation, dozens of experts in various fields.

Today we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the study of the ancient history of Sochi, dating back to the beginning of our era, almost 2000 years ago, to prepare excursion routes to dozens of Byzantine temples in the Greater Sochi according to the federal project Golden Ring of the Bosporan Kingdom, explore the trails of the 200-kilometer Silk Road passing through the modern Sochi National Park, create brands of resort villages, emphasizing their individuality, create new connections between the coast and inland areas, allowing to distribute tourist, and with them financial flows, increasing the investment attractiveness of inland areas.

More details about the Concept can be found in the presentation.

Sochi has everything you need to be a modern center of world tourism.

“In the writings of Claudius Ptolemy, describing the south of Asiatic Sarmatia, it is reported about the city of Aampsalis, which was located on the site of modern Sochi. The name of Ampsalides is compared with the proper name Ομψάλακος (Ompsalak), known in the Bosporan epigraphy. Numerous exhibits, exhibited in the Museum of the History of the city of Sochi, speak of close cultural ties with the Bosporan Kingdom ... ”A. Kizilov

In order to consolidate programs at the federal, regional, municipal and private levels, a group of experts from the Center for the Development of Recreational Areas "New Horizons" and the administration of the city of Sochi have developed a Concept for the development of tourism in the resort city of Sochi until 2035. This Concept is an integral part of the development strategy of the resort city of Sochi and the Krasnodar Territory. In addition, it is based on an analysis of the views and visions of the expert community of the city of Sochi on the directions and ways of preserving and enhancing its natural, historical and cultural heritage, is a consequence of informal interactions between experts from various government and public institutions of the city.

Within the framework of the Concept, an analysis of the existing state of the territory of the city of Sochi in terms of historical, natural, social and transport aspects of tourism, ecology and investment attractiveness is presented. An assessment of the prospects for an integrated approach to the development of recreational areas based on conceptual proposals is given. The implementation of the proposed solutions ensures the dynamic and balanced development of active tourism in the city of Sochi with the functional integration of various promising components into a harmonious resort environment attractive for life and recreation. However, the main result of this work will be a significant increase in the overall tourist attractiveness and an increase in the competitiveness of the city of Sochi among world-class resorts. The development of active and event tourism in the buffer zone between the coastal and mountain tourist clusters will generate a tourist flow of many thousands, offering a modern and comfortable holiday.

The implementation of the concept of tourism development in the resort city of Sochi until 2035 will ensure the creation of facilities on the territory of the city of Sochi that can reorient Russian and foreign tourist flows directed to Turkey, Egypt, European and Asian countries.

Krasnaya Polyana is a year-round tourism center located in the southern part of the Main Caucasian Range in the vicinity of the resort city of Sochi. Despite the fact that the resort area claims to be a kind of tourist "Mecca" for fans of winter sports and recreation, there will also be no time for boredom travel lovers in the spring off-season. In terms of tourism, the Krasnaya Polyana resort complex includes the Rosa Khutor resort, the Gazprom mountain tourist center and the Esto-Sadok village. The territory of the latter is represented by two levels: "lower" and "upper". The infrastructure of the lower level - "Polyana 540" is designed for a youth audience: entertainment establishments operate here, and the Krasnaya Polyana ropeway also originates.

The top-level device will attract the most affluent tourists: "Polyana 960" is a complex of respectable hotels and spas, low-rise townhouses in the mountains with an incredible view. Consider accommodation options in Krasnaya Polyana, the benefits of early booking package tours and local attractions.

Book your vacation in advance! This is a guarantee of low prices and availability of recreation.

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The cost of rest in the spring

The cost of accommodation in the rooms of the hotel fund of Krasnaya Polyana directly depends on the date of arrival. In winter, there is a high season due to the popular ski slopes among tourists. The degree of remoteness of the hotel room from the mountain slopes proportionally affects the cost of accommodation. Usually in the spring, housing prices in Krasnaya Polyana go down. However, March is the most “expensive” of the three spring months. The cost of living in March is relatively higher than in April or May, but lower than in the winter months, when the minimum price for a room is about 5,500 rubles. per day. True, towards the end of March, the cost is rapidly decreasing - sometimes by more than 25%. From the end of April to the beginning of May, prices for holidays in Krasnaya Polyana "melt before our very eyes", compared to March - almost twice. This is largely due to the end of the “skating” season.

Package tours to Krasnaya Polyana: advantages of early booking

According to research by the Analytical Center of NAFI: despite the fact that in 2019 30% of Russian tourists traveled "on their own", a significant part of vacationers chose to remain clients of travel agencies. No wonder that for most tourists, painstaking travel planning can turn into a heavy burden. At times, you just want to relax, trusting travel agency managers or online platforms that aggregate the best accommodation options. It is pointless to exclude the use of ready-made package tours, because this is comfort and benefit, "in one bottle."

Benefits of early booking tours to Krasnaya Polyana

Catch the profit: choose tours with fat discounts in the amount of 25-50% of the cost of the tour with early booking. Most hotels cut prices in advance so that operators can calculate tours with discounts as well. In the high season, vacations "become more expensive": the fuel surcharge rises, and accordingly, the cost of tickets increases. If you buy the tour in advance, you can safely discard any fears associated with an increase in the cost of your vacation.

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