Water tourism in Kerch

Sights of Kerch: 35 best with photos and descriptions

Kerch, Crimea (Photo: Gennady Soloviev | Photobank Lori)

Kerch is a seaport and a popular resort on the coast of the Kerch Strait, in the eastern part of the Crimean Peninsula. Many tourists come here to relax on golden beaches, to heal with healing mud and get acquainted with the monuments of history of different eras. A well-developed infrastructure with many hotels, resorts and entertainment makes the city a great place for summer holidays.

This article contains information about Kerch: the best time to travel, what to do, what are the prices, where to stay, and how to get to the resort.

When to go on vacation

The swimming season at the resort lasts from late May to mid-September, but you can relax in Kerch throughout the year. In winter, spa guests are expected to have wellness procedures in sanatoriums, and in summer - swimming in warm sea water, which by July-August warms up to + 24 ... + 26 ° C.

Where to rest

Kerch attracts guests with clean beaches, health resort and educational recreation. More than 2 600 years of history have left on the territory of the city many attractions - ancient settlements, fortresses, temples, which will help diversify the trip to the peninsula. There are hotels and guest houses for holidaymakers, there is an opportunity to stay in the private sector, boarding houses and sanatoriums.


City beach on Arshintseva Spit (Photo: Vladimir Arsentiev | Photobank Lori)

The city is located on the coast of two seas - the Black and the Azov, the total length of the coastal line is 42 km. The beaches in Kerch are sandy or sandy-shell, with a gentle entry into the water.

What to see

Panticapaeum ancient settlement (Photo: Tania Kunitzckaya | Lori Photo Bank)

While on vacation in Kerch, you can see the historical monuments that remind you of the rich ancient and medieval past of the city. Entertainment and museums can help make your holiday at the resort more fun.

My name is Anna. I want to share with you my experience of life in Kerch. I spent a month here and learned a lot about the local way of life. I will tell you what to see in Kerch, sights and beaches, where to spend time with family and friends, and what else to do. Get ready for long walks. Excursion and active rest awaits you in Kerch, and not only the beach and the sea.

Why go to Kerch

Kerch is located in a quiet bay of the Kerch Peninsula at the base of Mount Mithridat, at the junction of the Black and Azov Seas.

Due to its rich history, this area occupies an honorable place in the UNESCO list as one of the most ancient places on our planet.

During its existence, the city often passed from one ruler to another.

In the local architecture, the influence of various cultures is noticeable - Byzantine domes, burial mounds, Gothic temples and even a Turkish mosque.

Kerch is the pearl of the Crimea. These are golden sandy beaches, two seas and green parks open to tourists, museums, historical monuments and monuments.

Transport in Kerch

After the opening of the Crimean Bridge, Kerch became the first city on the way of those who come to Crimea by car. If you are passing by, do not be too lazy to stop by at least for a few hours.

Public transport and main routes:

  • There are trolleybuses, buses and minibuses in the city. The fare is 17 rubles.
  • To get from the bus station to the city center, use route No. 5.
  • If you need to get from the bus station to the railway station, you need route No. 16.
  • Get to the foot of the mountain Mithridates can be taken by buses No. 6, 19, 27 and 28.
  • Minibus No. 1 will take you from the bus station to the port.
  • Bus number 4 - will bring you to the Adzhimushkay quarry.
  • If you want to get to the Yeni-Kale fortress, take route no. 18.

There are several bike rental points in Kerch. However, given the hilly terrain and hot climate, long bike rides are not a good idea.

Beaches of Kerch

For many it may seem strange, but there is a river in Kerch. It is not even a couple of meters wide - you need to cross the bridges, and at the beginning of this century the Melek-Chesme river managed to arrange several unpleasant days for the city, flooding it with water. But this happened also because people forgot about their responsibilities in relation to her.

Where is the Melek-Chesme river on the map

It flows through the center of the eastern capital of Crimea, reaching its source almost to the village of Bagerovo. Near its course there are several attractions at once - the squares of the Pilots and Shevchenko, Sennaya Square and Melek-Chesmensky Kurgan, the stadium named after 50th anniversary of October and the Kazenny garden with the temple of Vladimir and Olga.

Origin of the name Oddities and peculiarities

The source of the angel - this is how the name of the river is translated from Tatar. There is an assumption that it owes its existence to the well fountain, which is an important key for her.

From a geographical point of view, Melek-Chesme is shallow, like most of the Crimean rivers. Its origins are at an altitude of 80 m above sea level, near the village of Bagerovo. It flows into the Kerch Strait. Food is provided by rain, underground inflow and irregular (drying up in the heat) inflows. The total length of Melek-Chesme is 16 km. The pool area is 133 sq. km.

The Melek-Chesme valley in the upper reaches is a hollow, further it is a box-shaped gorge. It includes many ravines and gullies. The scheme of the river on the Kerch plan looks artificial, which is not in vain - the current channel is not natural. In the course of urban planning, it was straightened and embedded in concrete. Collected into the pipe and tributary Katerlez. Made for the sake of combating swamping of the river mouth area - earlier it was a swampy delta.

Some sources claim that in ancient times Melek-Chesme was full of water than now and even galleys were included in it. But, firstly, the ancient ships of this type had a shallow draft, and secondly, no material evidence of the fact was found.

After 1948 the Melek-Chesme river received a second, more strange, name "Primorskaya". At the same time, the renaming was, as it were, indirect. In that year, in pursuance of the order of the authorities to rename the streets and settlements with Tatar names (this was done in connection with the deportation of the Tatars), two streets near the river from Pravaya and Levaya Melek-Chesme turned into Pravaya and Levaya Primorskie. There is evidence that the idea to rename the river came from the city council. There they came up with and submitted to the regional executive committee a possible nomenclature. But the appeal was not of a normative nature - they were just proposals.

This document theoretically refutes the assumption that the renaming of the river is associated with the actions of the Primorsky army in Kerch during the liberation of the policy in 1944. Local historians indicate that the chairman of the city council of those times expressed himself in writing in the sense that the river deserves this name, since it flows into the sea (according to this logic, the Dnieper and Lena should have been renamed as well). The river is now called Melek-Chesme, and the streets are called Borzenko and Eremenko. Without communication with the river.

Kerchukr city. Kerchkrymskotat. Keric

Kerch (Ukrainian Kerch, Crimean Cat. Keric, Kerich) is a city in eastern Crimea on the shore of the Kerch Strait. Earlier names are Italian. Bosphoro Cimmerio, Vospro, Cerchio, Cherz, other Russian. Kurchev, ancient Greek. ?. Kerch is one of the oldest cities in the world. Currently, on its territory there are many historical and architectural monuments belonging to different eras and cultures. Hero city of the Great Patriotic War.


Main article: History of Kerch

Prehistoric period

The current territory of the city of Kerch was inhabited in prehistoric times. The first finds of the Middle Paleolithic were discovered by archaeologist ND Praslov in 1966 at the base of the Kara-Burun cape, on which the ancient settlement of Nympheus is located, and near the Tobechik lake. Local historian BI Babich in 2000 found a flake of the Levallois appearance in the Keza tract. A.I. Melnik in 2009 identified Kamysh-Burun with finds from the Mousterian period. Mammoth teeth were found on Esplanadnaya Street in Kerch. The age of the finds is 100-40 thousand years. Taken together, these findings are material evidence of the habitation of Neanderthals on the Kerch Peninsula.

There are more numerous sites, locations and points of the Mesolithic (8000–5000 BC) and Neolithic (5000–4000 BC) on the Kerch Peninsula. They were discovered by A. D. Arkhangelsky, S. I. Zabnin, P. N. Zabolotsky, A. A. Schepinsky, Yu. G. Kolosov, L. G. Matskevoy, S. A. Shestakov. Currently, 60 monuments of this time have been identified in the Eastern Crimea. The inhabitants were engaged in hunting and fishing. On the territory of Kerch there are points Mithridates I, Cape Karantinniy, Kerchav-Ilgasy, Aleksandrovka, Geroevskoe I, Eltigen I, Eltigen II.

From the Bronze Age (III-I millennium BC) on the Kerch Peninsula, there were burial mounds with burials of the Yamnaya, Kemi-Obinsk, Catacomb and Timber Archaeological Cultures and settlements of cattle breeders and farmers. These monuments were discovered and studied by V.V. Veselov, I. T. Kruglikova, A. Leskov, V. G. Zbenovich, V. D. Rybalova, S. S. Bessonova, A. E. Kislyi. On the lands of the city of Kerch, there are settlements of the Kamensk culture: the eponymous settlement of Kamenka, Gleyki, Mayak I, Mayak II.

The early Iron Age is represented by the Kizil-Koba culture (10th-5th centuries BC), the population of which met the Greek colonization of the Northern Black Sea region. The burial mound of this culture was investigated by S.S.Bessonova; ceramics is found in many ancient settlements.

Antique period

It is not for nothing that many tourists and residents of Crimea call the eastern capital of the peninsula Kerch. The sights of this city can be considered important at the level of not only the resort republic, but also the whole of Russia. Why? It's simple - this is one of the most ancient cities in the country. It is literally steeped in the past, which is reflected in those objects that are worth seeing. Monuments of the Second World War and the most ancient shrines, unique museums and unique architecture, grandiose projects and exquisite streets - Kerch really has something to see.

Kerch: TOP-most interesting places

The sights of Kerch, which are marked in this subsection, are considered the visiting cards of the city. Any sightseeing tour of the city provides for their visit.

Crimean (Kerch) Bridge

  • Coordinates on the map: 45.57800, 36.59052.

The longest bridge connecting the mainland of Russia with the Crimean peninsula. Consists of a four-lane road passage and a two-joint railroad track.

The Crimean Bridge was put into operation in 2018-2019. with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin. Putting it into operation solved the problem of communication between Russia and Crimea without crossing the Ukrainian border.

Being an important transport object, the Kerch Bridge has an attractive architecture, beautiful night illumination. Traveling across the bridge, when around - and to the left and to the right, and in front and behind - the Black Sea, becomes an unforgettable experience.

Great Stairs of Mithridates

  • Address: Mount Mithridates. Transport stop "Lenin Square".

If Mount Mithridates is the symbol of Kerch, then the magnificent stone staircase leading to its top is considered the main calling card of the city. The creation of the architect A. Digby cannot but amaze. Three tiers of stairs with side and front aisles and terraces separating the flights from each other create an inimitable architectural ensemble. The building is decorated with figures of griffins, decorative flowerpots, graceful balustrades. It is imperative to take a picture against the background of this splendor.

Ruins of Panticapaeum

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