Water tourism in Gomel

Water tourism in Gomel

The rich history of Gomel made it a tasty morsel for fans of excursion tourism in the Republic of Belarus. Here tourists will find a variety of attractions - majestic palaces, ancient temples and museums that keep traces of antiquity. And for visitors in the city and its surroundings there are many other interesting places that are worth seeing on excursions.

The most interesting places in Gomel: TOP-for one day

Gomel is a city-museum, the "nails" of this extensive excursion are the most popular tourist attractions, business cards, which will be discussed in this part of the article.

Palace of the Rumyantsevs and Paskevichs

  • Address: Lenin Square, 4.

The palace is part of the Gomel palace and park ensemble and is considered its main asset. This luxurious mansion, built in the 18th century in the classicism style, belonged to Count Nikolai Rumyantsev and served as a family estate for decades. In the first half of the 19th century, the descendants of the count sold the palace to the military leader Prince Fyodor Paskevich, who lived here until his death in 1909.

The building was seriously damaged by the First and Second World Wars. Looting and bombing almost completely destroyed the palace and the buildings next to it. The restoration, which returned the complex to its former appearance, took place only in 1960. The rich interior decoration has also been restored. The Ballroom and Column Halls are especially popular among visitors - spacious rooms decorated with a truly princely sophistication.

Gomel Park

  • Address: Proletarskaya street, 21.

Gomel Park is located on the right bank of the Sozh River and occupies an impressive area of ​​34 hectares. It was founded by Count Rumyantsev, and later developed and ennobled by Prince Paskevich. The park combines decorative elements (flat alleys, artificial ponds, lawns, paved paths) and virgin natural areas where the natural landscape has been preserved.

The park was significantly damaged during the war years. Fires, lack of maintenance and uncontrolled logging have left the ecosystem deserted and endangered. However, the destruction of the square was prevented. In the 1960s. work began on the restoration of the natural zone. Today, several thousand trees and shrubs, typical of central Russia and the subtropics, grow here.

Gomel fountains

Sights of Gomel: 25 best places with photos

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The best, according to reviews, sights of the city of Gomel (Belarus) - with photos, descriptions, names and addresses; what to see in Gomel and the surrounding area for travelers, where to go on an excursion.

7 minutes Author: Andrey Goryachev 1653

Belarus has long been famous for the beauty of its nature and fish richness of reservoirs located on the territory of the republic. Fishing in Gomel and its environs will appeal to both fans of the float and feeder, and lovers of spinning tackle.

Sozh River

Great fishing in Gomel is possible on the Sozh River, which is a left tributary of the Dnieper and flows through the city center. Its average depths are about 5 m, maximum - 20 m. Width ranges from 1.5 to 5 km. Found here:

  • pike ;
  • pike ;
  • lazy ;
  • head ;
  • perch ;
  • asp;
  • bream;
  • roach;
  • crucian carp;
  • silver bream;
  • som ;
  • podust ;
  • minnow.

In spring, Gomel anglers gather in the area of ​​the village of Chkalovo. From mid-April to the end of May, “white” fish bite perfectly in this area. The catches are dominated by such species as roach and silver bream. The most effective is the Bolognese fishing rod, which allows you to make a long drive downstream. Manure worm and maggot serve as attachments.

With the arrival of summer, bream begins to come across the same area. Feeder and classic bottom tackle is used to catch it.

A bunch of worms are usually used as bait. The presence of a fairly strong current implies the addition of heavy soil to the bait.

Good places for fishing with a feeder are also located near the village of Chonki. During the entire period of open water they bite here:

  • tick ;
  • roach ;
  • guster;
  • subust.

The rig should be cast 40–60 m from the shore, where the fish are less careful and take the bait more boldly. The weight of the trough must be at least 40 g

The Sozh River in the vicinity of Gomel forms many channels and flooded lakes, where you can successfully fish for tench and crucian carp. To fish these representatives of ichthyofauna, it is better to use a 6–7 m long float rod. Since fishing takes place at a shallow depth, the carrying capacity of the float should not exceed 2 g. Maggot and dung worm are used as a nozzle. In the middle of summer, semolina "talker" is often effective.

In June, when the spring ban on spinning ends, many lovers of predator angling go to the vicinity of the village of Bakovo. This site is notable for the fact that successful fishing here is possible not only from a boat, but also from the shore. Promising pits, dumps and snags are within the casting distance. They catch here:

Dear adults, we remind you to observe safety rules on ice!

First of all, do not leave children unattended and know exactly where they are!

Because of elementary curiosity and interest in the unknown, from a great desire to show "heroism", children, forgetting about the sense of danger, go out on the ice. And here, as luck would have it. Maybe everything will work out, but games on ice, even on a shallow river, can end in big trouble.

Dear adults, taking a minor with you on a fishing trip, take care of his safety. Never send your children home alone if they are cold or tired. They will definitely try to shorten the path to the house, thereby putting their lives in mortal danger.

The current water bodies and the remaining waterfowl are especially dangerous. During the freeze-up period, ice solders (balconies) are formed near the coast in open water where waterfowl stay for the winter. It is very dangerous to go out on such ice and feed birds from it - it can be deadly.

Keep your children safe. Educate children in a culture of safe behavior. Take a few minutes to talk frankly with the children about this. Remember that these minutes will be measured at the cost of your life. And so that trouble does not come to your home, it is necessary to instill in children clear knowledge and skills on how to act in one or another situation.

Remember that our children's lives depend only on ourselves!


about accidents with people on the waters

as of December 7, 2020 (OSVOD operational data)

According to operational data OSVOD from the beginning of the year to 06. 02.2020, 351 people died from drowning in the Republic of Belarus, including 19 minors.

Of the total number of drowned (351 people), 173 (49.3%) people were in a state of alcohol (drug) intoxication.

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