Water tourism in Crimea

Hiking and trekking in Crimea

The author of the article: Sergey Zavoda Mountain guide, climber, rescuer of the Ministry of Emergencies

What associations arise in the first place with the phrase Crimean Peninsula? Yalta, August, Swallow's Nest? Or maybe the bays of Sevastopol, the ruins of the ancient Chersonesos and the wild beaches of Balaklava, cozy evenings overlooking the Diva rock and, of course, with the most delicious and largest cheburek in Simeiz? ? Ask anyone who has ever been to this truly unique place: "Well, how do you like Crimea?" and with a probability of 99.9% the answer will be a dreamy smile "Mmmm, Kryyyyyym!" Why is it so attractive for all beginners and advanced travelers? And why do you need to go there at least once (so that you want to come back again and again, hehe)? Let's figure it out!

Natural diversity of Crimea

Availability of trekking in Crimea

Crimea is available to everyone! And this is not just a bright slogan. Judge for yourself:

  • it is easy and inexpensive to get here - the cost of a flight Moscow-Simferopol and back on average starts from 7-8 thousand rubles, depending on the season, and with the opening of the Crimean bridge, other methods are also available get to the peninsula;
  • there is no reference to the exchange rate, while the prices for such simple pleasures as eating deliciously in a cafe overlooking the sea (yes, the biggest and most delicious cheburek!)) are palpable lower than in Moscow and St. Petersburg;
  • to feel the wind of freedom and understand what the delight of a pioneer is, you do not have to be an outstanding climber or rock climber, except perhaps a little adventurer and a lover of hiking and nature

Learning materiel: how trekking and hiking differ

So, you have decided to go towards adventures and amazing discoveries of the Crimean wonders. Congratulations! The choice is great! How can you now understand which route will be optimal for you? And what, finally, do these mysterious words in the heading of the article "hiking" and "trekking" mean? As you might guess, the origin of these terms came to us from the English language, where "trekking" literally means "to make a big transition", and "hiking" - "long walk, walking tour". In practice, it works like this: If you are a beginner and just embark on the path of a hiker (or perhaps you plan to put your children or grandchildren on this path), then hiking is suitable for you as a warm-up. Distinctive features of this type of tourism are: - Short-term. Most often, the adventure takes 2 to 4 days (the so-called PVD - weekend hike). - Comfort at the border of nature and civilization. You do not have to carry heavy backpacks and think about how to put up a tent after a day full of impressions, since in most cases overnight stays are carried out at tourist centers, eco-hotels or guest houses. It is for such an easy and pleasant start that we have developed several simple, but rich programs, which you can familiarize yourself with in more detail by clicking on the links: 1. Hiking in Crimea: Chatyr-Dag and Demerdzhi 2. Weekend hike in Crimea: 2 days to Demerdzhi 3. Family trip to the Crimea to Chatyr-Dag Have you familiarized yourself and think that you are ready for something more? So you should think about trekking! This category differs from the first in greater duration, greater isolation from civilization and closeness to nature. Unlike hiking, trekking in the vast majority of cases means spending the night in tent campsites in specially equipped parking lots, cooking over a campfire or tourist gas burners, swimming in ponds or hiking baths and other pleasures of a tourist's life! Thus, for beginners who want to make their first trekking, Crimea, due to its compactness and good climate, suits perfectly well. Natural isolated locations harmoniously alternate with islands of civilization and all this is no more than within one walking day. In the arsenal of the My Way tourist club there are several options for trekking in the Crimea. All of them are of varying degrees of difficulty, but at the same time they are balanced in such a way that everyone will find something for themselves. The age range of the participants is discussed individually - write to us and we will select the optimal trekking for you. You can familiarize yourself with the trekking routes by the links below: 1. Crimea: a hike to the Temple of the Sun 2. A hike in Crimea through the mountains to the sea 3. Crimea: a hike to Ai-Petri 4. A hike in Crimea: Mangup-Kale and Yalta 5. A hike across Crimea "Three Canyons"

Basket, picture, cardboard ...

Each of us had at least once to deal with fees for any trip. "Passport, money, phone, charging, fuuh, like I haven't forgotten anything!" Sound familiar, right? ?

Of course, the list of things for trekking or hiking in Crimea (and not only in Crimea) has a number of distinctive features from the list of things for a trip, say, to some sanatorium or boarding house. Depending on the route chosen, this list will vary and be modified (a detailed description of what you need can be found on the page of each hike using the links above). Here we will touch upon only the most important, which must be paid attention to, so that the trip (either on its own or as part of a group with experienced guides) leaves bright and, most importantly, positive impressions.

Shoes! As in the proverbs "bread is the head for everything", so in the hikes "legs are for everything." Therefore, unambiguously, the shoes should be comfortable. For easy routes, it is not necessary to purchase any specialized trekking shoes, but they should be sporty and best worn out. There is nothing sadder than rubbing calluses with new sneakers on the very first day! But even shoes, which are comfortable in everyday wear, can rub in the conditions of unusually long transitions, so any tourist's “must have” is a supply of plasters “for yourself, for you and for that guy”.

A few more words about shoes. A good solution is to take two pairs - running shoes and trekking sandals that are not afraid of water. They are multifunctional - you can use them as “home” footwear in parking lots, during water procedures, as well as in hot weather as walking footwear, if the condition of the trails allows.

A hike for those who want to walk an interesting route, enjoy the beautiful nature of Crimea and at the same time swim in the sea every day. We will move along the coast, visiting a new bay every day, look at the beaches famous since Soviet times, climb the extinct volcano Karadag and see many other natural attractions.

Upcoming hikes

How to get there

Meeting with the group will take place at 11:00 on the first day of the hike at the bus station in Feodosia near the Vstrecha cafe. The city bus station of Feodosia is located on Lunacharsky Street opposite the Aivazovskaya (Aivazovka) railway station and next to the Catherine Church.

Crimea can be reached in the following ways: 1) Plane to Simferopol. You can get from the airport to the railway station of Simferopol in an hour, from the railway station there are buses to all the cities of Crimea. 2) A single ticket from Russian Railways (train + bus). You can buy a ticket at the box office of a railway station in any city or on the website . zd. u, the schedule and details can also be found in the Russian Railways information desk - 8 800 775 00 00. Travel time is about 2 days. 3) By train. Tickets and timetables can be viewed at . u 4) By bus "Moscow - any city in Crimea". Can be ordered on the website . ilety-avtobus. u and others. Travel time is about 28 hours. 5) By car. Find a suitable option on the website www. lablacar. u. You can search for options from your city, as well as get to Krasnodar and watch the cars from there.

Arrival in the village of Novy Svet on the last day of the hike at approximately 17:00. It is better to take return tickets from Simferopol after 22:00 on the last day of the hike.

From Simferopol to Feodosia can be reached in 3.5 hours by bus. Regular buses run every half hour from the railway station, the schedule of direct buses from the airport: . andex. u/station/9751623.

Possible accommodation in Feodosia before the start of the tour: +7 (978) 093 48 66, Valentina, private sector, cozy, comfortable and accessible (recommended by the tour participants); +7 (978) 810 15 35, Olga, various housing in Feodosia from 400 rubles. per day per person (works at the station, not checked); Please book yourself and in advance.

Feedback from participants

Thank you KP for this trip. I enjoyed the process and remembered how it is done after a long break. The hike is suitable for those who want to walk and at the same time relax, beginners, people who have doubts about.

Thanks to the Adventure Club for an interesting route through the bays of Crimea, it is great for exploring Crimea, and especially good for those who want to try themselves in multi-day hikes for the first time. Thank.

Take your snorkel mask. All opinions are subjective. ? I do not go hiking and consider any physical activity to be the work of a lifetime. So when I was called on a hike in the mountains.

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Hot corn, honey baklava, apple nowhere to fall, expensive hotels are not the whole peninsula

“We are going to Crimea. By car, ”friends admitted. A married couple, an adult daughter, a student.

I remembered sloppy Yalta with a broken embankment, not at all like Yalta from books. Alushta, where the feeling that the fascists who had ravaged the city had just been driven out does not leave. Chebureks made from an already dubious minced meat diluted to a liquid state, inevitable pills for vomiting and, forgive me, diarrhea. The musical repertoire of the cafes is “a glass of vodka on the table”, “everything is for you - sunrises and sunsets”, further down the list, and you will never be given a check. Draft wine from the devil knows what. Prices in hotels are the same as in Monaco, only higher. I remembered everything before which even the wild Crimean nature with its bear crawling into the sea - Ayu-Dag, the impossibly beautiful Ai-Petri and the ever-blooming Nikitsky Botanical Garden - is powerless.

“… to the private sector. Let's go with us?" - added friends.

I shuddered, but agreed without thinking. After all, it's always nice to laugh at friends who, in the peaceful pre-coronavirus era, preferred to sunbathe somewhere in Vietnam and Mexico. It is interesting to see their faces when faced with the harsh reality. And you won't scare me with the private sector: the memories of my youth are alive, still alive. Well, there was only one alternative at that time - to spend a vacation at home. Now we would, of course, rush to Tanzania (just kidding).

Then I did not know yet that there was another Crimea - not the one in which I was before.

Steppe and steppe all around

Another Crimea is steppe, in the west of the peninsula, where there are no mountains or lush green splendor, as on the South Coast. Many traditionally consider these places to be dull. Of the major cities, there is only one Evpatoria, which is far behind Yalta. There is also Saki, a tiny, unremarkable town, known only for a sanatorium with healing mud - they are everywhere here, in generously scattered salt lakes, but this is still a specific, not everyone needs a rest.

But to the west of Evpatoria there are small villages: Shtormovoe, Mirny, Popovka, Olenevka and others. Each of them must have a broken dirt road covered with a layer of special dust. It rises like a pillar, even if the car crept at the minimum speed, pedestrians walking behind will surely swallow. These are very important roads, they lead to local beaches - sandy, wide, folding into an almost endless 50-kilometer strip. These are not tiny beaches of Alushta.

The entry to the sea is smooth, ideal for children and those who swim uncertainly. The water is pure, without a hint of algae. It seems impossible that while the beaches of the South Shore are packed to the eyeballs, there is always a place to be found. And if you step aside a little, you will generally sunbathe alone.

Unbelievable, but true: decent infrastructure is attached to the beach and the sea in these villages. A cafe (or several at once), a canopy, sun lounger rental (100 rubles for the whole day, or with your own umbrella or beach tent), toilet (free or for 20 rubles), changing room, shower, foot wash, rescue tower, free wi-fi (works intermittently - however, like any free wi-fi anywhere). Seen from the sea, the landscape is easily mistaken for Turkish, only the palm trees are missing. There is a range of water activities: riding on a "banana", on a "tablet" (300 rubles), on a pedal boat (500 rubles per hour), sometimes there are glanders (500 rubles per hour, this is when you slowly swim, standing on a plastic board, using a paddle). There is only parasailing - riding on a parachute tied to a boat: apparently, the winds are not the same.

How does it all work? Access to water is free, as required by law. And on the beaches there are private companies. They try very hard, the staff is polite.

I would like to tell you about several tourist routes of Crimea at once, but we have passed only two so far. Therefore, the information will only be about them and about those points that should be taken into account when preparing for the trip. Hopefully, those who go for the first time will find this post useful. Experienced people are unlikely to find something interesting for themselves, especially since I do not pretend for anything, I prefer to go on light hikes and am not an avid hiker. If you have any questions, ask.

Maps of Crimea

Below are 4 pictures in pretty good resolution. They are in GIF format. See the full image on the links.

Route through the mountains to the sea

So, in the summer of 2010 we went on a hike across the Crimea (follow the link for a detailed report on the hike), in the so-called "through the mountains to the sea." Although, perhaps, its official name is different, we christened it that way, because it reflects its essence.

The only mistake was that we got lost in one place and spent the night on the Sualtan River, although we would have to go further. The paths were clearly not traced there, but we ourselves are to blame for wanting to cut. It's better not to do this without GPS.

Path length: About 60 km, day trips - whatever you want. We went through it slowly in 7 days, you can go through it in 4-5.

Line of the route: Tankovoye - Mangup (spring) - t/s Istoki (spring) - lane. Bechku - t/s Ai-Dimitriya (spring) - t/s Tea House - t/s Silver Streams (spring) - t/s Grand Canyon (river) - t/s B (river) - t/s Bash-Dere (river) - Ai-petri - by minibus to Yalta.

Map of the tourist route in Crimea

Route through Tyrke Yayla and Karabi Yayla

In the summer of 2012, we also went hiking in the mountains of Crimea. This time it ran along the Black Sea coast and we periodically saw the sea in the open area. In the end, we still, of course, went to sea, so it can be called the same way - across the mountains to the sea. Moreover, we literally reached the sea on foot and without transport. But the last 5 km, this is just a gentle dirt road, which is not of particular interest, well, maybe except that there are vine plantations everywhere.

This route is also good because it has a minimal chance of meeting with foresters, since these places are not very popular.

Ecological tourism is gaining popularity all over the world. Many inhabitants of megalopolises, all year forced to be in gas-polluted cities, crowded with people and mechanisms, dream of giving up on vacation in a quiet corner, as close as possible to nature and its gifts. As a rule, the concept of environmentally friendly recreation includes not only the opportunity to be in a picturesque place and enjoy clean air - but also: to eat organic products, drink clean spring water, and spend time actively. Read about all the options to organize an eco-friendly vacation in Crimea.

"Eco Camp" in the Belbek Valley

"Eco Camp" is a settlement located in the Belbek Valley with its picturesque landscapes and unique nature.

The total area of ​​the territory is 8 hectares, it has its own terraced apple orchard (cultivated organically), a spring, and nearby there are meadows with medicinal herbs, deciduous forest, juniper thickets, pine groves, and the Crimean mountains in direct accessibility ...

The nearest settlement is located four kilometers from the camp.

Visitors can choose one of three accommodation options: in double wooden cottages with all amenities, reed eco-bungalows (double summer cottages with bed linen, furniture, but no amenities inside) or in a tent camp (tents can be use your own or rent).

Infrastructure includes: vegetarian cafe, sauna, playground, swimming pool, evening cinema, free parking. There are also 8 men's and the same number of women's showers, toilets, washbasins. Hot water in showers - by the hour, cold - constantly. There is electricity, wifi.

On the territory of the garden there are recreation areas and cozy rooms for yoga classes, spiritual practices, seminars, master classes, lectures.

The use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol and meat is prohibited at Eco Camp.

Up to 100 people can be accommodated at the same time.

Coordinates for GPS navigator: 44 ° 34'52. 0.33 ° 52'22. 6

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