Water tourism in Belarus

Weekend kayaking

Event program

18:00 - Gathering of the group. Departure from Minsk in a comfortable minibus.

19:00 - Arrival at the starting camp.

19:00 - 20:00 - Setting up the camp, settling in tents, preparing firewood and other organizational issues.

20:00 - Dinner (hot food cooked over a fire).

20:30 - 23:00 - Free time, communication, entertaining hiking games around the fire.

8:00 - 10:00 - General rise, collection of the camp and personal belongings, breakfast.

10:00 - Briefing on safety measures and rules of conduct on the water. The basics of kayak control.

10: 30- 13:00 - We go along the route. Stops are possible on request, as well as a general stop for swimming in the river.

13:00 - 14:00 - Stop for lunch.

14:30 - 17:00 - We continue the rafting.

Weekend kayaking

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Water tourism in the Brest region Development Prospects

Water tourism in the Brest region is only gaining momentum. What innovations have appeared in recent years, what problems the enthusiasts of this type of active recreation have to face, the correspondent of "Zarya" sorted out.

On the road - with hope

The potential for the development of water tourism in the Brest region is quite high. There are more than 80 water bodies in the region, including 17 large lakes and reservoirs, 12 rivers and canals, along which it is possible to move small boats for tourist purposes.

The Nadezhda catamaran is perhaps one of the most exotic floating craft that you can meet on the small rivers of the Brest region.

- Water tourism is in high demand in Europe today - this allows not only to see the most beautiful corners of nature, but also to get a unique long-term boost of vigor, - says the general director of the Brest company "Nadezhda", he is also the captain of the "ship" Petr Komyakovich. “They even buy and re-equip whole barges for walking along rivers and canals. But in the West there is no such pristine nature as in Belarus. However, it is difficult to make money exclusively in this area.

More than a dozen years ago, Petr Komyakovich acquired a primitive raft, modernized it - put a sail, motor, rudder, wheelhouse, registered in the prescribed manner. In groups of 10 people, like-minded people of the Nadezhda club passed almost all Belarusian rivers, rafting 6-7 times a season.

Organization of weekend kayaking on the rivers and lakes of Belarus. Large selection of routes. ⛵ With Turpohod, your weekend getaway is easy and stress-free.

Types of water tourism in Belarus. Activities for sportsmen and steamers for those who like relaxing walks in comfort.

Belarus is a country of rivers and lakes, so it is not surprising that the concept of "water tourism" is well known to Belarusians. And it is not limited to such popular locations as Lake Naroch or the Braslav Lakes Nature Reserve. Each region of the country has its own lakes, rivers and reservoirs, where water sports enthusiasts will spend their time with benefit and pleasure.

Types of water tourism

To begin with, let's single out a group of activities that imply the active participation of the tourist himself, his appropriate physical training. It includes canoeing, kayaking, boating, catamarans, rafts. For example, only near Minsk there are several rivers suitable for such skiing - Isloch, Viliya, Zapadnaya Berezina, Yarshovka.

Of great importance is the fact that along the special rafts there are often equipped beaches or just places where you can stop, make a fire, or spend the night. That is, skiing can be more than just a few hours - tourists often spend several days on the water with short breaks. This is the choice for real athletes.

Water tourism of this kind can be organized and unorganized. In the second case, tourists and just lovers of active recreation create the necessary conditions for themselves, develop routes. However, beginners are encouraged to join an active school or group of more experienced athletes. There are many coaches in Belarus who will gladly help you to kayak, raft or master a canoe. Moreover, all types of devices are available for rent, so you don't need to buy too much if you just want to try your hand.

Skiing without active participation of tourists

Another option for water tourism is riding on boats, yachts, motor ships. Now this area is actively developing in Belarus. Here are some options for those looking to take a boat trip:

  • Minsk Sea. Motor ships "Svisloch" and "Viliya". Guests are offered not only walks on the water, but also full-fledged excursions.
  • Naroch - "Poseidon". To find the ship, you need to get to the village of Naroch itself, and then to the "Urliki" zone, which is not only a beach, but also a park.
  • Mozyr-Turov, "rocket" "Polesie". It is not only a pleasure boat, but also a convenient means of transportation.
  • Grodno, motor ship "Olga Solomova". It departs from the pier, which is located in Grodno along Levonaberezhnaya Street. The route stretches along the Neman and the Augustow Canal.
  • Bobruisk, motor ship "Dream". To ride it, you need to get to the Lenin sanatorium. From there, transport goes to the White Coast (the name of the beach) along the Berezina River.
  • Vitebsk - "Vitebsk" and "Northern Capital". On these motor ships you will ride from Victory Park to the Soviet Army Park. On Sundays there are guided walks who will tell you about the history of the city.

Be careful: many of these ships set out on a journey if there is a sufficient number of people willing - usually from 15 to 20 people. Before going to the embankment, check for additional information on the net.

We have given just a few examples of motor ships that make water tourism in Belarus not only affordable, but also comfortable. In fact, dozens of similar options for equipment ply along the rivers and lakes of the country - wherever there are large reservoirs, tourists will be offered something interesting.

How to get there, meeting point

Description of the trekking route

The route along the link of the rivers Narochanka and Viliya is the most beloved and interesting route for summer kayaking. Narochanka is one of the most popular rivers in Belarus, where all tourists go, regardless of experience.

You will see Lake Naroch, the largest lake in Belarus, which is unique in terms of natural and ecological indicators. The Naroch River (Narochanka) is the only river flowing from the lake. The water in the river, as well as in the lake itself, is very clean and transparent.

On the route along the Narochanka River, you will meet not only the beauties of nature (wetlands, steep banks, pine forests, light rifts, etc.), but also natural monuments (glacial boulders, springs), architecture (Orthodox and Catholic churches, estates), military monuments (burials, memorials).

The route involves several half-days with radial walks to interesting places, as well as frequent stops for short walks. Organization of a tourist bath (in black).

The Viliya River will open in all its splendor, in places exposing stone rifts. Rafting on Viliya will be filled with both beauty and informational content.

On our rafting you will get a lot of new impressions, visit the combat zone of the First and Second World Wars, see the places of worship of Christianity, feel the intertwining of Belarusian history, and also get new interesting experience. You will learn what a canoe trip is.

By joining the hike, you will take a break from the crazy rhythm of city life, bustle and exhaust gases, soak up fresh air and unique views of the stunning nature of north-western Belarus, you will be able to get away from stress, worries and anxieties, from everyday life.

Our rafting is interesting both for beginners and for prepared people who want to spend time in peace, but in active movement. We offer you the opportunity to actively relax and try your hand at kayaking "Taimen". The route is designed for people without special training, the main thing is your desire!

Three meals a day, varied on the route. Cooking at the stake. We live in 3-bed tents. Catches the phone on the whole route (roaming).

Day hike program

Meeting of the group by instructors in Minsk and moving to the starting point by a custom bus. Preparing for the rafting. Our instructors will give instructions and help you pack your things properly, teach you everything you need. After lunch we will go out to the water of Lake Myastro.

How to get there, meeting point

Description of the trekking route

The Elenka Wetland Reserve of local importance is located on the territory of the Krupsky District of the Minsk Region in the natural state of valuable bog complexes, and is also a place of growth and habitation of wild plants and wild animals belonging to the species included in the Red book of the Republic of Belarus. This is what the leshoz website tells us, but this information does not tell us anything about these places at all.

And they are very interesting for hiking! The territory of the reserve forms almost a triangle between the rivers Elenka, Mozha and Bobr, in the center of which there is the "Great Swamp", bordered by picturesque forests! There are many paths and paths, some of them confidently lead to the goal, and some start out of nowhere and lead to nowhere!

We will go to this "Bermuda Triangle"!

Day hike program

Meeting with the instructor is carried out in the city of Minsk at the railway station Minsk-Vostochny (near the ticket office) at 06:40. Departure by electric train to Bobr station. No later than 09:40 we meet with those who got there on their own, and we move towards the forest.

We go through the village of Great Forest (our ancestors loved everything "great" or simply the forest was then very large and impassable) and we go deep into the forest. We are about 11 km to the bridge over the Elenka River. Just in time for lunch we will reach and stop here for a rest and a snack.

Further, depending on the weather, the composition of the group, the time of day and the mood of the instructor (just kidding), we move towards the place to spend the night along the picturesque forest paths. Maybe we can do some swamping and windbreaking.

We will spend the night on the picturesque bank of the Beaver River, presumably at the "Star".

Distance per day about 18 km.

We wake up, have breakfast, set up the camp and go out towards the station "New Life". We have to go about 8 km, so we are in no hurry. On the way, we will stop at one of the most popular and picturesque camps in these places, admire a huge oak tree and have a bite to eat overlooking the Beaver River.

If we are in the mood, we will make a circle in the “Great Swamp” to get a good soak at the end of the hike.

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