Water tourism club cruise

Water tourism club cruise

A long cruise to exotic destinations is the dream of many. The InCruises cruise club offers a dream trip on the best top and 4-star liners at a fraction of the price (compared to classic operators' travel packages) or free of charge due to a unique membership offer. It is easy to choose the type of accommodation - in a good or luxurious cabin.

The choice of direction is wide - a trip to the beaches of Cozumel or the coast of Alaska, where you can watch how humpback whales come to the surface. Cruises are a big part of the fast-growing vacation industry, and onboard amenities and incredible destinations are one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to see more countries in one vacation.

As a rule, this type of tourism is much cheaper than a regular holiday on the mainland. InCruises has always partnered with the most respected cruise lines to provide partners and their customers with onboard amenities, Broadway-style shows, five-star dining and a wide range of daily activities.

What is InCruises Club

InCruises is a cruise club that offers its members not only travel, but also a unique form of entrepreneurship. It is aimed at people who are interested in building a travel business from home or looking for ways to reduce their travel costs. Over the past few years, the club has become known throughout the world.

InCruises Cruise Club helps its members receive cruise offers. They earn points and rewards with cruise dollars to get the best travel deals. This club currency doubles the money for the members of the club, because it can be spent on any cruise. Members can cancel their membership at any time and are not limited by the terms of the agreement. InCruises has revolutionized the cruise industry by creating a new and innovative way to travel and work accordingly.

How does it work?

Those who join the Independent Affiliate Program receive commissions, bonuses, and gifts to help others learn about and join the company.

By inviting just five people to InCruises, partners are given the opportunity to become a free member and build a full-blown business

Club membership costs a flat fee every month. In exchange for the amount of the contribution, participants receive double the amount that is used to book the trip. In fact, selling to a tourist directly eliminates the additional commission of an intermediary in the process. Direct selling also offers people the following options:

  • work in a comfortable schedule;
  • starting a business with minimal investment;
  • making money on our own efforts;
  • communication with like-minded people;
  • recognition and awards for achievements;
  • control of a personal schedule based on personal or family needs.

Cruise Club InCruises

The 2021 cruise river navigation in Russia will start with new products. In June, tourists will enjoy a unique cruise on the skerries of Lake Ladoga, which will take place during the White Nights on one of the top motor ships. What route awaits passengers - in the review of "Vestnik ATOR".


The Ladoga Skerries, which have had the status of a national park since 2017, are well known to tourists. Not only are they not inferior in beauty to the famous Norwegian fjords, but are considered by some to be even more spectacular.

Until now, among the organized water excursions on the Ladoga skerries, there has not yet been a luxury offer. Basically, such excursions take place on small ships, boats, motor boats, even kayaks and kayaks. Their duration without spending the night at a recreation center is usually no more than 3 hours, during which tourists have time to visit not so many islands.

Therefore, the announcement by the cruise company Mosturflot of a cruise along the Ladoga Skerries on the top liner Alexander Green in navigation in 2021 became a real sensation on the river market.

Firstly, the movement along the skerries, planned by Mosturflot, takes a whole day. Passengers of motor ships will be able to see at once 8 islands associated with the legendary epic "Kalevala": Honkasalo ("The Roof of Ladoga"), Kaarnetsaari, where Nicholas Roerich painted his picture "Upcoming", Oryatsaari, one of the largest islands of Tulolansaari, as well as Karpansaari, Myakisalo, Pellotsaari and Kelo.

Secondly, "Alexander Green" is really a luxury motor ship, which until recently worked exclusively with foreign tourists. Only with the Russians did he start working this year, during the pandemic.

Thirdly, the proposed cruise trip will be the first call of a large-sized vessel in the history of the Ladoga skerries.

As noted by Svetlana Goncharova, Deputy Director for Tourism of the cruise company "Mosturflot", the idea of ​​such a route has matured in the company for a long time, but it took careful work of the entire team to implement it.

“This thought has not left us for several years,” notes Ms. Goncharova. “We connected our experts, boatmasters, safety specialists and finally realized that the dimensions and features of this ship allow us to carry out such a unique cruise,” she adds.

What the InCruises Cruise Club has to offer. Rules for joining the club, how much you can earn and how to go on a cruise for free.

Dear friends!

Cruises from Moscow to St. Petersburg and from St. Petersburg to Moscow are a great opportunity not only to go along one of the most popular routes, but also to get acquainted with the north-western region of Russia and cities on the Volga, to relax and get a charge of strength and vivacity! Earlier booking is the cabin you want to travel in, purchased on attractive terms.

Reservation of any cruise on motor ships "Sozvezdie" until February 22, 2021 is carried out with a seasonal 5% discount. If you pay online, you can also take advantage of the additional 2% 1 benefit.

And even before February 22, 2021, you can take advantage of a special offer and go on a cruise 2021 on special conditions! Find out more about the terms of the Infoflot birthday campaign by following the link.

Cruises participating in the Infoflot Birthday promotion are marked with a special icon on the flight page.

Waiting for you:

Select a departure city and dates convenient for you:

At your service:

  • comfortable cabins equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay;
  • the crew, whose members constantly undergo planned training, increasing the level of professionalism;
  • attentive attitude to each passenger on board: even while walking around the city while the ship is parked, you can always stay in touch with the cruise director via your mobile phone.

You can always count on:

  • a pleasant surprise in the cabin before the departure of the vessel, be it a memorable postcard or a magnet;
  • daily delivery of the on-board newspaper "Constellation Bulletin" containing information about daily routine, excursion schedules, weather forecast and other useful information;
  • gala dinner on the first day of the cruise, where you will be offered a special menu from the chef, as well as on long voyages - a captain's dinner and other theme nights;
  • "Tea, coffee for early birds" - if you are used to waking up early, then this service is for you! On the open decks, tea, coffee and light snacks will be waiting for you;
  • a variety of dishes of Russian, Italian, French cuisine, which can also bring aesthetic pleasure.

The cost of cruises on motor ships "Constellation" for your convenience is already included:

  • accommodation in a cabin of the selected category;
  • three meals a day on board;
  • excursion service according to the cruise program;
  • entertainment throughout the cruise;
  • travel information.

Dear friends!

In our online store - more than 1000 cruises along the rivers of Europe, Asia and even Africa. The choice is wide and varied!

Rhine, Main and Danube cruises

These are the most famous rivers in Europe along which premium-class motor ships ply:

For navigation 2018, the Bellejour alone will make 25 cruises along the Rhine, Main and Danube, visiting the most memorable and interesting places along the way. In winter, during the New Year holidays, you can relax on a cruise across Europe on the motor ship Fidelio.

In most cases, a cruise in Europe involves visiting not one, but several countries at once: Germany, the Netherlands, France, Hungary, Austria, Croatia and others. Motor ships make stops in large European capitals (Vienna, Budapest) and in small cozy towns. Ancient streets, numerous canals and openwork bridges, half-timbered houses, vineyard valleys, medieval castles and mesmerizing landscapes will take you into a real fairy tale!

Cruises on the Rhine, Main and Danube are organized by the Infoflot cruise center in cooperation with CRUCEMUNDO S. - European operator for river cruises. On most flights there is a guaranteed Russian group "Infoflot".

Members of the Cruise Lovers Club when purchasing any cruise - 5% discount and bonus points. You can become a member of the Club and enjoy its privileges after the first cruise!

Rhone and Seine river cruises (France)

You can see France in all its glory, traveling along the Rhone, on cruises on motor ships of the A-Rosa company:

Tourist service will be organized by the Infoflot cruise center in cooperation with the European cruise company A-Rosa.

Rhone cruises are one of the most beautiful travel experiences in France! This river was glorified by the great writer Alexandre Dumas in his novels about the Musketeers.

Rhone originates in the Alps and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. This is the deepest river in France.

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