Water tourism accidents

Water tourism accidents

Our rafting down the dirtiest river in Moscow - the Yauza. Amazing. But. The origins of the modern Yauza are an artificial hydraulic structure, the construction of which Read more →

Rafting river Skhodnya, Moscow, technogen, keel

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On the islands of the Onega Bay of the White Sea in September

Report on a water trip of the 1st category of complexity along the Pongoma River (Karelia) in July-August under the leadership of Okhapkin

Report on the water campaign of the KS along the Msta River (Novgorod region) - Salikhova MI

Another fresh, May report on the 2 class water trip has been posted. along the Msta river (Novgorod region).

Dates: April 27 to May 5, 2019

Report on a water trip of the 1st category of complexity in the Kaluga region (rResseta - r Zhizdra)

Team Leader: Potyliko Anna Gennadievna

Shuya Belomorskaya, rafting on wooden rafts, May, ks

Shuya Belomorskaya, flood rafting on wooden rafts, 4 ks.

Has there been a storm warning from the Ministry of Emergencies?

Yes, such a warning came on the eve of the tragedy. The fact that it came in the form of SMS to mobile phones was told by local residents and the surviving children.

Here is what Alexander Brown, a 13-year-old participant in the water trip, said in an interview with AiF: “The day before the trip, all the children received a message from the Emergencies Ministry about the storm. We immediately complained to the instructors that we didn’t want to go out into the storm, and they themselves were of the same opinion. It could be safely postponed for several days. The instructors, as far as I know, almost on their knees begged the director of the camp not to let us go on the hike. But she didn’t agree at all: “So, guys, either your squad is going on a hike and I don’t care how, or the students who practice here will have to go through everything again. This practice is not will be counted. " An ultimatum was delivered. ”

Were the children on the boat trip wearing life jackets?

Yes, at least the vast majority of children had life jackets. Both the rescued and the locals speak about this, who helped to extract the living and the dead from the water.

Unfortunately, the mere presence of vests does not guarantee safety. The water in the lakes of Karelia is cold, and a long stay in it can lead to death from hypothermia. In addition, with a strong storm wave and in the absence of survival skills in such conditions, there is a high risk of drowning in the presence of a vest. Drowning and hypothermia, according to preliminary data from forensic doctors, became the reasons for the death of children in Syamozero.

Is it true that the Ministry of Emergencies ignored a call from a drowning child?

Today we can say that this is not true. Information about such a call was spread on social networks by a Moscow teacher Marina Nefedova, referring to the story of one of the rescued children: “... the boy listened to me explaining why I needed their phone, and quietly sipped juice from a glass. Nodding his head, he suddenly said: “Tell me, how could this have happened: there was a boy with us, Zhenya, the smallest ... Then we began to drown ... Zhenya somehow got through to the Emergencies Ministry (I think it was number 112), shouted that we were drowning, and began to ask for help. They told him not to indulge in, and hung up ... He drowned ... "".

The press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Karelia denied these data. “At present, a check has been made of the records of all messages received by the rescue service of the Pryazhinsky region of Karelia, Petrozavodsk and the regions located in the emergency area. During the audit, it was found that no such calls were received by phones 01 or 112, "TASS quotes the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Karelia as saying.

The first message about the emergency on Syamozero came from a resident of the village of Kudama on June 19 at 11:15 Moscow time. Rescue teams were dispatched to the scene immediately after this call, the first of which arrived at approximately 12:20 pm.

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