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How Kazan attracts tourists

An inflatable boat is no longer a fisherman's dream. A variety of models on the market, availability to purchase directly from manufacturers' factories through official dealers, like our 5Shop store, give rise to a more valuable dream - to choose a good, reliable, high-quality PVC boat for fishing! To have advantages in price, light weight and convenient dimensions, do not take up much space in the deflated state, which simplifies its storage and transportation ... You can buy a boat in the nearest shop for hunting and fishing. The product is represented by a wide assortment and different price categories.

This variety makes it difficult to choose a model to buy. More expensive and beautiful may turn out to be short-lived, and cheaper and can last for many years. We will consider in more detail and closer to the topic further.

Where to start choosing a PVC boat? Before choosing a boat by manufacturer, it is worth answering questions about budget, place of use and assembly technology.

What to look for when choosing a boat for fishing in the first place

Before you buy a boat for fishing, you need to decide what size it will be, its carrying capacity, and the permissible engine power. To determine these indicators, you must answer 3 simple questions:

  • How often do you plan to use the boat and where will you store it and how to transport it? If you do not have a garage for storage and space in the trunk for transportation, choose the small model.
  • How many people will fish on the boat at most? The more people, the greater the carrying capacity.
  • How far are you planning to go by boat, and on what bodies of water? If you want to fish on a small lake or calm river, then there is no need to choose a boat with a motor. The fun will be enough. In extreme cases, you can take a universal boat with a hinged transom for any task. For long-distance swims on a river with a fast current, you cannot do without a powerful motor. Having decided, you will more accurately understand how to choose a PVC boat.

How to choose a boat for fishing: important characteristics

You have decided on the size and purpose of using the flotation device, but how to choose an inflatable fishing boat so that it will last a long time? For the long-term operation of a future purchase, 2 characteristics are important: material, quality and seam performance.

Choosing the right rubber boat, which is better, materials when choosing a PVC boat

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Water tourism

Get a comprehensive view of the distinctive capital of Tatarstan

Rating of excursion: 100% 2 reviews of tourists Group excursion Price: 540 rubles.

Sightseeing bus tour of Kazan

A short acquaintance with Kazan will give you a meeting with amazingly beautiful ancient mosques and traditional houses preserved in the Old Tatar settlement. On the territory of the Mother of God Monastery you will learn about its legendary relic - the lost Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. Hear the legends of the mystical Kaban Lake and stroll through a real village right in the city center. Explore one of the oldest puppet theaters, looking like a fairytale castle You will also see the famous Kazan University, where non-Euclidean geometry and the theory of the chemical structure of organic substances were born.

Tripster guide in Kazan Conducts 47 excursions We make useful and affordable sightseeing tours in the largest cities in the world. The programs are arranged so that you learn the most important things from history, discover unusual places loved by the locals, and after the excursion you walked around the city on your own with much greater interest. Our excursions are led only by the best guides after special training. We work in Rome, Paris, Istanbul, Budapest, London, Barcelona and everywhere! Conducts 47 excursions

Group Tour

Duration: 2. hours Group size: Up to 50 people Children: Allowed with children Best price guaranteeIf you find a price below, we will refund the difference. Read more Free cancellationFull refund if canceled 5 days or more in advance Instant bookingWithout waiting for a response from the guide.

Description of the excursion

What awaits you

National flavor in the Old Tatar settlement The excursion will begin in the historical district, where a unique ensemble of Tatar architecture was formed in the 17-18 centuries. You will see residential buildings in an authentic style and get acquainted with the history of ancient mosques that have become iconic religious monuments for Muslims throughout Tatarstan.

Kazan Loch Ness On the shores of Lake Kaban, you will hear stories that old-timers have been retelling to young generations for many years and which have become an integral part of life in Kazan. Let's talk about the untold treasures of Khan Yadygar, flooded at the bottom of the reservoir, and other legends associated with this mystical place.

The atmosphere of a Tatar village in the center of Kazan The program will also include an entertainment complex with the ancient Tatar name "Tugan avylym". Without leaving the city, you will see what a typical Tatar village looks like with log houses and a pond, carts and teams; and also meet figurines of domestic birds and the symbol of local cuisine - the giant echpochmak pie.

How to choose a quality boat for fishing An inflatable boat is no longer a fisherman's dream. Variety of models on the market, availability to purchase directly from

Cognition of the Russian soul through travels in the Middle Volga region!


It is not for nothing that they claim that Kazan is the third capital of Russia.

There is every reason for this: the city occupies one of the leading places in terms of population, economic development, living standards, outstripping the overwhelming majority of cities in the Russian Federation. The largest port city on the Volga is also a political, cultural, sports and trade center, with which few can compete.

Well-developed infrastructure and well-preserved monuments of history and culture make the city attractive for tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. The Kazan Kremlin and the city of Bulgar are two of the 26 UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in Russia. And Sviyazhsk is a candidate for inclusion in this list.

Blue Lakes

In addition to ancient monuments, not far from Kazan are the Volzhsko-Kamsky Nature Reserve, the Nizhnyaya Kama National Park and the uniquely beautiful Blue Lakes. In a word, the former khan's capital will find something to surprise even a sophisticated tourist.

Tourist entertainment complex "Tugan Avylym" (from the Tatar "native village") - opened in 2005 in honor of the millennium of Kazan.

Island-town Sviyazhsk

There is something to admire outside the city. One of these places is the island town of Sviyazhsk, founded in the Middle Ages by Ivan IV as a stronghold on the Volga, so necessary for the Russian army for a successful campaign against Kazan. It was the conqueror's citadel that, 400 years later, would inspire Konstantin Vasiliev to write one of his best canvases.


The theme of Russian painting will be continued in Yelabuga - a merchant town with a thousand-year history, which has become a home for the world-famous Russian artist Ivan Shishkin. It was here that he created many of his masterpieces, which would be considered an honor to keep in any of the museums in the world. Fortunately, they are in the Tretyakov Gallery. And some of his works are displayed in his house-museum in Yelabuga.

Sailing and not sailing

The main feature of the season will be boat trips around Kazanka. If excursions on Lake Kaban have long become traditional - only in 2015 they were visited by 60 thousand people, then river excursions are organized for the first time. Their launch became possible because Kazanka finally became absolutely safe for the passage of ships.

“Last year, seven days before the start of the Water Championship, the remaining metal supports under the Lenin dam were cut down after the repair,” said Vyacheslav Egorov, owner of the company that organizes water trips. "There are no obstacles for traffic on Kazanka now."

Two berths are opening for water trams. The boats “Bars” and “Zilant” will sail from the pier near the center of the Kazan family. These ships are designed for 11 excursionists. The route of the one-hour excursion will pass along the Kremlin embankment, the Kazan Arena stadium, and the Riviera water park. Excursion trams for 20-25 people will depart from the pier from Riviera RC. Their route "Kazan Arena" is a monument to the soldiers who fell during the capture of Kazan.

Another innovation - sailing - this has not happened at Kazanka since Soviet times. There will be 2-3 sailing yachts on the pier near Riviera RK. One of the yachts will be decorated with scarlet sails - it is intended for wedding ceremonies.

One of the most interesting water routes will be launched this spring. Straight from the center of Kazan on a speed boat, tourists will go to the iconic place for ecotourists and divers - the Blue Lakes. “Kazanka is wild there, very beautiful, similar to the forests of the Amazon, - explains Vyacheslav Yegorov. - Therefore, the route is called "Kazan - Amazon".

Shows and bread

While the organizers of the water recreation are gushing with ideas, their overland colleagues are holding a pause. There are few entertainments in Kazan parks, although they spent 900 million rubles on their improvement last year. The only amusement park "Kyrlay" does not work. "In connection with the change of the owner, neither the date of the opening of the park, nor its pricing policy is known," - make a helpless gesture in the committee for promoting tourism in Kazan.

But the Ferris wheel in Kazan will still work this summer. It is planned to open it in July in front of the Riviera RC. “The wheel will be one of the largest in Russia - 65 m high,” notes Sergey Gololobov, general director of the complex. - It will work all year round. The cabins will be equipped with air conditioning and will be heated in winter. They will be closed for security reasons. "

Kazan restaurateurs also have big plans for the new season. This year they will open five times more summer verandas in the city. Summer verandas near cafes and restaurants are set up on a notification basis. Places for non-stationary shopping facilities are played out at auctions. It is already known that 45 catering points will start operating in the city. The issue of placing food trucks - mobile restaurants in the Gorky Park - is being resolved.

The capital of Tatarstan is over a thousand years old. Her age, of course, suits her - Kazan is rightfully considered a real pearl of the Middle Volga region.

Of course, there is something to see in such an ancient city. You will have to spend more than one day on walks and a thorough study of Kazan, and the best assistant in this matter is a competent guide who will describe in simple language all the vicissitudes of a thousand-year history. Your choice - excursions in Kazan, in 2021 they offer both classic and non-format options.

The best routes in the city

Getting to know the city: sightseeing tours

If you have come to Kazan for the first time and do not know anything about the capital of Tatarstan and its history at all, it would be wise to choose a sightseeing tour. It will introduce you to the main sights, tell you about the main events in the history of the city and the republic, and will certainly delight you with a couple of legends, equally funny and tragic. Such excursions usually last no more than 2-3 hours. You can choose the walking or bus format of the walk - sightseeing tours in Kazan in 2021 are offered for any request.

Our tip Often sightseeing tours include visits to museums or lunch in a cafe with traditional Tatar cuisine. Such program deviations usually have to be paid for separately, so please bring extra money with you.

Heart of Tatarstan: excursions in the Kazan Kremlin

Coming to Kazan and not visiting the Kremlin is like coming to Moscow and not visiting the Kremlin. The history of the modern city began at this place, stone walls, like hundreds of years ago, guard the most ancient part of Kazan. There is a lot to roam on the territory of the Kremlin: several museums, archaeological excavations under glass, Orthodox cathedrals, the Kul Sharif Mosque and the Leaning Tower - excursions around the Kazan Kremlin include most of these objects in various combinations.

Our advice They offer wonderful views of the city and the Kazanka River.

Breath of history: excursions in the Old Tatar settlement

Kazan is undoubtedly an ancient city, but it can be difficult to feel it because of the new high-rise buildings towering here and there. However, a unique place has survived in the city, where the spirit of that very old Kazan is still felt today. The authentic Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda quarter is located in the city center. The wooden and stone houses that have survived here were built in the 19th century. You will see both the dwellings of simple artisans and the rich tenement houses of Tatar merchants, you will meet beautiful mosques, the oldest of which is more than 250 years old. During the walking tour, you will be told about how Islam spread in the Middle Volga region, what famous Tatar figures lived in this quarter and who hid the treasures of the Kazan khans at the bottom of Lake Kaban.

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