Water resources of Krasnoyarsk on the world map

Goods for sports and recreation

Unfortunately, there is no azure sea coast in Krasnoyarsk, and attempts to swim in the Yenisei can end in failure. However, should you deny yourself other water activities? In no case! Proof of this is our selection of locations.

Mana Rafting

Lying on a boat and enjoying the Siberian summer - if that's your choice, then take some time to raft down the Mana River. Three-day, weekly, on rafts, river trams or other ships. A definite plus is that Mana is a fast, but shallow river. It warms up quickly, so, most likely, you will even be able to swim.

Rafting can be organized on your own: take all the essentials, get to the village of Beret, put your transport on the water - the way to Ust-Mana will take three days. You can organize a parking lot on any shore you like (don't forget tourist accessories). Another option is to buy a ticket from the organizers of rafting, which are enough in our city. It costs about 3000-5000 per person.

On a yacht across the Krasnoyarsk Sea

A real paradise for those who are not indifferent to sea and river travel is the Shumikha Bay on the Krasnoyarsk Sea. Bizarre rocks, age-old cedars and pines, warm summer wind and the ability to dock at the shore - what you need on a hot day.

You can ride a yacht along the bay. This service is actively offered by the travel agency "Sim Sim": there are several types of walks with a picnic, the opportunity to swim and take pictures, which differ in duration and cost. A ticket for an adult will cost 400-950 rubles.

Lake Buzim

Located on the wooded shore of the lake of the same name, the country club offers to surf the water by boat or catamaran. You will have to pay for a day's stay (about 300 rubles) and rent a vehicle (250 rubles per hour for a catamaran and 300 rubles per hour for a boat).

Those who do not have enough lake walk can stay overnight and repeat the adventure the next day. But do not forget to check the prices for accommodation, as you will definitely not be able to spend the night on the boat.

Cable-stayed bridge on Tatyshev Island

Recently, under the cable-stayed bridge to the main island for recreation of Krasnoyarsk residents, there are boats ready to take everyone along the Yenisei and its channels with a breeze.

Rest on the water in Krasnoyarsk: rafting, boats, yachts and motor ships

Sports and Tourism in our country are gaining momentum every year. And if you have not yet joined this interesting, and most importantly useful pastime, now is the time to discover new tourist destinations and modes of movement, as well as more active types of recreation such as sports tourism.

Types of sports tourism

Sports tourism is a type of tourism based on competitions on difficult routes. These include overcoming categorical obstacles in the natural environment: passes, peaks (in mountain tourism), rapids (in sea tourism), canyons, caves and at distances created in the natural environment.

Sports tourism is also divided into types. We will tell you about the main types that you can start practicing this summer.


Hiking involves mainly walking on the tourist route. The main task of hiking is to overcome obstacles on the terrain and landscape on foot, for categories of high difficulty - in areas with difficult terrain and climatic conditions. For hiking, of course, you will need good equipment, sportswear and shoes.

Tracksuits and hiking kits will make your hike more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Mountain tourism

Mountain tourism or trekking in the mountains has the main task - to go through mountain passes, climb to the top, cross mountain ranges. The right athletic shoes are essential for mountain climbing. Good running shoes will not only help you conquer the peaks faster, but also keep your feet from injury and damage. On our site you can find a large selection of new discounted sneakers.

Water tourism

Water tourism on rivers using rafting facilities (ships), as a rule, in mountainous areas, involves overcoming water barriers formed by the relief of the river bed and the peculiarities of its course.

Good swimming equipment is also of great value. A bathing suit that will make you feel calm and protected while rafting will make your sports tourism unforgettable.


Krasnoyarsk information portal. All important information for an interesting life - a full poster of Krasnoyarsk, weather, a directory of sites and companies of the city, everything about auto-topics, a TV program.

Krasnoyarsk is a city in Eastern Siberia and also the administrative center of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Large industrial, economic and cultural center. In the past centuries it was the main center of the merchant class. We will find out which river Krasnoyarsk is on, and which sights are worth visiting during a visit to the city.

Krasnoyarsk rivers on the map

The water resources of the Krasnoyarsk Territory include a set of rivers, lakes, swamps, streams and groundwater. The main water artery of the region can rightfully be considered the Yenisei, the blue meridian of Russia. Rivers in Krasnoyarsk flow in the eastern part of the city. In fact, there are 15 large rivers in the region, the length of which exceeds 500 km. There are about 10,000 small rivers. The rest are small rivers and streams. There are over 30,000 of them in the region. The rivers of Krasnoyarsk belong to the basin of the Arctic Ocean.

Kacha River

A well-known river in Krasnoyarsk and throughout the region. The length of the channel is 103 km, the basin area is about 1200 square km. Kacha is also a left tributary of the Yenisei, its mouth is just within Krasnoyarsk. The river belongs to the Yenisei basin. It was at the confluence of the channels that the city of Krasnoyarsk grew up in the distant 17th century.

Kacha is rightfully an ideal reservoir for fishing. Going fishing, you can get hold of pike, perch, gudgeon, bream and other fish. Often, fishermen even sit on the embankments in the center of a metropolis, and by local standards, this is not considered something out of the ordinary. For fishing, it is not necessary to have modern expensive tackle, an ordinary fishing rod is enough. Ice fishing through ice holes is popular in winter.

In some sources, the name of the Kacha River is referred to as Izyr-Su. The fact is that several centuries ago, Turkic tribes lived on the site of modern Krasnoyarsk. In the local dialect, the name sounded like "Eagle River". When the Russians occupied its shores, they renamed the stream, calling it Kacha, because the former name was unusual and difficult to pronounce.

Fountain "Rivers of Siberia"

Krasnoyarsk is a large administrative center. A unique attraction of this city in the Krasnoyarsk Territory is the Siberian Rivers fountain. It is located on the stairs connecting the embankment with the opera and ballet theater. This unique structure has several levels and is 20 meters long. When the fountain is in operation, the water flows directly down the steps. It looks especially impressive in the dark - the backlight from waterproof lamps turns on.

The Rivers of Siberia was built in 2005, but the fountain was refurbished for three years. By 2008, 8 statues “settled” on the building. In the center there is a three-meter figure of the Yenisei, and around it seven young nymphs are dancing. They symbolize the smaller rivers of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

After the construction of the fountain, Teatralnaya Square became a favorite walking place for the townspeople. Guests of Krasnoyarsk come to see the unique sight and take pictures. In the summer heat, the "Rivers of Siberia" adorn the square, and in winter, thanks to the built-in illumination, it seems that the nymphs and the Yenisei are also moving.

River Mana

All excursions "Krasnoyarsk" Sightseeing tour of Krasnoyarsk by car

Sightseeing tour of Krasnoyarsk

Sightseeing tour of Krasnoyarsk is a car tour of the most famous places of the city with a visit to amazing viewing platforms and iconic streets in the history of the formation of Krasnoyarsk.

The tour program includes:

  • a visit to the chapel overlooking the city,
  • a historic street,
  • a steamer museum,
  • a visit to a hydroelectric power station ,
  • observation point on the Yenisei,
  • "Bobrovy Log" and the cable car.

Paraskeva Friday Chapel

Paraskeva Friday Chapel

The first stop on the route is the Chapel of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, which is located in a very picturesque place, on Karaulnaya Gora. The height of the hill is about 220 m, which offers an amazing panoramic view of the city along the Yenisei.

The chapel is a symbol of Krasnoyarsk, since the first settlers erected a watchtower on this place and were on guard. In 1805, a wooden chapel was erected. This chapel gained its peak of popularity after the release of a paper ten-ruble bill, where it is depicted on the obverse.

The oldest square in the World

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