Water hike in the north of Baikal

Water hike in the north of Baikal

Lake Frolikha is a very picturesque place. The length of this amazing natural monument is about 7 km. Such a not very poetic name hides a mysterious world of unknown nature. Through the small Ayaya pass we will find ourselves in this mysterious little world. Khakusy resort is a small town founded in the center of many thermal springs. The main advantages of the treatment in this place are the hot thermal and mineral waters. Believe me, there are plenty of miracles in Russia too. Lake Frolikha is one of them.

Munku - Sardyk is the highest peak of the Eastern Sayan Mountains. This is the peculiarity of the tour, it will take place in high mountain conditions. The peak, which you will climb, is considered a saint among the Siberian peoples. The name of the mountain itself is translated as "Eternal Loach". This is one of the revered "places of power" where a person touches new knowledge. Many consider such an ascent to be a visit to a holy place. For those who are in the mountains for the first time there will be a "dedication" to climbers. The author's tour "Munku - Sardyk - transcendental heights" is ideal for both beginners and experienced tourists (and climbers).

One of the richest tours is the "Sun of the East". It is in the amazing ring of Baikal that all the most beautiful highlights of this area are located - the unique Ushan Islands, the Chivyrkuisky Bay, the ancient "Bargudzhin Tokuma", as well as the ancient Barguzin Valley.

During the trip you will see the beauty of Baikal bound by ice. This journey will give the participants of the tour the opportunity to feel like a long distance skater. The ice on Lake Baikal is smooth and transparent, this is due to the fact that strong winds blow off almost all the snow from it, leaving only an ice surface. Ice is especially beautiful and clear on the western shores of the lake. This is where we invite you! Spend ACTIVE with us on BAIKAL.

This tour is an exciting journey into the Valley of the Volcanoes, a wild area of ​​unspoiled nature. Lava fields with a stunning moss and lichen pattern. Streams and rivers formed in the cracks of the earth's crust, from which lava once boiled. Thanks to this, lakes and rivers can take on the most bizarre forms. You will visit many thermal springs. The group will spend several days enjoying the treatment and relaxation. After physical exertion, this is doubly pleasant.

The nature of Eastern Siberia, in particular Baikal and the Eastern Sayan ridge, is full of unique beauty. Especially in summer. On this tour you will climb several uncomplicated peaks. Including V. Munku-Sardyk. The tour is based on radial hikes. This is a great tour for both beginners and experienced hikers. Acquaintance with the nature of Baikal and the Eastern Sayans is guaranteed to you.

The Svyatoy Nos Peninsula used to be an island, and the largest on Lake Baikal. But the stormy wind and the Maly Chivyrkuy and Barguzin rivers managed to fill the small strait separating the mainland and the island, and today there is a sandbar between them. You can go fishing at once on three main rivers of Lake Baikal - Tompuda, Bolshoy Chivyrkue, Malaya and Bolshoy Cheremshany.

This extraordinary mountainous area, which has springs with healing power, has attracted travelers from all over the world for many years. They are attracted by the pristine beauty of the river and the surrounding mountains, lush green meadows and, of course, healing water. Those who have visited the Valley of 100 Springs at least once will never forget it. As part of our ten-day tour, we suggest visiting the Shumak Valley and other attractions of this part of the Eastern Sayan Mountains.

The nature of Eastern Siberia, in particular Baikal and the Eastern Sayan ridge, is full of unique beauty. We specially conduct two tours in this place (Tunkinsky National Reserve) - in May, where the view of the snowy peaks is mesmerizing - unique shades of blue and white, and in July - when the mountains are sunny, green, many waterfalls and lakes where you can swim. On this tour you will climb several uncomplicated peaks and passes. The tour is based on radial hikes. Visit to hot springs (hydrogen sulfide baths, mountain resort Arshan (Zhemchug village) or mountain resort "Nilova Pustyn" (radon hot springs). Plus 2-3 days of rest on Lake Baikal. This is an excellent tour, both for beginners and for experienced tourists (and climbers) .The only requirement is good physical shape. Acquaintance with the nature of Baikal and the Eastern Sayan Mountains is guaranteed to you.

Baikal - hiking tours The unique beauty of Eastern Siberia

Lake Baikal is a unique natural monument of Siberia, beauty, purity of which is widely known outside the country. This "blue pearl" is located in the heart of Asia and attracts the attention of many tourists, travelers and researchers.

The lake borders on the Irkutsk region, Buryatia. The nature surrounding the water body is so diverse and picturesque that travel to Lake Baikal will leave an indelible impression on everyone's soul. Each trip to this unique natural monument can become the basis for the search for peace, solitude, exciting recreation, acquaintance with the diversity of Siberian nature and interesting adventures. This direction is considered one of the main ones on Lake Baikal and the basis of eco-tourism.

Main impressions

I have a personal top of places where you need to visit MANDATORY, if you have already undertaken to travel in the North of Baikal. ud can be reached without much difficulty by public transport, but there are some where without a floating means in any way. Yarki, Dagary, Frolikha, Nemnyanka, Khakusy, and indeed the entire wild East coast.

You can, of course, by boat and wooooooh! But I prefer the catamaran. It's like comparing a bus excursion with a bike ride: By boat - in a day you will quickly, noisily and expensively drive through the key sights, go out to eat, take a picture and again on the road. On the catamaran, you will have time to admire the views, and gnaw the seeds and "let's stop here and see, eh?" km and did not disappear in the abyss. romance, in one word!

What will we do on the tour

Rafting on an 8-seater motor catamaran on Lake Baikal along the coastline along the route Khakusy - Ayaya - about. Millionth - Fr. Yarki - dam at the mouth of the Kichera


Detailed program

Day1. 12. 0 We meet at the Severobaikalsk railway station 12. 0 We are loading on a boat to cross the Bike. We will walk about 50 km from the west to the east coast and get to the Khakusy bay. On the way, we get to know the crew and local nautical traditions. 4. 0 We settle at the recreation center 14. 0 Lunch 15. 0 Excursion along the Khakusy bay with the tour organizer 17. 0 Visit to hot springs and free time 19. 0 We have dinner, share our impressions, get to know the participants, discuss the plan for the future day22. 0 Getting ready for bed, rest

Day 2.. 0 Good morning - the key to a great day! 8. 0 Jogging on the beach and exercising for those who want to. ... 0 Water procedures - swimming in Lake Baikal, shower or hot springs to choose from! 10. 0 Breakfast. 2. 0 Collecting equipment on the catamaran, briefing 14. 0 Lunch 14. 0 - 18. 0 Crossing Khakusa - Ayaya Ayaya Bay is a picturesque and deep bay, a popular tourist destination on Northern Baikal. Probably, the name comes from the Evenk word "aya" - beautiful. Ayaya juts out into the land for 4 km. This shelters her from the strong Baikal winds. The bay is famous for its sandy beach. The trail to Lake Frolikha begins here. 8. 0 Setting up camp in Ayaya, preparing dinner 19. 0 We have dinner, share our impressions, play board games 22. 0 Getting ready for bed, rest

Day 3.. 0 Rise 8. 0 Morning exercises for those who like to warm up in the morning9. 0 Breakfast, packing for radial trekking in the reserve 10. 0 Today, according to the plan, an exciting one-day trip to the heart of the Frolikhinsky reserve - Lake Frolikha. Roliha is a mountain lake of glacial origin and is famous for its stunning views. The lake is home to the unique relict fish of Davatchan, preserved from the Ice Age. 7 km walk deep into the forest, where at an altitude of 525 meters above sea level, lunch and adventure await us! 13. 0 Having dined in the summer kitchen near the inspector's winter quarters, we load onto the catamaran - round the ancient glacial lake to its right arm. on the right bank of Frolikha, we will climb to the waterfall, where, according to the already established tradition, everyone can experience the strength of their spirit. 7. 0 We descend from the lake back to the camp on the shore of Lake Baikal 18. 0 Cooking dinner 19. 0 Dinner, chatting 21. 0 For those wishing to have a bath. 3. 0 Getting ready for bed, rest.

Day 4.. 0 Awakening! 8. 0 Breakfast. 0. 0 Collecting equipment on the catamaran, briefing 11. 0 - 14. 0 Passage Ayaya - m. Nemnyanka 14. 0 - 15.0 halt at Nemnyanka, lunch 15. 0 - 18.0 Crossing Nemnjanka - Birakan 18. 0 We set up a camp at Cape Birakan, cook dinner, build a stove for a taiga bath. 9. 0 We have supper, steam ourselves, enjoy new impressions 22. 0 Getting ready for bed, rest.

Rest on Lake Baikal is an expensive pleasure. Sometimes it's cheaper to go abroad! We have calculated the cost of a trip to Lake Baikal in 2021 for two types of vacation: economical and beautiful. Find out what prices are for tickets, food, accommodation and excursions, and how much money you will have to spend on vacation.

How much are tickets

In 2021, train tickets for the cheapest reserved seat carriage and air tickets for a direct flight from Moscow to Irkutsk cost the same: about 11,000 rubles round trip. So this year it is definitely worth choosing a flight, because the train travels for almost four days. Flights from Moscow to Ulan-Ude are even cheaper - from 9,200 rubles. Flights to Irkutsk from St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk cost from 13-15 thousand rubles.

Search for cheap flights on Aviasales and Skyscanner - they compare prices of all airlines. See also the secrets of buying inexpensive airline tickets. And you can pick up and buy train tickets on the Tutu website. at.

How much are hotels and camp sites

There are different types of accommodation on Lake Baikal: sanatoriums, recreation centers, guest houses, hotels and private apartments. Many campers live in tents. In July and August, the demand for housing is great, so book your accommodation as early as possible. Here are convenient and reliable accommodation search services:

  • Rumguru and Hotelluk - camp sites, cottages and hotels
  • Airbnb and Daily. y - private housing

Economical rest. Good and beautiful housing on Lake Baikal is expensive, so many come to Lake Baikal with tents. Tourists like to stop at the trail that leads from Listvyanka to Bolshiye Koty, near the Circum-Baikal Railway, on the southern shore of the lake in the Red Sands region and on Olkhon Island. However, living in a tent is not suitable for everyone, so let's see how much it costs to stay in hotels and tourist centers of Lake Baikal.

The cheapest accommodation on Lake Baikal is private rooms, campgrounds and guest houses. One-room apartments are rented for 1500-2000 rubles. Accommodations in boarding houses, recreation centers and hotels are more expensive. Accommodation up to 2,000 rubles is usually small rooms with old furniture, with a shared bathroom and toilet. If you are traveling with friends or family, it is more profitable to rent a cottage for 4500-6500 rubles per day.

Nice rest. Cool comfortable hotels, recreation centers and cottages are located in Irkutsk, Listvyanka, Khuzhir and Bolshoy Goloustnoye. A double room in an excellent camp site or in a 5-star hotel costs from 4000 rubles. You will receive apartments with sufficient space, new furniture, TV, wi-fi, kitchenette and private bathroom. Breakfast is often included in the price. Campgrounds and hotels with a swimming pool are usually even more expensive.

Tour to the Heart of the Lake, Olkhon Island - a short tour to Baikal, but quite informative, with rafting and a sightseeing trip around the island. During kayaking, you will walk about 39 km. The rest of the time, on the route, trips with excursions and rest on the basis of economy class. Rafting only in calm weather!

Search for tickets for all airlines directly in the Big Country together with Aviasales!

Tour program

Meeting the group from 9:00 to 9:30 at the railway station in Irkutsk near the information desk for suburban trains, electric trains (local time, +5 Moscow time).

Receiving kayaks, permission from nat. park and food (from 1 to 2 hours).

Departure to Olkhon Island (MRS stop). The road goes through the steppe expanses, where the Baikal Mountains can be seen in the distance.

On the way - lunch at a cafe (on your own, at your own expense).

Ferry to Olkhon Island.

Each participant carries out the passage through the ferry with their own and group things independently.

Accommodation at an economy class recreation center in the village. Khuzhir.

Today we need to sort things out. Take the necessary ones for the rafting and put them in hermetic bags, and leave the rest at the base.

Dinner at the base (on your own, at your own expense).


We meet in Irkutsk at st. Sofia Perovskaya, 31 near the Matreshka hotel ( /) at 10-00 am, get on the bus and go towards the village of Slyudyanka. Today we need to drive 110 km, about 1.5-2 hours on the way.

On the way, we will make a stop in Kultuk - the westernmost settlement on the shore of Lake Baikal. We will take a photo traditional for tourists with a view of the Kultuk Bay and continue on our way.

We have lunch in Slyudyanka and start the route to Chersky Peak. The first section of the path, 18 km long, passes through a dense forest, up the Slyudyanka River, the road is very beautiful and picturesque. In the evening we will reach the meteorological station and settle in a modest but cozy mountain camp site. We will have dinner and share our impressions of the first day of the hike.


After breakfast we start climbing the Chersky peak (2090m). The first two kilometers of the path run along a serpentine road, the ascent uphill is not very steep and does not require special equipment. On the way, there are a lot of observation platforms overlooking the forest and mountains. One way trip takes no more than 4 hours, taking into account the stops. The peak offers a stunning view of Lake Baikal and the Khamar-Daban valleys. The photos will be great!

If you have more time, you can go down the mountain and swim in the purest mountain lake "Heart".

We return to the base camp, we are preparing a gala dinner.


After breakfast, we return to Slyudyanka. On the way back, you can stock up on the purest water of a mountain river. A small picnic-snack on the way, or in a forest cafe (at the request of tourists).

In Slyudyanka we check into guest houses and set off to explore the surroundings.


After breakfast we go to the Museum of Minerals "Gem of Baikal". We will get acquainted with a private collection of various stones and minerals of the Baikal Territory. After examining the exhibits, we will walk along the geological route located near the museum. And those who wish can try their luck and get a commemorative mineral.

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