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How to turn a hobby into a business: about kayaking, romance and big plans

Today, a small number of successful businessmen can afford to buy their own yacht, however, the cost of some models is so low that wealthy middle class representatives can get their hands on a full-fledged sea vessel. For some, yachts are a form of recreation and entertainment, for others - a hobby, and there are those for whom yachts are collectibles. For all categories of ship owners, there are yacht clubs that are engaged in organizational activities and are clubs of interest.

The business plan of the yacht club contains a guide to the main stages of organizing entrepreneurial activity: passing the obligatory procedure for state registration of a business, choosing the location of the club, employing the necessary personnel, as well as financial analytics of income and expenditure indicators of business project.

Description of the yacht club, relevance of the business idea

The ownership of a full-fledged yacht is an indicator of wealth and status of the owner. Yacht clubs are organized gatherings of businessmen who associate their activities, recreation, hobbies or collecting with yachting, where common issues are resolved, events and exhibitions are held, and joint leisure is organized. The business is designed for rich and successful clients - businessmen and well-to-do representatives of the middle class.

Yacht business organization step by step

Activity registration

To carry out entrepreneurial activity, a beginner entrepreneur must go through the obligatory procedure of state registration of a business, having decided on the choice of the optimal form of existence - an individual entrepreneur without a legal entity, a limited liability company or a joint stock company of an open or closed type.

After collecting all the necessary documentation and paying the state fee for registering a business, you need to register with the local tax authority and choose a taxation system. The simplified taxation system (USN) will provide an entrepreneur with a choice of two forms of payment of mandatory monthly tax deductions: 6% of income or 15% of net profit.

Yacht club location and area arrangement

The success of the business project implementation, as well as the indicators of the profitable part of business, directly depends on the correct choice of the location for the yacht club and the competent arrangement of the territory. It should be borne in mind that the location of the club in the central part of the metropolis on the embankment or the arrangement of the club outside the city have their own various advantages for doing business.

Vladimir Krutikov - owner of kayak and equipment rental, tourist with 17 years of experience. From his hobby, he built a promising business that is already making a profit. By 2017, his water equipment rental has grown into a thriving company that participates in specialized exhibitions and collaborates with major equipment manufacturers.

How it all began

In childhood, many go to a music school, to dances or aircraft modeling courses, but few devote their lives to children's hobbies. Vladimir Krutikov is one of them. Having signed up at the age of 13 in a children's travel club, he was inspired for the rest of his life. I went on catamarans, and soon switched to kayaks. But after school, the future businessman dragged on the institute, sessions began, the army, work - there was no time for campaigns.

In 2010, missing tourism, he saved up money for a full set of equipment and went on a hike. In the next couple of years, Vladimir devoted himself entirely to tourism - at first he was a group leader, then he unlearned to become a kayaker instructor. I worked part-time on commercial tours, talked with tourists and realized that equipment rental is a profitable and popular business. I decided not to waste time - I posted ads about renting a kayak and waited. The first rental experience was unsuccessful. There is only one kayak, the strategy is not thought out, the cost is not agreed ...

Then there was the wedding and the birth of a child, so the tourism business had to be postponed. Vladimir's wife is also a kayaker. So in the family there were 2 kayaks, completely unnecessary at the moment. Vladimir decides to organize the rental again - this time it was successful. First, it advertises in catalogs, then makes its own website (rent-kayak. Mustache). Word of mouth works flawlessly: kayaks take several months in advance.

In 2017, 7 kayaks and 10 types of kayak accessories (paddles, helmets, hermetic bags, life jackets) are available for rent. As well as equipment for camping and hiking. The rental company now has partners who are helping to increase the amount of equipment.

Clients of the rental are mainly families with children who want to actively relax in the fresh air, and not drink beer and barbecue in a nearby park. Renting a kayak and equipment is the best way to enjoy nature, take cool photos and have fun teamwork. The peculiarities of the rental are that the owner is an experienced tourist himself. He himself tells novice tourists what equipment to choose and where it is better to go on a hike with the whole family. In addition, Vladimir's company is actively developing and organizing trips with children.

Daily rental: investments, income, expenses

The business quickly became profitable: having only 2 kayaks, Vladimir recouped their market value in 1 season, purchased 5 more new boats and updated components. I spent the rest on a long-awaited vacation with my family. According to the businessman himself, the reason for such success is that he was able to turn his favorite hobby into work. His constant participation in travel festivals, communication with potential clients on forums, and the help of his fellow tourists have had an important impact on the business. The owner of the rental works in parallel in a company that makes camping equipment, and this is an opportunity to buy goods at a good discount.

For a smooth start with the subsequent purchase of additional equipment, Vladimir needed about 40,000 rubles. If you do not have personal discounts from boat manufacturers or generous friends who will give you a kayak, then the amount increases to 60-70 thousand rubles. It includes the cost of two kayaks and accessories. If you do not make a hobby out of rental and earn only on it, you will need twice as many kayaks and equipment. You will have to spend at least 150 thousand rubles on boats, oars, sealed bags, sleeping bags, tents.

We asked Vladimir how much you can earn from renting kayaks. “Profitability depends on the season. For the May holidays and the Day of Russia, everything is taken apart, the rest of the time I rent 1-2 kayaks a week along with tents, burners, sleeping bags. Well, once every 1-1.5 months, almost the entire warehouse is rented. This is all despite the fact that your site entered the top of the search results only in August 2016 ”.

In the cold season, the rental has been replenished with new goods - tubing, covers for skis and snowboards. So far, the sector is developing poorly. The only orders at the end of winter brought no more than 5,000 rubles. The businessman does not stop and invites rental centers of tubing, skis and snowboards for cooperation. Provides rental equipment for the season or sells at a wholesale price.

Modern ecology has a negative impact on water quality, especially in large cities. That is why the majority of people and most of the enterprises prefer drinking water obtained from wells, using it for a variety of purposes, including cooking. Every year, the water delivery service is becoming more and more in demand, so this kind of activity will become a profitable and win-win option. A detailed business plan for the delivery of water will acquaint you with all the intricacies of this project and will help you navigate the first stages of its development.

Water delivery business: features and relevance

Companies specializing in the delivery of drinking water are profitable and, once promoted, have high profitability, despite the crisis in the country. According to experts, the economic upturn that they are experiencing at the moment will continue for a long time. Over the past year, the share of this business on the territory of the Russian Federation has increased by more than 40%. Successful management involves thinking through every detail and regularly monitoring the quality of the water.

Benefits of making money on water delivery

People are constantly in need of water. Wherever a person is - at home, at work or in an educational institution, he cannot do without this product, which is the main advantage of the water business. To purify water in apartments, special filters are installed, but many people do not believe in their one hundred percent efficiency, and in public organizations such devices are absent altogether. Accordingly, the demand for water delivery is increasing, creating huge opportunities for expanding the client base, which positively affects the company's bottom line.

Ordering water today has become quite commonplace, such applications are made out not only to offices, but also at home, every third family already has a cooler in their apartment. Human health directly depends on the quality of the water he uses, so the consumer prefers not to save on it. Also, the high demand for this product is due to its reasonable price. This type of activity cannot be called seasonal, since water is in demand at any time of the year.

There are two ways to organize a business, which also refers to its benefits. Water can be purchased from producing enterprises or you can acquire your own well. For entrepreneurs with a modest start-up capital, the first option is optimal, since significant investments will be required for independent production and purification of water. Currently, the market is not fully saturated with such types of services, which means that those who want to start their own business still have chances to fill a certain niche.

Drinking water requirements

At first glance, the water business seems simple, but it’s not at all. The water sold must be endowed with qualities such as:

  • uniqueness, that is, the presence of all the required characteristics;
  • the content of no more than 1% artificial components (essences, flavorings);
  • purity, which is achieved by decontamination and elimination of trace elements that have a negative effect on human health.

In this article, we will analyze step by step the real story of our reader, in which we will tell you how to open a boat and catamarans rental with minimal investment and pay off as quickly as possible.

It should be understood that this is a seasonal business and with the wrong approach, you will wait for payback for ages. You can work only 3-4 months a year, depending on the weather. And if the summer comes out cold, then there is no need to think about any profit.

A significant plus is that this is a simple type of business and does not require large investments. You don't need to be a dollar millionaire to open such a business and start making good money on it.

For those who have weighed all the pros and cons and still decided to start their own business, we wish you pleasant reading!

Step: location and clients

First, we need to find a good place for our business. What exactly should you look for? We need to find a wild beach where a lot of people swim on warm days. If you often go somewhere to swim, then you probably know a couple of such places. Personally, when writing these lines, despite the fact that I have little time and I do not go swimming so often, I immediately noticed a couple of places in my city, in which there are a lot of people even on weekdays.

As soon as you open your business on the beach, the number of visitors to this place will gradually increase. People will come and see that they are not in some kind of gutter, but in a nice place where there is even a boat rental.

Word of mouth comes into force and if the number of visitors is very large, then you can think about opening a tent with ice cream and cold drinks, or even opening a small cafe.

Our clients will be people who want to cool off on a hot day. I think everything is clear here. They come with wives, girls, big campaigns. Very often they come with children or children can come by themselves without parents. So, unaccompanied children are not recommended to ride boats and catamarans. They do not swim well and this can lead to sad consequences. When, for the sake of profit, you will give a boat to a child, you should be aware of what responsibility you take upon yourself and what this can lead to.

We strongly discourage giving the boat to drunk people, especially if they are very drunk. Arriving on vacation in a large, friendly and fun campaign, after 100 grams they are drawn to adventure. And a rented boat will make them Columbus in general and they will sail to discover new continents on the lake.

Hang up a huge sign and write a sign to it that people who are intoxicated are strictly prohibited from sailing on boats and catamarans.

Step: contacting the administration

Children's tourism is quite a lucrative idea for business. This service is relevant, since the level of urbanization is currently very high, the attachment of the younger generation to high technologies, modern gadgets and comfortable living conditions make a tourist trip interesting, exciting and unforgettable. Such events are unique for modern children, have recreational, health-improving, cultural and educational significance. It is worth noting here that in this case, children's tourism means exactly tourist trips, since travel agencies and tour operators are involved in the organization of full-fledged travel, and excursions are conducted by excursion agencies. Hence, the specifics of organizing a children's tourism business is that the main tourist routes are laid within the city limits or in the immediate vicinity of it. Also, such tourist trips are characterized by a short duration of the event (1-3 days), a short route.

The main target audience is children aged 12 to 18 years. Younger children can only take part in the hike with an accompanying adult (parent or guardian). However, the upper age limit is blurred, which makes it possible to organize trips for all age categories at no additional cost. The basic rule when forming a group should be approximately equal age of all participants. For example, if the presence of a child under 12 years old accompanied by an adult is expected in a group, then the entire group should be formed on the basis of a similar composition. Groups over 18 years of age must not include children. This is necessary to prevent potential conflicts, preserve the atmosphere of travel.

Currently, there is a small number of companies involved in organizing children's tours on the market, which is caused by the lack of awareness of the population about the potential service. In most cases, these are government agencies.

Premises, equipment and inventory

An office is needed to organize children's tourism. The leased office area should be about 30-35 sq. ... This is due to the need to place both office equipment and furniture for the implementation of organizational tasks (PC, printer, components, tables, chairs, filing cabinets), as well as shelving and storage space for inventory. There are no special requirements for the location of the office; it can be located both in the central part of the city and in a residential area. The average rental price for a space of 30 sq. ... is about 12,000 rubles per month. The cost of utilities (electricity, water supply, sewerage) is about 3,000 rubles per month.

Equipment and inventory for hiking is formed based on their specifics (hiking, water, mountain).

Any type of hike requires the following equipment and supplies:

  • individual first aid kits;
  • single tents;
  • sleeping bags;
  • roomy backpacks;
  • stoves and fuel;
  • means for ignition;
  • a set of reusable tableware (pot, plate, fork, spoon, knife).

All of the above equipment is collected in a backpack and is an individual set for one participant. Accordingly, the total number of such kits should depend on the potential number of participants in the hike. It is optimal to have 10 backpacks with all the contents.

Each backpack is also equipped with the necessary set of food products intended for the duration of the route. All participants are given a complete route plan and navigation aids. Each participant selects the necessary clothing and accessories independently, based on the preliminary instructions of the guide (based on the maximum weight of the backpack, usefulness, etc.).

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