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There are not so many ways of spending leisure time that would be "three in one": sports, and recreation, and entertainment. And water tourism is a great option to make your summer vacation unforgettable.

Health for ...

Water tourism has become widespread in the days of the USSR thanks to the numerous rivers and rivulets located on the territory of Russia. Nowadays, water tourism as an active type of recreation is gaining popularity again, including among young people.

There are many reasons for this. And it's worth starting with the fact that water tourism is a serious sport with many disciplines - here you can find rafting, kayaking or kayaking, water slalom and much more.

In addition to sports records and achievements, water sports brings health. In most cases, rafting takes place in the most beautiful and inaccessible corners of nature with clean air, and water from mountain rivers can often be drunk fearlessly even without boiling.

Plus rowing is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening almost all muscle groups and for keeping the body in good shape. Overall strength endurance increases, rowing has a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system and lungs.

For the strong in spirit

In addition, water sports helps to gain the so-called team spirit. During the passage of the rapids, well-coordinated actions of all crew members, precise execution of the captain's commands are very important. It is not for nothing, for example, in the Urals, business coaches, instead of learning corporate phrases and lectures about the company's mission, simply lead newcomers to the rafting, entrusting them with the care of an experienced instructor. From the rafting before, the colleagues, barely familiar with each other, return as a cohesive team. Friendship and mutual assistance are generally highly valued by water workers.

It is not difficult to get involved in water tourism. There are enough clubs and sections in Russia for practicing this sport. And many travel companies offer water tours for beginners - be it a canoe trip on calm water, say, on the Issyk-Kul, or rafting down the rapid rapids of the Gorny Altai river. An experienced instructor will conduct an introductory course and provide insurance on difficult sections of the route. In a word, there are no more difficulties than when jumping with a parachute, and there will be a lot of impressions and memories.


Any water voyage requires quality gear, careful preparation and a specific plan of action that must be clearly followed. There are several basic rules that are recommended to be followed when preparing for water travel.

For travel, especially for beginners, you should always use kayaks, boats, rafts with inflatable elements. Any group should have an experienced leader who knows his job well.

Before starting the route, this should be reported to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, so that in case of unforeseen circumstances everyone knows where to look for a boat to provide assistance.

Well, what else to do in the summer, how not to try one of the active types of recreation on the water? Unforgettable emotions, adrenaline and drive are guaranteed. Read about the best entertainment in cool water in the material of the portal "ZagraNitsa"


The main feature of WydSurfing is to learn to feel a small light board on the water with a sail set on it. This design is called a windsurf, or sailboard. In fact, this is a simplified model of a sailing vessel without a rudder. As you might guess, you need to control the windsurf by tilting the mast with the sail, as well as the board itself, and the position relative to the wind will determine your speed and direction.

This exciting and spectacular sport and active recreation can be done without any problems in Moscow and the Moscow region. So, in this matter you will be helped by a windsurfing school, Windschool, windsurfing club "Istra" and others.


It is simply impossible to look at a person flying on a flyboard with your mouth closed! It is a complex system that releases powerful streams of water to keep you airborne. This structure is able to lift you up to 10 meters above the water. You might think that flying board control is very difficult, but this is not at all the case. The pleasure of this type of active recreation on the water cannot be called cheap, but it’s not a pity to give money for this!

Several schools and clubs are involved in flyboard flights in Moscow. So, Flyboard Moscow, flyboard school at Royal Bar, etc. will help you experience an unforgettable experience.

Flyboard was planned as a gift to her husband, but they succumbed to "madness" and came to fly with the whole family. Moreover, we were so captured by sensations and emotions that after 2 weeks we decided to repeat it. Even the weather didn't hurt. It was pretty cool, the wind was strong, and on the way to the beach, some of us doubted whether to get into the water or not. But we arrived at the place, saw the familiar "magic shoes" - and no doubts remained. The second time to fly is even cooler than the first: you already know what to do, and time passes in the utter euphoria of flight. So those who decide to fly or not - FLY! Any person, regardless of age and gender, can really master the flyboard. We were able to, we flew: my husband and I, and the children! THANKS to the Flyboard/Jetpack club. Very friendly guys! Special thanks to the instructors: attentive, patient, and you feel that they are sincerely happy with our success!

Jet Ski

A jet ski, unlike the flyboard, is not a novelty for anyone, but it continues to attract fans of extreme water recreation. Everyone wants to try his agility and agility. This type of water transport is capable of speeds up to 150 km/h! Jet skis are divided into two types: for riding while standing and for riding while sitting. The former (sports) are more maneuverable, but also require confident handling skills, while the latter are more stable and suitable for those who want to ride a jet ski for the first time.

Riding jet skis on the rivers and reservoirs of the city and the region will not be difficult - many clubs and schools related to active recreation on the water are engaged in the provision of jet skis. Contact, for example, WaterRest, Just Crazy, Victoria Shipping Company.

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