Volga cruises from Volga-Flot

Volga cruises from Volga-Flot

Choose river cruises from Nizhny Novgorod for 2021 using the online tour search form. Find out immediately available cabins, cruise prices, schedule and itinerary!

During an interesting and informative tour, you will visit cities with a glorious long history, carefully preserving the spirit of Russia and its traditions: Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Uglich, Moscow, Ples, Murom, Kasimov, Astrakhan, Kizhi, Chkalovsk, St. -Petersburg and many others.

Advantages of Volga and Oka tours

You can choose almost any boat and enjoy a relaxing holiday. The most popular among our clients are modern river boats of superior comfort: "Moonlight Sonata", "Vladimir Mayakovsky", "Dmitry Pozharsky", "Enchanted Wanderer", "Dmitry Furmanov" (but in fact, their list is much larger).

Cruise prices depend on the class of the cabin, the duration of the trip and the additional services you have chosen. But in any case, you will remember your vacation on the ship for a long time: fireworks of positive emotions, excellent service and unconditional attention to every passenger!

River cruises from Nizhny Novgorod: examples, routes, prices

The cost of cruises and their schedule may change - check the cost when you have already decided to go on a trip. Even more reliable - contact our managers: we will answer all questions at once.

The duration of the tour and the name of your boat are given in brackets for each option.

Examples of the most popular tours (May, 24 options in total):

  • Short (3 days/2 nights, "Karl Marx") *: Yaroslavl - Moscow. The price of a voucher for one person is from 7700 to 16400 rubles.
  • Long-term (16 days/15 nights, "Sunny City") **: Kazan - Samara - Volgograd - Bolgar - Saratov - Cheboksary (only the largest cities are shown). The price of a voucher for one person is from 48,300 to 70,900 rubles.

Examples of the most popular tours (July, 32 options in total):

  • Short (4 days/3 nights, "Cosmonaut Gagarin") **: Kazan - Cheboksary (Yoshkar-Ola) - Kozmodemyansk - Makariev. The price of a voucher for one person is from 14,200 to 21,300 rubles.
  • Long (13 days/12 nights, "Caesar") *: Kazan - Samara - Volgograd - Astrakhan - Saratov - Cheboksary - Kozmodemyansk (only the largest cities are shown). The price of a voucher for one person is from 59,100 to 75,100 rubles.

Examples of the most popular tours (September, 22 options in total):

What to see in Murmansk in summer

Go on river cruises along the Volga from the Volga-Flot cruise company: choose any of 17 motor ships, a convenient flight and a cabin for you at current prices in 2021! Our ships sail from Perm, Samara, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Moscow. For vacationers from other cities, we organize a transfer: you will be picked up directly from your home and taken directly to the pier.

On the Volga-Flot website you will find: a tour search form and exact data on the availability of free seats, photos of motor ships with their detailed descriptions, the cost of the tour. Choosing our Volga river cruises, you are guaranteed to receive all the information about each voyage (route, schedule, service options, rest rules), as well as a recreation program and answers to any questions about motor ships!

>>> For beginners: what is a river cruise

Traveling along the Volga is an opportunity to admire the views and relax away from the hustle and bustle. Every minute you enjoy freedom, in which there is no place for earthly worries!

Each motor ship moves along a specific predetermined route, taking you through such beautiful and iconic cities as Yaroslavl, Cheboksary, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Elabuga, Izhevsk, Kostroma, Suzdal, Vladimir, etc. Monuments, temples, unforgettable architecture and the richest nature open to your eyes.

You spend several days in a state of complete relaxation, receiving aesthetic pleasure, supported by gastronomic delights from our restaurants and entertainment shows from professional animators, entertainers and creative teams. This is not just a cruise on a motor ship, this is a real journey!

Schedule and prices of river cruises on the Volga in the year SEARCH TOUR

River cruises on motor ships in Russia: routes indicating places and times of stops, description of motor ships, online selection of tours. Seasonal promotions and unique discounts!

Specify in the search form the city of departure, the ship and the dates of rest - in 4 seconds you will see a list of suitable Volga river cruises (tours on the Volga) with prices in 2021.

Visit large, atmospheric and historically significant cities in Russia, learn about their traditions and iconic places, visit museums and walk with a guide, dine in popular cafes or simply admire the local architecture. Cruise itineraries are designed so that the trip will give every tourist unforgettable energy and emotions!

Water recreation: what can it be?

Safe sailing

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