Types of obstacles in water tourism

Types of obstacles in water tourism

Weekend hikes or tourism for two days

In connection with the intensification, automation and mechanization of production, an increase in the proportion of mental labor, everyday life requires less physical exertion from a modern person, and the increasing mode and rhythm of life contributes to the accumulation of the consequences of nervous stress and strain in the body. In addition, high-calorie foods high in fat, along with a sedentary lifestyle, can lead to illnesses that sometimes require long-term inpatient treatment. In modern conditions, treatment is very expensive. We must not forget that good health cannot be bought for any money, you need to take care of your health, and you need to maintain your sports form all year round and in any weather.

Tourism is one of the most affordable types of outdoor activities and probably the easiest way to improve and maintain health.

Tourism is not planned for vouchers, not on trips abroad to different countries, but one that eliminates stress after a week of work, gives the maximum necessary physical activity and a boost of vigor for the next academic, working week.

Our country with a wealth of climatic and geographical zones has inexhaustible resources and opportunities for the development of year-round and mass tourism.

First of all, all trips are divided by type of tourism - the way of movement on the ground. The main types of tourism are: hiking, skiing, water, cycling and mountain tourism. Most of the hikes are in the spring and summer months. This is due to the fact that it is easier and safer to go hiking in spring and summer: a large daylight hours, freezing temperatures, a lot of warm clothes are not required, etc. Some collectives, as a rule with a lot of experience, plan more complex and interesting in terms of their execution hikes - mountain and speleological hikes.

Hiking trails are organized in all geographic regions of the country, as it is a universal type of tourism. Hiking trails can be laid across fields and forests, plains and mountains, in summer and winter and even in the off-season, and this type of tourism does not require any technology. The only transportation here is legs and good health. Therefore, the vast majority of Sunday hikes in which the townspeople go on foot.

In terms of duration, the most common hikes are one-day weekend. Usually it is 6-8 hours of a walking day. The walks can only last 2-3 hours. After the introduction of a five-day work week, avid hikers began to prefer two-day hikes and often began planning their routes from Friday to Sunday. The geography of campaigns has expanded significantly, it became possible to leave 120-150 km or more from your city. Holidays allow for longer hikes. In the first ten days of May, tourists tend to add days off or days off to holidays and go on a multi-day hike.

The length of a two-day hike is typically up to 40 km on training hikes and more than 40 km on sport hikes. Real tourists on two-day hikes spend the night in the field. As an intermediate option for those who will not be able to immediately dare to live in tents, two-day hikes with an overnight stay at a dacha, with friends, at a hotel, at a camp site, in a fisherman's, hunter's house or in other places can be organized. In this case, the shelter can be used as a base, making radial exits from it lightly, covering beautiful places of the natural landscape, as well as planning special routes covering new interesting places.

The traditional form of trekking, in which tourists go in groups led by a leader, and now remains prevalent in many parts of the country. This is one of the best forms of organizing and conducting weekend hikes. It is the safest and most organized for novice tourists. Hiking is the starting point for other types of tourism: it is clear that no one will go on a difficult hike from scratch, without preparation. A beginner tourist can get all the necessary skills in a simple hike.

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