Travel to the Rybachy and Sredny peninsulas - unusual excursions in Murmansk

Travel to the Rybachy and Sredny peninsulas - unusual excursions in Murmansk

If you've never thought about spending a weekend in the Arctic, it's time to start thinking about it - knowledgeable tourists go to Murmansk and the surrounding area for vivid impressions and colorful photos. And our Natasha this fall for the first time visited the Murmansk region with a group of journalists, for whom Rosturizm and the Murmansk Region Tourism Committee have drawn up a rich program for the weekend.

We will tell you how you can repeat such a trip and see the Northern Lights yourself, visit the famous Teriberka, climb the mountains in jeeps or dive with scuba diving in the Barents Sea.

Natalya Anisimova


Upon arrival in Murmansk, celebrate the weekend at a restaurant. One of the best restaurants in the city - "Tundra" will win you over with its local cuisine and its atmosphere. Here you can taste Murmansk cod, crabs and scallops, order fish soup and original drinks. Berry and herbal preparations with wild berries and local herbs go well with cloudberry jam and lingonberry cake, and liqueurs on northern berries and cranberries - with stewed venison or bear shavings.

After, if you have time, make an appointment with your guide and organize a city tour or just take a walk in the center. Even in inclement autumn weather, this city makes an impression: well-groomed, with cozy squares and parks, a little austere and serious.

Of the must-see places - the "Alyosha" memorial. This is the second tallest monument in Russia (more than 35 meters), higher is only Mother Motherland in Volgograd. “Alyosha” it is affectionately called among the people, but in general it is a memorial to “Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War”. From the hill on which the monument stands, a beautiful view of Murmansk and its surroundings, the bay and the port opens.

Want to visit an unusual museum? You to the nuclear-powered icebreaker Lenin, the world's first civilian nuclear powered vessel. On the icebreaker, you will dive into the Soviet past with the history of the nuclear icebreaker fleet and the development of the Northern Sea Route, as well as acquaintance with the flora and fauna of the Arctic, to which a small hall is dedicated. In addition to the operating room and the dental office, the ship's medical unit even has an X-ray machine.

By the way, during the entire existence of the icebreaker (and this is already more than 60 years) there has not been a single reconstruction, almost all the furniture and exhibits are presented in their original form. There is something to see on "Lenin": chic interiors with an abundance of valuable species of wood, a cozy wardroom, a control center and, of course, nuclear reactors. Alas, due to the pandemic, the museum may be closed to tourists, so check the current information here.


Acquaintance with Teriberka for many travelers becomes the first item on the polar must see list. The road to the fishing village is not yet completed - get ready for a trip off-road. If you want to visit Teriberka in autumn and catch the bright colors of the tundra, then the ideal time is late September - early October. Autumn here is mesmerizing, but very fleeting: strong winds quickly sweep the leaves from the trees.

Zvyagintsev and his "Leviathan" drew attention to the dilapidated fishing village, which after the release of the film became a tourist highlight of the region. The locals generally treat the director with gratitude. In Soviet times, Teriberka was a living settlement with fishing collective farms, fish factories, poultry farms, schools and a cultural center. More than 5.5 thousand people lived and worked here. In the 2000s, everything fell into disrepair, and less than a thousand inhabitants remained in the village. Thanks to Leviathan, Teriberka began to revive, attracting tourists and entrepreneurs.

To Murmansk for the weekend

Spend a few days alone with the harsh and inspiring nature of the Russian north

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Travel to the Rybachiy and Sredny peninsulas

The strict north takes a place in the soul gradually - with every breath of the Barents Sea, with the silence of the mysterious seids, with mighty hills, black capes and emerald valleys. A trip to Rybachy and Sredniy will allow you to forget about civilization for a while, to feel the power and beauty of the local harsh and laconic nature. You will come across sacred Sami rocks, stone ridges of the first settlers, echoes of the war and the Iron Curtain. And of course, forever fall in love with the land where time stood still among the fantastic northern landscapes and the noise of the proud sea.

Artur guide in Murmansk Conducts 2 excursions Usually responds within 14 hours. Hello! The Kola Territory is my homeland. I have been traveling around my native land for over 10 years, I am fond of diving, parachuting, winter/summer fishing and spearfishing. For 4 years I have been organizing and conducting tours and travels around the Arctic. In the north, the peninsula is washed by the waters of the Barents Sea, in the south and east - by the White Sea, and in the west and in the central part - it is surrounded by the Khibiny mountains and the Lovozero tundra. Conducts 2 excursions

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Description of the excursion

What awaits you

The mystical beauty of the Middle Peninsula On the Middle you will be greeted by the whisper of the ice-free sea, a patchwork carpet of colorful lichens and stone deserts rising by steps from the water. This is a mysterious place of seids - ancient megaliths or “flying stones of Lapland”, the secret of which has not yet been penetrated by anyone. On the seashore you will be greeted by the giant rock-pillars "Two Brothers" - the heritage of the Sami and the cult stones for sacrifices. Whatever the Noids are - the creation of nature or human hands - this is a fascinating sight and a place with the strongest energy. In a few minutes the landscape will change - and you will find yourself on the "Beach of red stones". The vibrant cliffs at the surf line, taking on the forms of people and animals, amaze the imagination. Here you will feel the power of the elements and the taste of the ocean air, and if you are lucky, you will see killer whales or seals.

Urbanism and "Icelandic" landscapes of Rybachiy For the alien landscapes and pristine nature, we will go to the Rybachiy Peninsula. You will visit the military village of Bolshoye Ozerko and walk among the abandoned five-story buildings that create a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. You will find yourself in the northernmost point of European Russia - on Cape German, piercing the Arctic Ocean. Visit the operating scarlet Vaydagub lighthouse, which lights a fire at the end of the earth, and Cape Kekursky with its bizarre ridges. And along the way, you will see how the bright carpet of the tundra, transparent streams and coal rocks create cosmic landscapes.

Echoes of the Great Patriotic War In these harsh northern lands, where the measured breath of history is felt, there are many reminders of the war years. You will visit the Valley of Glory, in which the German offensive was stopped in 1941, and now a memorial has been erected with the notes of the dead soldiers restored and carved into granite. You will walk along the Musta-Tunturi ridge - the "black mountain", gloomy and beautiful and immersed in a ringing silence. Here, fragments and shells are still crunching underfoot, and nature is slowly healing deep scars from shells in monolithic granite.

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