Travel business plan

Business idea of ​​opening an ecotourism company

Travel agency business plan. How to open a travel agency? Today this issue worries many business people of our country. The competition for the tourism business has already reached enormous proportions.

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This is what prompted the invention of new, interesting ways to attract potentially interested customers, new routes are being laid, work is being done, focusing on the needs of the client base, and popular forms of recreation are being improved.

Numerous competitors will not stand in the way of your business development, because there are still quite a few interesting and little-studied places on the planet that will be of interest to travel lovers.

Business Concept

Tour operators, as a rule, offer budget tours to various countries of the world and individual programs that are expensive.

The task of a new type of travel agency is to make interesting non-standard options available to wider sections of the population, in particular, the population with average incomes. This can be achieved by popularizing all kinds of innovative developments by tour operators.

Advertisements and other forms of advertising that are more understandable to the general public can contribute to this and help increase demand for interesting offers.

Along with these areas, traditional proposals are being developed regarding health, educational and other types of tourism.

Some agencies exclusively cooperate with tour operators, selling vouchers for only one specific operator. Thanks to this, the agency receives more favorable conditions for cooperation and is the first to know about the promotional offers of the tour operator.

Firms can offer various related services, including the issuance of a package of visa documents without the obligatory purchase of a voucher, the ability to book a hotel room in any foreign country.


The travel agency's business plan includes the cost of renting an office and initial repairs. The design of a travel agency does not oblige to comply with a strict style.

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  • 2 How much you can earn on eco-tours
  • 3 The amount required to start an ecotourism business <
  • 4 Equipment for ecotourism
  • 5 Registration, documents, taxation
  • 6 What clients of an ecotourism company need

In our country, such a line of business as ecotourism is very poorly developed.

However, in the foreseeable future, the desire to escape from everyday life and try an unusual vacation in an unfamiliar environment will appear among many city dwellers.

Starting a business in ecotourism can bring a good profit.

It makes sense to develop ecotourism both in megalopolises and in small cities.

People who spend all day in stuffy office premises often want to relax in nature.

Unfortunately, not everyone has relatives or friends living in the countryside.

In such situations, people turn to the ecotourism manager, who organizes group and individual tours.

How to open an ecotourism company

You don't have to have a lot of start-up capital to offer ecotourism services.

Noise and gas pollution in cities creates a demand for recreation centers. Places far from civilization, attracted by nature and an excellent pastime. It is also a great alternative to trips to the sea or to other countries.

General description of the business project

A business project involves the creation of a place where vacationers could improve their health and recuperate. The organization of such establishments is a sphere of domestic tourism, which is in its infancy, but has enormous growth potential.


The demand for quality recreation has been growing lately. Holidays close to home with the opportunity, for example, to fish alone or surrounded by relatives and friends, is much cheaper than trips to distant countries. In addition, it is an ideal option for corporate recreation, active weekends, and boarding houses also "work" to restore the health of their guests.

The target audience of the project is individuals and corporate organizations. The average client of a suburban vacation is a resident of a city with a population of 100,000 people, aged 25–40 years, with average income. Recently, in the border areas and at tourist centers located in historical places, an increase in the number of guests from the foreign segment has been noticeable.

Competitor Analysis

The opening of a private camp site implies the availability of start-up capital from 3 million rubles, the willingness to constantly work outside the city. That is why in such a business, demand still exceeds supply.

Many tourist centers are owned by enterprises, and the service of the rest often leaves much to be desired, so there is no real competition in this area today.

And yet, before starting a business, you should definitely study the state of this market niche in the region, highlight the main competitors, determine their strengths and weaknesses.

Risk Assessment

* Average data for Russia are used in calculations

Organization of horse and hiking trips is a relatively new direction in the field of tourism in our country, which, nevertheless, is estimated by experts as promising and beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The main disadvantage of this type of business is its pronounced seasonality. But, on the other hand, such a business, as a rule, "grows" out of a hobby, which allows you to combine business with pleasure. And besides, it doesn't require a lot of start-up capital to get started. So at first it can be combined with work and viewed exclusively as a hobby.

Classification of tourist routes

So, if you are going to make a living by conducting tourist trips in the format of a "weekend tour" or a multi-day trip with a rich program, first of all, you need to decide on the routes. There are several different classifications of tourist routes for different reasons.

thematic routes, which provide for excursions and, in general, cognitive orientation prevails;

health and fitness activities with mandatory inclusion in the program of sports and physical education and health events (they also include yoga tours that are fashionable today);

combined, which combine elements of the above types of routes.

Routes are also divided according to seasonality into year-round, or off-season and seasonal (for a certain time of the year - ski, mountain, water, etc.). According to the structure of the route, the routes can be subdivided into linear ones with the obligatory visit to one or several points along the way from the point of departure to the point of destination; radial (stationary) with a visit to one point on the route; circular (crossing-tours) with the coincidence of the starting and ending points of the route and visiting several points along the route.

In addition, experts divide routes by duration into multi-day routes (from two weeks to a month), weekend routes (1-3 days) and excursions (several hours long). On the route, you can use your own transport, or transport rented from other organizations, or personal transport of tourists (for example, if we are talking about cycling trips, it would be rather expensive to provide each tourist with a bicycle).

The article will consider the main issues of entrepreneurship in the field of passenger transportation using the example of a business plan for passenger water transportation. This business is possible in regions with a developed system of navigable rivers or on the sea coasts, where traditional transport systems do not meet the existing demand. Implementation will require a thorough analysis of the market and the opportunities available in it.

In order to ensure the planned loading of ships and the necessary flow of passengers, it is important to identify the key settlements in which there is a need for such services and assess the existing infrastructure and the possibility of navigation on water and sea routes. After that, feel free to start planning your new company.

Business plan for passenger transportation by water transport as a design tool

Potential investors often monitor thematic conferences, business forums and venture projects themselves for financing objects in order to receive profits for future periods. To attract their attention, one should stand out not only for the novelty of the idea, but also for its high-quality description in the form of a business plan for passenger water transportation.

Its application will remove a significant part of the issues of the form and content of the project, since this method has long been described in many sources and is unified with all major types and industries. A well-developed financial and economic apparatus will allow you to create an objective picture of the attractiveness of your company in the eyes of potential investors.

Example of a business plan for passenger transportation by water transport (water transportation)


Table of Contents


Project characteristics and stages of its implementation

The project is considering the possibility of opening an enterprise for passenger transportation by water transport to provide services to both individuals and legal entities. The main feature of this direction is taking into account the seasonality, since in some regions of the country part of the water resources is inaccessible for navigation at certain times of the year.

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