Transportation of goods by water and road transport

Transportation of goods by water and road transport

To order the service of cargo transportation by water transport - you can on our website through the feedback form, by calling or ordering a call back from the website.

Our company "Flot Nerud" LLC carries out both water transportation of goods and road transport, and also offers the removal of soil and construction waste with utilization. Many years of experience and established partnerships allow us to provide services for the delivery of general and oversized cargo, including non-standard ones. The presence of our own freight trains equipped with platform barges and bunker barges of various carrying capacities makes it possible to deliver goods to various regions of the country. Transportation by road is carried out in Moscow and the Moscow region.

In addition to organizing water transport, you may need to transship cargo in the port, we also provide this service, please contact!

Inland waterway transport - advantages

Water transport plays an important role in the functioning of the transport system throughout the country. Water transportation of goods provides high profitability and has a number of advantages:

  • the ability to transport cargo over long distances;
  • a high level of cargo carrying capacity, which allows the delivery of large consignments;
  • mobility, i.e. if necessary, you can easily change the route;
  • delivery of oversized cargo;
  • low cost, unlike other types of transport.

To order the service of transportation by river transport - you can on our website through the feedback form SEND A REQUEST.

Important information: Water and road transportation of goods is carried out with departure from the point from Moscow or from the point of arrival in Moscow.

Inland waterway transport

Inland waterway transport carries out seasonal transportation of goods over medium and long distances along rivers, lakes and canals. Transportation by inland waterway transport is carried out within one shipping company for short distances or within several shipping companies.

The main advantage of such transportation is low tariffs. Delivery of goods by inland waterway transport is cheaper than by road or rail. In addition, the organization of shipping requires less investment, since the creation of inland waterways occurs naturally.

St. Petersburg is called the Venice of the North, but water transport has not taken root as well as in Europe. The editorial staff of "PolitExpert" figured out why the city, built on 33 islands, does not use its maritime capabilities to the maximum.

One of the shortest navigations in the history of St. Petersburg ended in November 2020. It turned out to be 75 days shorter than in 2019, since it began only on June 28. At the same time, she was stopped for the duration of mass events, for example, on the Day of the Navy.

Passenger traffic this season has decreased due to the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions imposed. One of the most popular routes in the city, Hop-on-Hop-off, has ceased to function. On these ships, it was possible to enter and exit at any stop several times along the way.

River transport, according to the administration of St. Petersburg, is going through hard times, in contrast to the sphere of cargo transportation or cruise liners. Passenger traffic in the industry showed negative dynamics already in 2019. River transport services were used by 189.8 thousand passengers, which is 10.7% less than in 2018.

According to Vladimir Rodionov, President of the Association of Passenger Ship Owners of St. Petersburg, 2020 was a disastrous year for the industry. The negative trend was influenced by the same coronavirus pandemic. The total passenger flow was 41% of last year's figures.

Not in the tradition of the city

Now in St. Petersburg, the water transport market has formed, says Alexander Kamelin, chairman of the Association of Owners of Small Vessels. In an interview with the editorial staff of PolitExpert, he noted that there are about 18 companies working in the industry. About 110 small boats sail along the rivers and canals of the city. Only a small percentage of older models remain in service.

Mostly small boats work for tourists and excursion groups. In St. Petersburg, they have already tried to introduce public water transport. For example, aquabuses that appeared in the city in 2010. By 2012, the new transport was running on four routes, but the project did not reach self-sufficiency. In 2016, the St. Petersburg Transport Committee announced that regular aquabus lines would cease to function.

Photo source: "Nevskie Novosti" - Stepan Yatsko

"Transportation must be carefully calculated. Because not everyone is comfortable to travel, for example, from the Central Park of Culture and Leisure to the Bronze Horseman. The logistics specialists need to work out this issue very well. Because there have been projects many times, but you yourself understand, costly, subsidized ", - said the interlocutor of the PE.

The high cost does not allow the creation of accessible public water transport. The boat needs an appropriate coastal infrastructure, serious training of navigators, relevant documents, the chairman of the association listed. A well-developed mooring line is quite an expensive pleasure. It includes construction, rent, maintenance of infrastructure security.

Aquabuses could take root in the city if there was a tourist peak during their commissioning, said the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Andrei Anokhin in an interview with PolitExpert. Especially if there were many guests in the Northern capital, where the culture of water transport exists.

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