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Visiting hot springs is becoming more and more popular among Chelyabinsk residents. Some people appreciate the healing properties of mineral water, others just like to splash in a warm pool when it's freezing outside. "AiF-Chelyabinsk" publishes a selection of places where you can enjoy swimming in a thermal spring in the open air.

Everything is near

The closest thermal pools to Chelyabinsk are located in the Etkul district. This is a great option for those who do not want to spend a lot of time on the road.

In the "Forest Fairy Tale" lovers of water procedures will find a large pool with a water temperature of 37-39 degrees. There is a separate bath for children - the depth here is quite shallow, and the water is slightly warmer.

Baths "Alexandria", in addition to an outdoor pool with natural mineral water, offer visitors other services. The bathing price includes a visit to the bath complex with a Turkish hammam and a cedar sauna. After relaxing hot water, you don't want to go anywhere, so a hotel with a class of rooms from a hostel to an apartment is provided for guests. You can refresh yourself after swimming and quench your thirst in the phyto-bar, and have a hearty lunch in a cozy restaurant decorated in the "Russian style", or fry meat yourself in an equipped barbecue area. There is a Karaoke room for vocal lovers. In addition, on November 26, Alexandria celebrates its first birthday and prepares a festive program for the guests, which will start at 14:00.

Bathing in a hot spring is an interesting option for celebrating New Year's Eve. In "Alexandria" they are ready to organize a visit to the pool and a festive feast for a large company, the cost of such services will be from 2500 rubles per person. You can find out all the details by calling 8 (351) 217-99-90; 8 (351) 220-77-20.

Where: Etkulsky district, 40 km from Chelyabinsk

Swimming with neighbors

Until their own thermal pools appeared in the Chelyabinsk region, many residents of the South Urals went to the Kurgan region for this pleasure. The neighbors' equipped hot spring looks rather modest: a rectangular pool, divided into a deep "adult" and a shallow "children's" part, there is a bathhouse and a salt room. The water temperature reaches 40 degrees. Of the minuses - a significant travel time: by car, a one-way trip will take about four hours.

Where: Kurgan region, Ketovsky district, Evropeyskiy settlement

A Journey to the Water

From winter to summer

On the lake. Akakul regional sports tourism competition among people with disabilities was held

From September 30 to October 6, on the territory of the "Zvezdny" educational establishment, on the shores of Lake Akakul, people with disabilities of the Chelyabinsk region gathered to participate in the Regional competitions in sports tourism. render completely. The total number of participants in the event is 39 people, including people in wheelchairs, with cerebral palsy, with lesions of the upper and lower extremities, with a general disease. The participants represented such municipalities as: Snezhinsky GO, Uvelsky MR, Chelyabinsk, Emanzhelinsky MR, Kyshtymsky GO, Satkinsky MR, Ust-Katavsky GO, Verkhneufaleysky GO. The Competition program included training in the disciplines "walking distance" and "water distance". This is tying knots, providing first aid on a hike, climbing with a zhumar, passing a hanging crossing on a roller, crossing a rope with a railing (parallel railing), crossing a log, descent using descenders, driving a catamaran, climbing Mount Egoza, visiting Kaolin quarry, tourist baton.

Group ST1: (wheelchair users) men 1st place - Dengizov Denis (Chelyabinsk) women 1st place - Natalia Ganicheva (Chelyabinsk) 2nd place - Irina Kondratyeva (Kyshtym)

Group CT2: (lower limb lesions) men 1st place - Sergey Nightmare (Uvelka) 2nd place - Mikhail Moiseev (Chelyabinsk) women 1st place - Elizaveta Shashkina (Snezhinsk) 2nd place - Olga Reshetova (Uvelka) <

Group CT3: (upper limb involvement) men 1st place - Alexey Tuzov (Emanzhelinsk) 2nd place - Vadim Kozharinov (Chelyabinsk) 3rd place - Dmitry Sinyukov (Satka) women 1st place - Natalia Shibanova (Chelyabinsk) 2 place - Alena Meshalkina (Chelyabinsk)

Group CT4: (general disease) men 1st place for Andrey Zykov (Kyshtym) 2nd place for Kirill Zaitsev (Kyshtym). women 1st place - Olga Zapyanskaya (Ust-Katav), 2nd place - Galina Zapyanskaya (Ust-Katav), 3rd place - Maria Ovchinnikova (Emanzhelinsk)

Not all participants have conquered the sports tracks, but definitely the participants and organizers received a tremendous experience!

I would especially like to note the professionalism of our sports tourism instructors Natalia Korkina @ id227287813 and Vladimir Zyryanov @ id164977123, who by their example inspire the participants to win over themselves!

We also thank the Regional Branch of the All-Russian Public Organization "All-Russian Federation of Sports for Persons with Locomotor Impairment" in the Chelyabinsk Region represented by Chairman Vadim Aleshkin for help in classifying the participants.

We are grateful to the Ministry of Social Relations of the Chelyabinsk Region for supporting the project and paying for the participants' accommodation within the framework of the subsidy.

This event became possible thanks to the project "Affordable sports tourism" of the Chelyabinsk regional organization "All-Russian Society of Disabled People", which received support from the Presidential Grants Fund.

Bathing in thermal pools is useful for people with musculoskeletal disorders and those who are under stress.

One of the two national parks on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region is called the alpine lake Zyuratkul. It is located in the Satka region. It is convenient to get here by private car or as part of organized groups. You can come at any time of the year: the park is always different and opens up to guests from a new perspective. The Zyuratkul National Park in the Chelyabinsk Region is one of the few locations in the South Urals, where, from the point of view of tourism, there is all the necessary infrastructure. If you want - go "savage" in a mountain hike, or if you want - rent a room in a comfortable hotel overlooking the natural monuments. You can just come for a day, wander through the woods, take a photo by the lake and leave at sunset. Weddings from all over the region come to the national park "Zyuratkul" in the Chelyabinsk region, they celebrate birthdays, New Years, make marriage proposals, take out schools on excursions and just walk.

Address: Chelyabinsk region, Satka, st. Komsomolskaya, 13

Coordinates: 54.49862, 59.89191

Working hours: daily

Official site: zuratkul. u


The coast of the high-mountain lake Zyuratkul keeps a lot of material evidence of the presence of a person here since ancient times: from the Mesolithic through the Neolithic, in the Bronze and Iron Ages. In Soviet times, archaeologists discovered dozens of sites of ancient people in these parts. We even managed to find the remains of dwellings and workshops. Scientists concluded that Zyuratkul was a transit point for residents of those times on the way from Asia to Europe.

When they explored the Zyuratkul National Park in the Chelyabinsk region, they found stone statues, which, obviously, were objects of worship among the pagans. Scientists do not exclude that for a couple of centuries BC, these places were strewn with wooden temples, but today nothing remains of them.

In tsarist Russia, these lands supplied cities and villages with wood and iron ore. Received here until the middle of the 20th century tar - wood resin, which was actively used in construction and in everyday life. Fir oil was also prepared on an industrial scale.

As sad as it sounds, most of the trees that you see in the national park today are not ancient plants. The timber was mined until 1993, when the area was declared a national park. The trees were used not only in construction, but also for the preparation of coal. Fortunately, nature took its toll and again gave us dense forests.

Refine Search

The recreation center "Forest Estate" is located in a picturesque natural area on Lake Akakul. On the territory of the base, new buildings, cottages, a three-storey entertainment complex, barbecues, gazebos, secluded alleys, an equipped beach, a pine forest and a clean lake are harmoniously located - all this gives a feeling of comfort, stability and security.

Description of rooms:

Standard single room (SINGL, TWIN, DBL) Rooms with one double or two single beds. The room has a wardrobe, 2 bedside tables, a TV set, a shower cabin with hydromassage in the bathroom.

Two-room DBL Two-room suite with a living room and a bedroom. The bedroom has a double bed and bedside tables, in the living room: chest of drawers, TV, sofa bed. The bathroom has a shower cabin with hydromassage.

Two-room suite "COMFORT" Two-room suite with a living room and a bedroom. The bedroom has a double bed and bedside tables, in the living room: chest of drawers, TV, sofa bed, carpet, armchair, coffee table, minibar, el. kettle. The bathroom has a shower cabin with hydromassage.

SuiteA two-room suite with a living room and a bedroom (larger area). The bedroom has a double bed and bedside tables, in the living room there is a fold-out sofa, TV, work area, carpet. The bathroom has a shower cabin with hydromassage, a jacuzzi, a cosmetic chest of drawers with a mirror (the bathroom itself is much larger than in the "COMFORT" room). In the hallway there is a wardrobe.

Deluxe Rooms are distinguished by their design. The first room has a large round jacuzzi and a separate bathroom. The bedroom has a four-poster bed. In the living room there is a large plasma TV, a fold-out sofa. In the hallway there is a wardrobe. The second room occupies the area of ​​2 suites! 2 bathrooms: one for guests and one for residents. The living room has a fold-out sofa, 3 armchairs, a large plasma TV, a work area. The bedroom has a double bed, a large plasma TV, a cosmetic table with a mirror.

Apartment 5 double rooms. Each room has its own bathroom with a shower cabin with hydromassage. In the lobby there is a kitchen area, refrigerator, electric stove, dishes.

Cottage 7 double rooms. Each room has its own bathroom with a shower cabin with hydromassage. In the hall there is a kitchen set, refrigerator, el. stove, microwave oven, dishes, cooler, home theater (DVD), dining area, leather sofas + extra. places.

The price includes: accommodation (per room).

Check-out time: check-in - 16:00; check-out - 13:00

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