Tourism in China

Tourism in China

The route is available in terms of difficulty for everyone who wants to have an active vacation - we walk an average of 15 km a day with light backpacks (we carry only personal belongings). Overnight in guesthouses (inexpensive hotels). Great rivers, unique gorges, ethnic multinational flavor - all in one trip!

Yunnan Province is the most beautiful province in China. As the Chinese themselves say about it: “there are mountains, there is water”, but in fact this expression means “a very beautiful place, the landscape of which everyone will like, because everyone will find something of their own, there are both mountains and water”.

Yunnan (Chinese pinyin, literally: "cloudy South") is the most southwestern province of China, in the south it borders with Laos and Vietnam, in the west with Myanmar, in the north and east it borders with other territories China. Most of the province is occupied by mountains, which in some places reach a height of 6740 meters.

This beautiful province is laced with numerous rivers. These are rivers such as the Yangtze and the Mekong, which you have certainly heard of.

Yunnan is not only landscapes for every taste, but also the place of residence of many ethnic groups in China. In addition to the Chinese (Han), of the 56 peoples of China, Yunnan is home to representatives of 51 peoples.

Our China hike is perfect for lovers of trekking - hiking in the mountains. At the same time, there will be no crossings with heavy backpacks - light crossings (we carry only backpacks with our own things, without general group equipment, without food).

The climate in the province is mild, and already in February real spring begins here.

Accommodation features: hostels of the European type (facilities on the floor) in Dali, Shangri-La and Lijiang, on the track - 2-4-bed rooms with shared facilities on the floor (accommodation is possible in double rooms with facilities for an additional charge ).

Often, when visiting attractions, there are discounts on entrance tickets for pensioners (with a passport) and students - take a student one!

Russians need a visa to China. The visa is issued independently through the Visa Center or the Consulates General of the PRC in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Khabarovsk and Irkutsk or through a travel agency.

Costs not included in the price are about $ 300 - entrance tickets to attractions, meals, Lijiang-Kunming train ticket, airport transportation.

The charm of Yunnan: description

China is one of the most mysterious and ancient civilizations on the planet. Since the days of Marco Polo, it has been attracting and beckoning travelers with its extraordinary culture and history.

Chinese civilization is over 4,000 years old. Today, China is the most populous country in the world, with a population of over 1.3 billion. This means that one fifth of the inhabitants of our entire planet are from China.

The People's Republic of China is a socialist state. The tough communist regime controls everything - from birth rates to the right to own property, nevertheless, for many decades it has been leading the people and the country to prosperity and well-being.

Country Description

The entire territory of China is located in Asia (East and Central) and lies in four time zones at once. In the south of the country there is a warm sea all year round and a tropical climate, in the north there are snowy winters and endless steppes.

China is characterized by a combination of loyalty to traditional culture and the ultra-modern rhythm of urban life. Such discoveries as paper, compass, book printing, gunpowder, well-known national brands - Chinese porcelain and silk, belong to the Celestial Empire. Today, China is characterized primarily by ultra-modern production and high technology.

China Geography

China's area is 9.6 million square meters. km. This is the third largest state on the planet (second in area only to Russia and Canada).

The Celestial Empire borders on fourteen states:

The Mongolian deserts, the Tibetan plateaus, the Himalayas, the South China and East China seas border on the PRC.

China - want to go there? The charm of Yunnan: detailed route description, trekking plan and other useful information.

Before your trip to China

Why China is interesting for tourists

Russian tourists often have a poor idea of ​​why to go to China and what is interesting to see in this country. In this article, we have detailed all the attractive aspects of China as a travel destination.

The flavor of Chinese culture and cuisine, an abundance of historical sites, beaches and resorts. Read about all this on this page.

How long is the flight to China

In this article, we described in detail which cities in China and Russia fly direct flights, and what is the flight time on these routes.

We also touched upon the topic of the peculiarities of the “celestial” airports and gave some useful and important advice to tourists. A map of the air routes is attached.

Visa to China - cost and registration

In this article, we focused on the topic of obtaining a Chinese visa by Russians on their own. How much does the registration cost, what documents need to be provided and the addresses of the PRC embassy and consulates in Russia. Read this review and make sure that making a visa to China yourself is simple and inexpensive.

We also talked about special conditions on the island of Hainan and transit visas for 72 hours.

How to read China visa and stamps

What exactly is written in a Chinese visa. Complete transcript of all inscriptions on Chinese visa documents, including inscriptions in Chinese characters. A complete description of all types of visas, their purpose and conditions of stay of tourists in the country.

China is a very colorful and especially colorful country, if you are unfamiliar with the culture of the east, then you should definitely visit this state. Choosing the best way to explore China, drive to famous landmarks, walk through innovative establishments, or walk the bustling streets is hard to choose. I would like to see everything, but you are unlikely to have time. Since the country is very large, it is better to immediately choose what to eat for and what exactly should be included in the list of what you need to see.

Here we will tell you about some of the entertainment in China that you will not find anywhere else. The culture of the East is special, with its own rules and religion, you will feel the difference everywhere, among the streets, houses, people and even nature. Therefore, we will give you an idea of ​​these Chinese entertainment in general, so that you know what to expect from this wonderful country.

TOP of the best entertainment in China

Great Wall of China

Let's start with the most famous place in China, which is its symbol and is practically associated with the state among little-informed people. You've probably heard that this is the longest wall in the world. And, of course, we saw her photographs among the dense green expanses of the Chinese border. From the plane, you can clearly see and not even the full length. But it is not visible from space, a surprisingly confirmed fact. It was built back in 220 BC. This is a defensive wall, it was erected in order to defend against the nomads. It took many years to build, and during this time a lot of resources were spent, and even a lot of people. Those who died during its construction were walled up right into the walls. Now it is one of the wonders of the world and is included in the UNESCO list.

Every day there are excursions for tourists, but the wall is so huge and large-scale that you will only be shown some area and even it will take enough time. The exact length of the wall differs among researchers, since, in addition to the available length, at the moment, many sections have been damaged and collapsed over the years. Parts of the wall were found in ruins in separate places, presumably they were destroyed during the raids. In general, the height of the wall is about 6-7 meters, and the width is 6, and you can imagine how much effort and resources were spent to build such a thing. Many stories in China are associated with this place, the people themselves consider it a great structure and the main symbol, so any tourist should definitely visit there in order to better understand their culture.

Forbidden City

This is not a ghost town and there are no mysteries associated with it, as you might think. This is the name of the palace complex in Beijing, which belonged to the family of the emperor. Its area covers 72 hectares and is just an incredibly large area, it is considered the largest palace complex in the world. It was called forbidden, because ordinary people did not go there. Four dynasties lived in the palace and any "mortal" that boldly sneaking into the palace was sure to be executed.



The sights of China can be divided into three main groups: natural sites, monuments of history and culture, and sites of national traditions.

Natural objects

The sacred mountains of China, revered in Buddhism and Taoism, include five peaks: Mount Taishan in the east, Mount Hengshan in the south, Mount Huashan in the west, Mount Heng. in the north, and Mount Songshan in the center of China. The Taishan mountain range, which runs through the central Shandong province, invariably attracts tourists. Mount Huangshan in the south of Anhui province is known for its graceful pine trees, cliffs and hot springs.

Jiuzhaigou National Park in Sichuan Province, Huanggoushu Falls (English) Russian are also popular. in Guizhou province, Guilin urban district in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, located in a picturesque area with karst formations (protected as a national park). Jiuzhaigou is a valley that stretches for more than 40 km through snow-capped mountains, lakes, waterfalls and forests. The Huangoushu Waterfalls Group in Guizhou consists of 18 alpine waterfalls and 4 lower ones, the noise of which can be heard at a distance of up to 5 km. The Guijiang River in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region flows between karst peaks for 82 km between Guilin and Yangshuo.

The plateau of northern China is famous for its numerous lakes, among which is Lake Tianchi (Heavenly Pool) in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, located at an altitude of 1980 meters above sea level, 105 meters deep, characterized by crystal clear water and picturesque landscapes on the banks.

The Three Gorges are located on the Yangtze River. - an area certified by the National Tourism Administration of China at level 5A (highest level). A large number of both natural and historical attractions are located here: Quitang Gorge (eng.) Russian. - austere and majestic, gorge U (English) Russian. - deep and secluded, Silin Gorge (English) Russian. full of shoals and reefs. A power plant has been built here, one of the largest in China.

Monuments of history and culture

China's long history has left a large number of monuments, the list of cities in China, the most attractive to tourists, includes 54 cities. The Great Wall of China is the most famous symbol of the Chinese nation and one of the top tourist attractions. More than ten sections of the Great Wall of China are open to tourists, including Badaling, 75 kilometers from Beijing, Laolontou in Hebei province and Jiayuguan in Gansu province.

In Gansu province along the Great Silk Road there are grottoes with antique frescoes and sculptures. The most famous of these are the Mogao Caves - 492 caves with statues and frescoes on the walls. There are more than 2,100 colorful statues and 45 thousand square meters, made at a high artistic level. Near the city of Leshan there is a statue of Buddha, carved into the rock, 71 meters high and 28 meters wide - the world's largest stone statue of a seated Buddha.

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