Tourism business in Russia: development problems

Tourism business in Russia: development problems

Subject: Economics

Job type: Coursework

Date added: 01.2.019

  • This course work is not a scientific work, it is not a finished course work!
  • This work is a finished result, structuring and formatting of the collected information and its processing by me , therefore, this work is intended to be used as a primary source material for self-preparation of educational work.

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At the present stage, the problem of tourism development in Russia is becoming very important, since this industry is a favorable environment for the functioning of small businesses that can develop without significant budgetary allocations, and is promising for attracting foreign investment on a large scale and for a short time. time. The tourism business stimulates the development of other sectors of the economy: construction, trade, agriculture, production of consumer goods, communications.

The current state of the Russian tourism industry can be defined as "a state of unstable equilibrium." It is no secret that the current tourism business exists as a "penumbra" with fuzzy rules for the interaction of both professional participants in the tourism market and the state.

The impact of tourism on Russia is still insignificant: it is adequate to the state's contribution to the development of this industry and is constrained mainly by the lack of real investment, undeveloped tourist infrastructure, low level of hotel service, insufficient number of hotel rooms and a shortage of qualified personnel. The persistent myth of Russia as a high-risk area has led to the fact that our country currently accounts for 3% of the world's tourist flow.

The aim of the course work is to study the concept of tourism, as well as to study the problems associated with the low level of tourism development in Russia and the solution of these problems. To achieve this goal, I set myself a number of tasks:

Tourism business in Russia: development problems

Bad news from the Accounts Chamber: Russia's water strategy has failed. Despite the fact that the officials were 11 years old, they failed to fulfill even the basic principles specified in the document.

According to the results of the audit of the joint venture's auditors, it turned out that with water resources everything has only gotten worse: from 30 to 40% of Russians are forced to use water because of this, which does not fit into hygienic standards.

What is the problem, why was it not possible to implement the program? Is it because of its provisions - or in the actions "on the ground"? For Pravda. Ru, the situation was explained by Mikhail Bolgov, head of the laboratory of the Institute of Water Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Not today and not yesterday: what is the problem with the Water Strategy

A difficult situation, the expert notes, in the field of water resources has developed a long time ago.

For decades, the country has neglected the ecological state of not only water, but also soil, groundwater and so on. They uncontrollably pumped contaminated especially hazardous waste into underground horizons, poured a huge amount of fertilizer into agricultural fields, did not monitor the runoff from farms, the industry dumped water practically without any purification.

"75% of wastewater is discharged into our rivers without purification or insufficiently purified. This is official. And if officially so, then what is really?", - notes Bolgov.

Therefore, the developers of the water strategy got a very heavy legacy, including in the form of the so-called accumulated environmental damage:

  • enterprises have already created a "base" of pollution, that is, as a result of their "work", the ecological state of water bodies has worsened;
  • at the same time, everyone continued to dump waste into the water , garbage and other "amenities".

"Carrot" and "stick": how we tried to solve the problem

Naturally, the question arose: what to do? An instruction from the government came: to cut emissions by two - two and a half times. We began to think about what economic mechanisms can help, how to launch them.

"You can't just come to some city and say: that's it, guys, today we close your sewage treatment plants, because they are ineffective, and you can relieve your need under the nearest bush.

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