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What is a pedal boat for?

In the summer, I want to spend time as fun, exciting as possible, to be active in my way of life. Fans of such a holiday give preference to catamarans, skis, or kayaks.

It is worth considering the types of catamarans, pedal boats, and evaluating these devices.

Varieties of water bike

There are many types of seemingly simple devices. The catamaran and aquaskiper of various sizes are also celebrated. For example, for the last product, light aluminum alloys, fiberglass, rubber are used. They are quite easy to care for. So when using the product. Constant physical activity in all variants serves as an excellent muscle training for the body.

Important! For safe riding, instructors advise you to go through a drill. It won't take long, about an hour. But such training will provide you with a better quality rest.

  • The base is a base taken from a regular bike.
  • Prepare two inflatable vessels, a frame on which the device is attached.
  • An underwater propeller is required, its use will provide comfortable movement of the pedals. Thus, you will easily float forward.
  • A steering paddle is required. It is installed on the fork, with the help of this component, the vehicle is maneuvered.
  • Prepare a backpack for easy transportation of the product.

A slightly different type of construction assembly can be distinguished. This method largely depends on the material for making the base, the individual qualities of the master. A floating, sufficiently stable structure can be made from improvised means, in particular. From plastic bottles.

The wire in motion in different mechanisms is different. Car tires are also used for such purposes. Awning threads, or wooden elements will become an alternative replacement for floats. Rowing parts differ in the use of both individual parts of the bicycle and the whole product.

A vehicle of this type will last a long period of time and leave vivid emotions from summer vacations.

Similarities and differences between a catamaran and a pedal boat

It is noted that catamarans are calculated for one person, two, intended for family holidays. The difference lies in the chain transmission mechanism, the water wing. This is one of my favorite rides.

It is also interesting that this device can be made in an independent way. Such a water bike with your own hands will not be inferior to the purchased option; several basic elements will be required for manufacturing.

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For the modern inhabitant, the bicycle is a real gift: it is the most reliable vehicle ever invented by man. Increasing the weight of a person's body by only 20-25%, it allows you to increase the speed of movement at least twice at the same calm pace.

The bike allows you to keep fit, it is mobile and, on occasion, the bike can be carried manually over streams, it can be put in an inflatable rubber boat and transported across the river, and then put the boat in a backpack and travel overland again. In addition, you can even load the bike on your back and overcome the steep slope and rocky talus. All these advantages have contributed to the fact that cycling tourism has become not only a means of recreation, but for some it has become a way of life.

Cycling tourism is such a democratic form of healthy pastime that you can choose either a family weekend route in a city park or a real multi-day hike, after which you can get a real category.

What is cycling tourism

The Russian Federation is in many ways inferior to the economically developed countries. But in what it has no equal in the whole world, it is the beauty of natural resources, which are concentrated on one-seventh of the entire land. In Russia, at the same time, there can be a sultry day under palms and magnolias and, at the same time, a snowy night blizzard beyond the Arctic Circle. Therefore, special attention should be paid to such a phenomenon as cycling tourism, since there are different types of this hobby.

Classic Cycling

This is the best place to start. This, as a rule, is a leisurely trip in a friendly company somewhere outside the city, to nature, to barbecues by the fire, with tents, as a rule, for 2-3 days, no more. You can safely consider such a route as a double or triple weekend hike with an overnight stay in nature.

Extreme Cycling

The devil is not as bad as he is painted. The word "extreme" is used here in the meaning of "to visit not too hackneyed places." Mountain bikes such as the Merida and GT can be used for such advanced tourism. Sometimes the goal of such a lesson is to fight against obstacles, and, pretty dirty in the mud, spending a lot of effort, but very satisfied, extreme bikers calmly stop for the night in a comfortable hotel. The second part of tourists wants to completely "merge" with nature, in which case the place of lodging is usually very similar to the most beautiful and desirable desktop wallpaper.

Civilized Cycling

This type of tourism is good because you can easily invite a girl you like to participate in it. As you know, most girls are not very enthusiastic about the fact that they will have to do without a shower on the hike, unless they meet a river along the way. In civilized tourism, overnight breaks are planned in hotels, and the average mileage per day does not exceed 50-60 km.

The advantages are obvious: no need to carry a tent, hatchet or hacksaw to prepare firewood, a pot, a rug. The load is significantly reduced. The food supply is also not very large. In addition, every evening - a fresh bed, a good dinner, which in a "civilized place" seems even tastier.

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Cycling is a great way to see the world in detail, walk the road on your own and learn a lot of interesting things. For long-distance riding, a so-called touring bike is used - one that can withstand prolonged dynamic loads, which will be easy to handle and easy to maintain. Minimum hassle, more comfort and maximum benefit.

What should be a turbo bike

Cycling comfort is provided by a combination of several important parameters:

  • frame material and geometry;
  • wheel type and size;
  • simple and high-quality equipment;
  • availability accessories.

Two options are suitable for cycling tourism - a bicycle on a steel or aluminum frame. As an alternative to both, titanium models are on sale, but they will hit the budget hard.

If we compare steel and aluminum in terms of durability, the first option will definitely win here. In terms of lightness, steel frames are inferior to aluminum ones. A touring bike must be stable and smooth over obstacles, so a steel frame is preferred.

Geometry means the ratio of pipe lengths and their location relative to each other. On special touring bikes, the frame is longer, which extends the wheelbase compared to classic models - the rear stays are extended and the front fork is tilted. The center of gravity is lower, which improves the bike's maneuverability and distributes the weight of the luggage evenly.

The most important factor when choosing a great over long distances is comfort and ease of control. The frame must be suitable for height and provide a proper fit. At first glance, this may seem like a trifle, but imagine that you have to cover tens of kilometers on a bicycle in a day.

The touring frame has special holes and brackets:

  • on the front fork and dropouts for installing the basket;
  • holes on the stays and a connecting strip for the rear rack;
  • eyelets for fenders;
  • Seatpost clamps.

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