TOP-7 Russian tourist bike brands

TOP-7 Russian tourist bike brands

On the Internet, many cycling sites publish reports of cycling trips. From the vast amount of material, it is very rare to find a report on a single trip. All the time I came across only two or three articles on this topic. Of course, having your own well-trained group, hardened in difficulties or cycling with an instructor is great, but solo trips are quite common, they just write little about them.

More people would choose this form of travel, but there are reasons that prevent it. The first and most important is the fear of the prospect of being left alone with a difficult and non-standard situation, for example, a bicycle breakdown, spending the night in a tent alone in nature, or getting even the lightest injury.

The second is the problem of finding a travel companion if you are not a member of one of the cyclists' clubs or communities, or if you recently bought a bicycle and have never talked to this company.

And the third - misconceptions about the fact that it is indecent to go alone and that it does not look, and in general: “what should I do there alone?”. If any of these reasons work, then you are staying at home on the couch in front of the TV. Or, as a last resort, in front of a computer, looking at someone else's bike trip, a report on a bike trip, thus compensating for what did not happen to you. And outside the window is beautiful weather. I personally make all the trips myself and have gained some experience in this regard.

The benefits of cycling alone

1. This is your and only your trip. You yourself calculated and thought of everything: route, equipment, spare parts kit, food supply. There were no disputes with friends what to take or not to take. No one will reproach about things forgotten at home and you have no one to find fault with (unless, of course, you yourself asked your spouse to put a spare camera on the trip). If everything is going well, then you are great, and if something is wrong, look for the problem in yourself.

2. Know yourself. The trip deeply enriches your inner world and develops you as a person. You conduct an internal dialogue with yourself and re-learn new aspects of your character, (not always positive) that will help you in life.

3. You are discovering new skills and abilities that you never knew existed. Everyone thinks that they are self-sufficient and knows everything. But the trip poses for you non-standard tasks, solving which you will greatly increase your self-confidence and increase your self-esteem.

4. Feeling of freedom. There is no need to reckon with someone's opinion: to change the route or where to stop. “Freedom is not doing what you want, freedom is not doing what you don’t want” (J. usso). You make your own decision without relying on anyone without giving reasons. If your preparation is not very good, then no one will look askance and the statement: "You are holding the whole group" - does not concern you. There is no need to chase the best by mocking your body to show that you are a tough biker too. No one will point the finger at mistakes and then you will have time to deal with them yourself.

5. Traveling alone is not synonymous with loneliness. On the contrary, on a trip there are a huge number of opportunities to meet a lot of interesting people with whom you can chat or make friends. You can dilute your trip by driving some section of the way together, and then disperse like ships at sea.

Disadvantages of Solo Cycling

1. Roadside assistance. Of course this is the biggest drawback when traveling alone. It is usually required in two cases: a serious breakdown of the bike in the absence of spare parts and an injury. The issue is usually resolved with the help of human kindness and solidarity of cyclists, who themselves may find themselves in the same situation. During my trips around Crimea, any stop for any reason attracted passing cyclists and immediately offered help.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solo Cycling

We like how Russian cycling tourism has been developing lately. In just 3 years, a sufficient number of players have appeared on the cycling tourism market who make their direct contribution to the development of culture.

We decided to compile our TOP-7 Russian tourist bike brands, which, in our opinion, are key for the market, which we fully support and wish them fruitful development.

Bicycle Manufacturers


The company, which has been producing folding bicycles and scooters for a long time, made a splash in the Russian market in 2020, presenting three absolutely stunning bicycles for different types of tourism:

  • Shulz Boy's Don't Cry is an MTB-dropbar dirt touring bike. We briefly mentioned it in our article, as well as shot 2 videos with an overview and personal impressions
  • Shulz Wanderer - a chrome gravel-bike for the city and cycling
  • Shulz Lone Ranger - Rigid -niner; Russian counterpart Surly Ogre, bike for dirt-touring and classic MTB-bikes fans

In addition to bicycles, # Shulz has recently been producing front racks for the city and light tourism.

Their contribution to the development of Russian cycling tourism, in our opinion, is one of the largest among bicycle manufacturers.

Explore the Shulz Brand


A company that specializes in the production of fat bikes. We got acquainted with this brand at the VeloPark 2019 exhibition and, at that time, they did not have serial bicycles that could be of interest to cyclists.

In the same year (2020), # InoBike showed two quite remarkable bikes:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solo Cycling On the Internet, many cycle sites publish reports of cycling trips. From a huge amount of material, it is very rare to find a report on

Cycling from A to Z

For the modern inhabitant, the bicycle is a real gift: it is the most reliable vehicle ever invented by man. Increasing the weight of a person's body by only 20-25%, it allows you to increase the speed of movement at least twice at the same calm pace.

The bike allows you to keep fit, it is mobile and, on occasion, the bike can be carried manually over streams, it can be put in an inflatable rubber boat and transported across the river, and then put the boat in a backpack and travel overland again. In addition, you can even load the bike on your back and overcome the steep slope and rocky talus. All these advantages have contributed to the fact that cycling tourism has become not only a means of recreation, but for some it has become a way of life.

Cycling tourism is such a democratic form of healthy pastime that you can choose either a family weekend route in a city park or a real multi-day hike, after which you can get a real category.

What is cycling tourism

The Russian Federation is in many ways inferior to the economically developed countries. But in what it has no equal in the whole world, it is the beauty of natural resources, which are concentrated on one-seventh of the entire land.

In Russia, there can simultaneously be a sultry day under palms and magnolias and, at the same time, a snowy night blizzard beyond the Arctic Circle.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to such a phenomenon as cycling tourism, since there are different types of this hobby.

Classic Cycling

This is the best place to start. This, as a rule, is a leisurely trip in a friendly company somewhere outside the city, to nature, to barbecues by the fire, with tents, as a rule, for 2-3 days, no more. You can safely consider such a route as a double or triple weekend hike with an overnight stay in nature.

Extreme Cycling

The devil is not as bad as he is painted. The word "extreme" is used here in the meaning of "to visit not too hackneyed places." Mountain bikes such as the Merida and GT can be used for such advanced tourism.

Cycling is one of the best types of tourism for outdoor enthusiasts. The tourist has the opportunity to completely plan the trip for himself, developing a route of optimal complexity. Such trips can last for days or even weeks. There are also examples of cycling around the world. This is not only an opportunity to see your own and other countries, but also to strengthen your health, improve the physical performance of the body.

Features of cycling

Cycling is an organized sports industry with its own rules and characteristics. You can organize the tour yourself by contacting the nearest cycling club or travel agency. For inexperienced tourists, it is advisable to go on a trip as part of a group with more professional bike travelers.

There are 3 types of trips by duration:

  • One-day, for example, in the morning departure to a certain point, and return home in the evening.
  • Weekend trips. Usually it takes 2 days (weekend), the best choice for a short vacation. The overnight stay, as a rule, is arranged in nature, ideally in specialized campsites.
  • Multi-day. Unlimited travel time. They can last up to several months. Routes can be laid for thousands of kilometers. A good option for experienced tourists. Overnight in tent camps and hotels is expected.

The direction of tourism can be any. Experienced travelers prefer to travel abroad. Beginners are advised to do at least a few tours in their home country first in order to understand the basic rules and requirements.

The benefits of cycling

The main advantages of cycling travel include:

  • The ability to cover almost any distance. You don't have to carry a huge backpack, unlike hiking. The main load falls on the bike.
  • This method is suitable for people of all ages - from children to retirees. If a person does not have serious illnesses, this type of hike is probably suitable for him.
  • Benefits for the body. With balanced loads, travel can improve your health.
  • A bicycle is a completely ecological vehicle.
  • Ability to travel around the virus. The European Union has a particularly good infrastructure for bicycles.
  • During a trip, a person gets the maximum of visual impressions, since he slowly drives through every city, country, etc. Such tourism is much more interesting than by car.

When traveling by bike, a tourist can stop at any place he wants. If necessary, you can correct the route directly on the trip, if it is not in a group. In individual, family and joint travel with friends, everything is under the control of the tourists themselves, they do not depend on guides, transport schedules, etc.

Disadvantages of cycling

I have been repeatedly asked to share the intricacies of cycling tourism with regard to food, clothing, equipment and other integral parts of our being, taking into account the specifics of “outdoor”.

Perhaps I'll start with food and water - without them we, like without air, cannot exist. But I will make a reservation right away: this is a personal practice of a loner in the conditions of non-sporting multi-day hikes taking place in the territory of the Russian Federation in the summer (when at noon it is rarely below + 15 ° C, and night frosts are unlikely or excluded).

A little about the author: Dmitry Khovrin is an amateur cycling tourist with more than five single long-range multi-day trips with a tent. The hobby has grown since 2008 from one-day home pokatushek, and in 2013 it turned into the first big "single". The total length of service (roll-up) at the end of 2017 is 70-80 thousand km. Photo stories about the hikes can be found here.

I try to keep a certain "minimalism" in all aspects of my camping life. This is close to the optimal level of resource consumption (including intangible ones). Below this level, the comfort of cycling falls sharply; and higher - excesses begin, which do not really help my main tasks in trips (direct knowledge of the world, local history, comparative analysis).

What is this optimum? Let me give you an analogy: let's take the price-quality ratio of a certain product. This dependence is not direct, but rather exponential: there is a price range after which the quality of the product does not change critically for most people (we do not consider special gourmets, audiophiles, etc.). And below that area is "cheap but rotten."

Meal Frequency

There is a widespread stereotype that "a cyclist should eat often and a lot." As the saying goes, "one size fits all." One thing is a hard hike (sports, alpine, fast, etc.), another is a leisurely walk of Leopold the cat along the hilly plains of the Black Earth Region. =)

So, if the campaign is moderate, then you need to know when to stop in nutrition. Otherwise, there will be cost overruns, an extra load on the digestive tract and, as a result, the driving speed will decrease.

Measure comes with experience, starting from less. Malnutrition is felt more clearly than overeating; we eat another piece and approach the ideal.

The above stereotype recommends to adhere to 3 meals a day, supplementing it with frequent snacks - "pecking". This is clearly not my way.

Yes, every few days I visit inexpensive small-town canteens, where I “come off” with taste - there are salads, soup, and meat/fish dish.

But I've often noticed that after a full (if you will, complex) lunch it becomes more difficult to travel. Even a slight heaviness in the stomach distracts attention from the contemplation of the surrounding world, and this is not good.

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